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  1. I read that to be the attacker's kept dice.
  2. Sorry, Supermouse. You would probably get more answers if you started a new thread, but I'll give it a try. Out of all the vague rules that are in this edition I do not include adding a kept die among them. It's very straightforward. Add a Kept Die: When an effect says to add a kept die, after Step 5: Choose Kept Dice (so after you have discarded all non-kept die with their symbols unused per pg. 24), place one die of the noted type (ring die) in the pool set to the specified result (opportunity) . It is a kept die. Nowhere in there does it state to keep an additional rolled ring die if it shows an opportunity. The mere definition of the word "add" should help keep this rule clear. To be honest, I don't think it needs to be stated more clearly than it already does, but I doubt your gm will take my word for it, so you may be in a hard place.
  3. That pretty much sums it up. And I agree, the fluff and nuance of this world is not well represented in the core book. To be fair it wasn't in the first edition either. Supplements have always explained this world much better, but it's these little differences that make it my favorite world to play in.
  4. Correct. No armor. There's 2 things to remember: 1) (I just got ninja'd on this point) Everything has nuance. Everything means something unspoken. So if you're a lord and have your samurai wear armor in someone else's land, you're saying there is definitely going to be a fight. Which can only mean that you're declaring war. 2) Since skirmishes are so deadly, wearing swords is supposed you be the deterrent for anyone wanting to start something. Swords say "I know how to use these well. Attack me at your peril." Armor is only worn for ceremony or when there will undoubtedly be a fight. Armor is intentional, it is never a "just in case" decision. Hope this makes some sort of sense. Its the difference between the honor bound society of Rokugan, and your typical D&D campaign.
  5. That's a very good question. If he has resources or retainers, or is part of a guard detail, he'd pack it away and ship it with him, or ship it separately. If it's just a short diplomatic mission it would probably get left at home, because you shouldn't need it. If it's a long diplomatic detail then your lord may have your belongings shipped ahead of you. At any rate you shouldn't be wearing it, and it will take a while to put on. I always advised my players to compare it to walking around the streets with a Kevlar vest or full riot gear in normal society. Only in this case, normal society's punishment for being offended is a duel to the death. It's better to be polite. In fact, samurai will almost always choose to be polite over maybe possibly insulting someone and making their duty more difficult. Though there are exceptions...
  6. Let me know what you think after testing. My players prefer winning a fight and then dying an honorable death to being taken out of the fight completely. But like I said, every table is different.
  7. I don't think you need to auto-incap a pc that suffered a maiming blow. There's plenty of examples in fiction where the hero fights on after something like that happens. Plus it gives your players a cool story to overcome loss of an arm to still win the day, so you may rob them of that opportunity. I'm harsh but still want to give them a chance at least. 😁 After rereading the somewhat vague phrasing of "a second instance of a disadvantage with a scar type" I prefer AtoMaki's interpretation and will be doing that. So no more suffering Blind and One arm and Lost leg in one fight. In 5 rounds you'll be dead. React appropriately.
  8. I thought the optional rule is if they would suffer the SAME scar disadvantage then they can get dying. I may be wrong on that. But it does bring up the question of how many disadvantages can affect a roll. As a rather harsh GM I would apply those Blind and One arm disadvantages to EVERY roll for the rest of the fight because your character hasnt had the time to acclimate to them. So reroll 2 successes, and if you still have them reroll again for every roll. Even with fatigue left how long do you think youre going to last? Of course each table is different, and maybe you're supposed to limit each roll to only 1 disad. I like things a little more difficult. What would you all do in that situation? I should probably add that I don't limit advantages/disadvantages to a specific ring. To me if it makes sense then it applies.
  9. Phoenix are very lonely people. "Self use" explains a lot of how they spend their time.
  10. To the original OP: I like hexes. I don't feel they're better, they just work better for me, so I use the tactical measurement of range bands from the book. But for movement I discard the "3 spaces per range band" and just have them place themselves somewhere in that range. I tend to use the nearest enemy as reference, so that they can't go from Range 0 from the guy they're fighting and say "I want to move 1 range band toward HER instead." It's not perfect and does require some common sense. Like, you can't move around behind the guy who is 4 range bands from you and say you only went from 4 to 3. I don't know why that never occurred to me, but I thank you.
  11. I like this thread! My players are dirty enough to try this so let's try another way of screwing with them looking at this logically. I'm under the impression must duelists don't start duels with bandages in their hands. Most probably don't even carry a medicine kit, but let's say this strange Asahina duelist carries one on his obi. So that's a ready action to get it out. Even in water stance they can't get it out and use it during the same action (with it being a Medicine (AIR) check and all). Also have you ever tried to bandage your dying self with only one hand. It ain't easy. I mean, I've never done it either, but in all the movies it looks hard af. So if I was mean I'd say you can't do it while holding your katana (definitely NOT with a yari), and CERTAINLY not in a threatening way. But I'm nice, so sure give it a try, but with a +1 TN. At some point good ole Hitomi is going to see Yakamo wrapping his stump, muttering "hang on just a sec" and shout "Oh **** no!" and start playing whack-a-mole with his head. Long story short, nuke the Crabs that carry bandages from orbit.
  12. How I handle it in my game: Bushido answers all. If you do not have the honor to admit when you have been bested and will do anything to win, then do not run the fight as a duel in the first place, whether private or public. It is just a skirmish to begin with. Duels are ritualized forms of competition that have their rules grounded very firmly in the tenets of tradition and Bushido. Ergo: you are honor-bound to admit when you have been defeated. If you're not willing to do that, then it was never a duel in the first place. You may as well just pull a foreign handgun out of your kimono on your turn and shoot everyone around you who saw you shame yourself. Even if you're a dirty, dirty Scorpion they will shun you for being so obvious. You should have just used poison when no one was looking like a good girl... oh and you should have been better! Never forget that! Right Mom?! *note that I am referring purely to the setting's view of Bushido, and not the real-world in any way.
  13. As an additional note bokken can still be used with Iai techniques. So I would definitely allow the Kakita character to use their training sword. No change is needed.
  14. For reference: Soaring Slice specifically uses whatever skill is associated with the weapon, and it has a range of 2-3 with potentially more based on opp. So CSS with Soaring Slice checks out. I will now go laugh hysterically in my bedroom.
  15. I was inspired by watching Lost (at least the first 2 seasons). The show would have different things happening but would focus a little more on one person and would occasionally show flashbacks to fill in the characters history. I did the same thing in my games and made up flashbacks of the characters' youths as fillers in-between scenes. I would change it up so that everyone got a few turns in the spotlight this way but there was no particular order to it. Along the way I worked in the over-plot in smaller scenes until it built up to the climactic session. My players seemed to always like having scenes about their backstories that they never had time to flesh out themselves.
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