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  1. It would make approximately zero sense for them to disallow printed cards with all the maneuvers on them (or viewing them on a phone, etc.). The maneuvers available to each ship are public information and it would be unreasonable for them to expect everyone to cut out and save the maneuver sections from the packages of each ship. Especially since many people don't buy every ship. The information from the official documentation is what's important, not the physical presentation of it. Not allowing us to rearrange and represent dial information how we want would be like not allowing us to make a photocopy of the basic rule book and print it half size or on colored paper. It would be dumb. Clearly the official information is still the same, regardless of how it's viewed.
  2. As someone who's made a wager like that and lost (with rather public results...), I must warn you that upgrade cards are neither tasty nor fun to eat.
  3. I can assure you that happened 4-5 months ago, now it's testing the Heroes of the Resistance. I can assure you that testing for HotR was also complete months ago. FFG said in a podcast that Wave 9 was "done" back in March. This would indicate the cards were final and ready for printing at that time. In all likelihood, each set has its final stats and numbers long before we hear about it.
  4. Not that I disagree with your point, but it should be made clear that $10/night multiple-person rooms don't exist in the US. A "cheap" hotel in most of the places that host regionals here would run something like $100/night. In some, it would be hard to find a room for less than $150. If you know other people going, you could split that across up to four people, but any more than that is actually not legal for most hotel rooms.
  5. If the event was only on Saturday and went from 9am to 2am, you'd still not stay in a hotel? That's craziness. If anything, two-day events favor people driving long distances because they were probably going to have to make it a two-day trip, anyway. Now they at least get to play some extra games on the second day and it's not just a day of traveling. It's really only the locals that should suffer due to two-day events because they are now forced to make sure they can play on two separate days.
  6. You're trying to tell us that you regularly drive more than three hours to events and that you'd rather they go from 8am to midnight (meaning you have to be up at 4am and won't get home until almost 4am the next day) than just spend the night? Are you honestly claiming that you wouldn't spend the night even if the event was only on the one day? Frankly, I don't believe you.
  7. That's actually not exactly true. In the US, at least, published ideas generally have a one-year grace period in which they cannot be used by another party even if they have not been patented. The idea that anyone can steal your ideas and use them is actually only true if you *don't* publish them publicly. Once it's been published, you have the legal right to say "look, I came up with this idea first and here's the published proof." Trademarking isn't really relevant here. A registered trademark protects things like names and logos. Game idea would fall under copyright, which does not need to be registered in any way. As soon as you publish something in a public place, you have the copyright over that thing (unless you expressly agree to give up that right). I haven't looked into FFG as closely, but to give an example, here's an excerpt from the Wizards of the Coast terms of service page: If unsolicited game ideas held no legal ownership, they would not feel the need to add this to their ToS document - especially not in full caps (I didn't add that emphasis). You can see the source here: http://company.wizards.com/policies/web/tou The game designers at WotC repeatedly state that they are not allowed to look at unsolicited ideas and that this is prohibited by their own legal department to prevent any copyright issues. Yes, Fantasy Flight is a different company, but if these kind of laws apply to and are taken that seriously by one company, it's pretty likely that the same laws apply to another company in the same industry.
  8. 97 likes and 81 posts for 120%.
  9. They aren't. aaaaaand this is why. The legal departments of most major game companies prevent their R&D people from reading any unsolicited material. There are a number of reasons, most notably including copyright issues (do you own the idea or do they?) and licensing issues (Disney/LFL has to approve everything they do). Quite simply, no one directly involved with game design is likely to read this thread and even if they do, they won't be able to take any of your suggestions. They are game designers, of course they follow the forums and mind player feedback. If you have a great idea, it might "inspire" the devs. Or maybe they will release something similar, as just "coincidence". They might look at the forums and I'm sure they look at feedback about what they have already released. They do not look at fan-created ideas for future products to release. They just don't. This is both general practice in the game-design industry and specific to FFG. It's general industry practice because if a person posts an idea online and the game developers see it and then later release a similar product, the original poster can claim ownership of the idea and have a decent case in court due to the time stamp on the post. Game companies don't want that to be possible, so their legal defense is that they don't allow game developers to look at fan-created ideas. They have plausible deniability by saying it's just a coincidence. It's specific to FFG because I've literally spoken to someone from the company who told me the game designers specifically don't read forum posts about product ideas. As far as your link to the Bomber/Defender expansion idea - that absolutely is a coincidence. The Imperial Veterans pack was certainly well underway, if not completely finished, before that post was made. FFG designs their products many months in advance. For reference, Wave 9 has been completely finalized and they haven't even made an official announcement of its existence yet. I'm not trying to squash cool idea - I come up with my own ship, pilot, and upgrade ideas all the time! I just want to make sure people are realistic about it. Posting your ideas for other players to see them is great. Expecting that the game developers will see your ideas and actually make them is misguided.
  10. LOL you're funny. I've spent less on my entire collection for X-Wing than the price of a typical deck in Standard right now. Me and all my friends combined have spent less than the price of most Modern decks. Magic is as pay-to-win as a game can get. Cards that are better in tournaments literally cost more to obtain. The X-Wing equivalent would be if FFG produced a limited number of each ship and then never made another product run. Imagine if TIE Interceptors cost $100 used because that's the only way you could reliably get your hands on one to be able to play Soontir. Your other statement is pretty laughable, too. Are natural draws common in Magic? Perhaps not, depending on your definition of common. No matter how you define it, though, they are vastly more common in Magic than they are in X-Wing. In a year of playing, I've never seen a game of X-Wing result in a natural draw. I can't even recall having heard of one happen to someone except from reports online. In Magic, I've had numerous natural draws happen to me personally and I see them occur regularly. A natural draw in Magic is orders of magnitude more common than one in X-Wing.
  11. I'm predicting at least one ID at every tournament from here onward. There will never be a situation where it's not the "right" choice for at least the top table. As for it affecting anyone else - it will always affect the people at the table just below the top cut level. For example, if the cut is to 8, then an ID at table 1 makes the outcome of table 5 irrelevant. Same thing for a cut to 16 and table 9, etc. Are there situations where the results of that table wouldn't have mattered, anyway? Possibly. More often than not, however, at least one of the players at that just-under-cut table would have been in a tie with the loser of the top table if they had won and the top table had actually played. IDs will happen in every tournament. They will almost always kick at least one player out of contention for the cut.
  12. The ID decision has already made me seriously question going to OP events in the future. If they announce a cash prize for something, that will be it. That would mean a fundamental difference in how tournaments work and who will be interested in playing in them. I, for one, got into X-Wing specifically because it *didn't* include that kind of thing.
  13. The problem with that logic is that if you're at table 5, you don't get to make that choice. Whether you have a chance at the top 8 is determined entirely by the decisions of other people.
  14. They aren't. aaaaaand this is why. The legal departments of most major game companies prevent their R&D people from reading any unsolicited material. There are a number of reasons, most notably including copyright issues (do you own the idea or do they?) and licensing issues (Disney/LFL has to approve everything they do). Quite simply, no one directly involved with game design is likely to read this thread and even if they do, they won't be able to take any of your suggestions.
  15. Many people don't like it because it takes the person who would have lost the game out of tie-breakers with others with that same record. The theoretical loser of the ID game gets to eliminate their MoV as a factor in scoring. Yes, the people at the top table have done well so far, but I don't think you should get a bye in round six just because you did well in the first five. Everyone else is playing for their position to make the cut - the top table should, too. If they are truly better than the rest of the people at the tournament, they shouldn't have anything to be afraid of. The people at the top table already have an advantage in that their record going into the last round is X-0 while people at the lower tables are (X-1)-1 or worse. If I'm at table 2, I have to win my game to even *tie* with someone from the top table. Allowing that person to take an ID and ignore the potential tie is basically just saying "the people at the top table both get a bye in the last round."
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