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    jackal13 got a reaction from gennataos in 3 Tactician Auzitucks? It'll never work! (also Daredevil Wulf)   
    There are a lot of interesting lists on this thread. Rebels have great crew options to deliver multiple stress on multiple ships on a single combat engagement. Stress hog is the cheapest but Braylen is harder hitting. If you are looking to shave some points and want a cheaper gunner effect try Baze. He can deliver stress to 2 ships in 1 combat engagement. My list looks something like this.
    Wookiee Liberator (34) - Auzituck Gunship
    Push The Limit (3), Tactician (2), •Baze Malbus (3)
    Wookiee Liberator (34) - Auzituck Gunship
    Rage (1), Tactician (2), •Finn (5)
    •Braylen Stramm (32) - ARC-170
    Gunner (5), •R3-A2 (2), Alliance Overhaul (0)
    I know there is no way to remove the double stress from the wookiee with rage, but you want to rage after a opponent's ship(s) are stressed and do not have modification of dice.
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    jackal13 reacted to AngryAlbatross in Can Norra Wexley rescue R7-T1?   
    R7-T1 is Awesome on a Y-Wing with a turret.  Otherwise it is garbage.

    I used to fly him with Dutch Vander and an Ion Cannon turret way back when.  Arc dodging Y-Wing awesomeness!
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    jackal13 reacted to USCGrad90 in Nym question   
    Oh...kind of like a Jeopardy question.
    Ok Alex, my answer is:
    Who is Turd Ferguson? 
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    jackal13 got a reaction from Schu81 in Panyyyk on Kashyyyk   
    Who wants to have some fun?! Now that the never ending competitive season is over let's play some fun lists. I've flown this quite a bit and have had some success against some of the top meta lists. So this list is probably a mid tier list. You can change up the 2nd crew slot on the liberators to fit your play style but tactician are stapled to this ship. I've played against Miranda/Dash a few times, although I lost the player told me Dash felt like prey the whole game. If you get all guns on Miranda she melts in 2 rounds. The best part of the list is the reinforce action, which gives this list resilience. I could go on and on but enough of that. Let me know what y'all think about it.
    Panyyyk on Kashyyyk (100)
    Wookiee Liberator (34) - Auzituck Gunship
    Push The Limit (3), Tactician (2), Kanan Jarrus (3)
    Wookiee Liberator (34) - Auzituck Gunship
    Push The Limit (3), Tactician (2), Kyle Katarn (3)
    Wookiee Liberator (32) - Auzituck Gunship
    Push The Limit (3), Tactician (2), Nien Nunb (1)
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    jackal13 reacted to Duskwalker in Mynock Podcast 69: Post Worlds Analysis   
    The thing with Biggs is, he is not the problem, he is a symptom. The real problem is Rebel design philosophy vs the way offensive has changed in the game in general. 
    Since the beginning of the game, the basic consensuses has always been, that Imperials are hard hit, Rebels are hard to kill. Imps have high agility and maneuverability, but a single good shot can take them out. Meanwhile Rebels are easy to hit, but have the HP and occasionally regen to take it. And for a time it worked. Remember, back in the day, the B-Wing was a solid meta choice, because back then, 8 HP where a lot to chew trough. And back then, Biggs saw very little use, because other Rebel ships could function on there own. 
    But then offensive started to increase in the game, and suddenly the 2-3 extra HP that Rebels had became less and less relevant and unlike Imperials or scum, Rebels don't have cheap, self-sufficient ships. Due to regen being such a powerful ability, every Rebel ship, that is individually good, cost 40+ points.
    So while an Imperial list might be: 
    -"Best Available Ace A"
    -"Best Available Ace B"
    -"Best Affordable Ace C" or "Support Piece"
    Rebels can't afford such built, so most of  there small ships list are: 
    -"Regen Ace"
    -"Control piece"
    And rebels need that Meat-Shield, because, without it, there Ace, that has to carry the game will be alphaed of the table instantly. 
    So what should FFG do? Imho they should embrace this dynamic. We should not remove Biggs, so we can give Rebels low cost aces, instead we should give Rebles meaningful alternatives to Biggs in form of other Meatshild ships. FFG has already sort of started down this path, with stuff like Rex and Thanen Kyrell but we are not quite there jet. 
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    jackal13 reacted to Stay On The Leader in Mynock Podcast 69: Post Worlds Analysis   
    It's not a good listen this week.  Dee says some valid things and some hyperbolic things while nobody else gets a look in, and nobody really dares to counterpoint because he'll jump down their throat.
    Theres good info in the listjuggler data that Dee refused to even believe could be accurate, some of it would even have supported his assertions if he'd ever let Ryan finish a sentence to explain it.
    Jumpmasters are broken but his drive to say 'what bit is the broken bit' is not helpful because the answer is that it's the sum of the whole that is the problem.  If you change the dial the cost is fine, if you change the cost the dial is fine, if you drop the torps or reduce agility the cost and the dial are more appropriate.  The question is whether FFG are prepared to change any of these things.
    Attani is a lovely card that I think most people want to see succeed in the game, but don't like the current dominance.  Best suggestion I've seen is small ship only, which is bad for fluff but good for balance.  My concern is that it will always be a design factor in future ships that they can't give scum another good small ship, and in theory the new Scyk pilots are already that.  The small ship only boat may have already sailed with the C-ROC.
    Biggs is one where I think FFG are pursuing the right strategy of gradually drop-feeding things in that nibble away at Biggs by providing ways to ignore his ability.  If you just ripped Biggs out of the current Rebel ships they'd be sitting ducks, a softly softly approach is right.  
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    jackal13 got a reaction from JSwindy in Why Rage?   
    Rage not only gives you a focus but lets you reroll 3 attack dice. You have to be careful who you put it on and who benefits from stress. In my opinion Ezra is the best candidate for rage. How you load out your Attack Shuttle is key to make him effective, also who is in the rest of your squad. If you have Kyle Katarn on the shuttle and if Ezra sheds both stress before he activates Ezra gets 2 focus before he activates, focus evade if Jan Ors crew is at range 1-3. Reroll 3 attack die, makes TLT more reliable on both shots. Ezra is stressed every turn so he can change 2 focus results to evade results.
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    jackal13 reacted to Iceeagle85 in Missing sku predictions   
    If this is about SWX58 i would say probably never.
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    jackal13 reacted to Darth Vilgore in Rogue One discussion .... SPOILERS   
    Biggs was there also. Only for a brief second. I loved it. CGI Tarkin caught me off guard. When I seen him from behind I was like that's great, but a full performance was unexpected and totally awesome.
    I missed the scroll and Flying Star Wars.
    Vader's castle was an awesome nod to Splinter of the minds eye.
    K2SO was another favorite.
    Thought it was great that like a week later Luke was red 5. Oh hey a position just came available.
    Thought I spotted the VCX100 on Yavin. Far left of the screen. Will look for it at the second showing.
    Staying as spoiler free as possible helped.
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    jackal13 reacted to Magnus Grendel in Ezra, Braylen list   
    Nice to see someone 'play the odds' with C-3PO instead of using it as a garuanteed 1 evade (with something as fragile as an attack shuttle, you can't afford to block damage in single hits).
    Gunner on Braylen is nice, but if expecting to see Zuckuss, you're probably expecting to see builds that don't give a monkey's about receiving stress....which makes it an odd choice, in some ways.
    An M9-G8 Weapons Engineer Thane might be nice instead (and work well with a TLT Miranda), but I'm not sure if you can fit him in easily.
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    jackal13 reacted to Roland006 in Ezra, Braylen list   
    To make Ezra even tankier, have you considered swapping rage for elusiveness?
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    jackal13 reacted to Firespray-32 in On Nerfs And The Rationale Behind Them   
    It seems a large number of nerf topics have cropped up recently targeting a variety of traditionally controversial (in the most literal sense of the word) mechanics. A lot of the same anecdotal and subjective arguments come up again and again and people forget the reason FFG nerfs things.
    I cannot remember FFG ever nerfing anything for being flat out too powerful. FFG nerfs ships, cards and mechanics that distort the metagame.
    The first nerf was the TIE phantom: the decloak window was changed.
    The TIE phantom was a beatable list but it was a diamond-hard counter to anything that didn't tech against it. Falcons could deal with them with little problems and very skilled blockers could take them down with a swarm but anything else it could essentially solo. It wasn't the top list but its existence killed off so many strategies that the game started to devolve into Fat Falcon versus Phantom: few lists could deal with both. To reiterate, the TIE phantom's statistical balance wasn't the issue: Falcons could easily deal with them. The problem was that they single-handedly killed off an enormous number of strategies, namely anything not dedicated to Wave 4 ghostbusting. The TIE phantom wasn't made statistically weaker by the change but its ability to hard counter inferior arced PS was hugely reduced. The second was Tactician.
    This was a pre-emptive nerf: Tactician was made limited to stop a triple Tactician stack on the YV-666. This list would have killed off anything action dependent with a huge denial zone: you enter Range 2 of a 180 degree firing arc and you get triple stressed. The third was Half Points For Huge Ships.
    The rise of super tanky large based turrets to deal with the TIE phantom led to the discovery of Point Forts: a 60 point ship loses those all in one go. Therefore, if a Falcon started to lose it could just run away: provided it and its escort killed 52 points of the enemy squad it'd get a full win even if it was the last ship left on one hit point surrounded by the enemy. It was even more extreme with the Aggressor: provided neither died, even if they had a single hit point left each they counted as if they were completely undamaged. This also helped with tiebreakers in large tournaments: dropping very little MoV is generally a good thing. This encouraged killing a small part of the enemy list then turtling to time, distorting tournament gameplay by discouraging engaging the opponent and playing the game. While the Point Forts weren't more effective in untimed games their ability to cede none of their points unless completely destroyed made them more effective in Swiss than other lists. The result was that they were changed to drop half their points at half health. This effectively killed point forting. The fourth was Deadeye.
    The TorpScout was a similar situation to the TIE phantom: a tailored list could kill it fairly reliably but the vast majority of strategies couldn't cope with its alpha strike. As a result, a huge amount of strategies were killed off and those strategies and builds couldn't keep other builds in check. You chase off all the cats with dogs and you get a mouse infestation. The TorpScout was killed to enable other strategies, not to nerf its power.  
    To conclude, things get nerfed because they distort the metagame: not because they're damaging to balance but because they're damaging to diversity. Things get errata nerfs if they're killing off a large number of strategies and builds that would otherwise be viable. Powerful generalist builds that don't hard counter things out of the meta tend to be dealt with by new releases rather than rule changes.
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    jackal13 reacted to Gord0n in Rebel's Dengaroo   
    Wild Space as blocker and Rey OR Han as a killer
    Rey   YT-1300, Unique, Unreleased When attacking or defending, if the enemy ship is inside your firing arc, you may reroll up to 2 of your blank results.    Veteran Instincts (1)  Luke Skywalker (7)  Finn (5)  Millennium Falcon (Segnor's Loop Version) (1)  Engine Upgrade (4) 64 points Han Solo   YT-1300, Unique When attacking, you may reroll all of your dice. If you choose to do so, you must reroll as many of your dice as possible.    Push the Limit (3)  Luke Skywalker (7)  Kanan Jarrus (3)  Millennium Falcon (Segnor's Loop Version) (1)  Engine Upgrade (4) 35 points Wild Space Fringer   YT-2400 Freighter    Intelligence Agent (1)  Smuggling Compartment (0)  Feedback Array (2)  Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2)
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    jackal13 reacted to atkrull in Dear FFG...... I love you!   
    Dear FFG,
    There are really no words I can express to thank all of you enough, but I am going to try. For my birthday my wife let me go to the FFG Center to spend the entire weekend playing X Wing. I decided to flaunt my good fortune on the forums, in which I got a lot of great birthday wishes and good hearted spouts of jealousy from fellow x wingers that were not as fortunate Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes!
    What happened when I got there was not expected though. My wing man Jason and I finally got there around 2 and I proceeded to check my list off. Surley Beer (check), FFG Grilled Cheese (check), new squad set up (miranda, jan ors, and Airen Craken) ( check). You guys were not kidding about that grilled cheese by the way... amazing!
    Then about half way through our first game Alex Davy walks up! This was awesome! He had to visit his mom for her 60th birthday but took time to come down and say Hi and signed some IG 88's.....all of them , even got a little x wing talk in before he had to go!

    This trip was already great but it was far from over! After the first game Ryan Thompson stopped by!!! For those of you who don't know him he works on the awesome tutorial videos for all of FFG's games (I hope iIgot that right Ryan ) We got to meet him, talk some shop, he signed one of my cards (Royal Guard Interceptor was a very nice choice!). Truly a cool guy.
    Through the Third game and probably 5th or 6th beer, Frank Brooks and Steven Kimball stopped over! The amount of hospitality FFG was displaying was over the top! Frank and Steven both took the time out of their schedule to talk about everything, not just x wing  but new games they just came out with (Fury of Dracula) but also games they are playing and what its like working at FFG. Steven was the first producer for x wing and chose out the imperial Kath Scarlet to sign for me because he worked like crazy to get Lucas to let them use her! Then it was Frank's turn to sign a card. I always let them choose which card they want to sign and they both started laughing. Steven said he should sign the original Liea, because the third "maneuver" word on the card is misspelled. He is sort of embarrassed of it because he said they stare at those cards for hours before they go out and how they didn't catch it is mystifying. So Jason actually had the original Liea, and Frank graciously signed it

    I thought the parade of hospitality was over by the fourth game but then Wade Piche stopped by! Well not really stopped by, literally hung out with us while he waited for another co-worker got off work! We talked about all the cool stuff that he has done and how great the OP guys have all been with our game of X Wing and how eagerly we are all awaiting what is in store for the future. Then he sat around and watched our game giving us some pointers and talking tactics as we played out a nail bitter of a game. Thanks Wade for everything
    Finally the night got closer to the end, we raced to get our fifth or sixth game down before closing the store down at midnight! It was one of the greatest experiences and birthdays a geek could have. I want to thank all of the guys that came by and all of the Game Center staff for giving a guy one hell of a day!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
    Jason and I closing down the FFG Center after a great day!

    The Collection so far....
    Top line: Wade Piche, Steven Kimball, Ryan Thompson
    Middle Line: Paul Heaver, James Kniffen, Frank Brooks (Leia and Torkil)
    Bottom: Alex Davy, Boba and IG's

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    jackal13 got a reaction from Viktus106 in Is Nera tournament worthy?   
    Thanks for all the advice. I have a lot of builds to try out. I'm not going to give up on Nera in tournaments because I believe she could be competitive, plus she is so much fun to fly, and that is what this game is about. I have a tournament this weekend and wil post my battle report on Sunday. Wish me luck. Stay calm and fly casual.
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    jackal13 reacted to ficklegreendice in Is Nera tournament worthy?   
    keep your eyes peeled for Wave 8, though. Both the inq Tie and jumpmaster have modifications which promise to work with ordnance, making deadeye Nera maybe an actual thing
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    jackal13 reacted to flightmaster101 in BB8 on a Y-wing?   
    There's a guy in my league who loves BBA8 on his Ywing with bomb loadout.   He likes to barrel roll, drop and run away.
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    jackal13 got a reaction from Moneyinvolved in Local League Rebel Lists!   
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    jackal13 reacted to Moneyinvolved in Local League Rebel Lists!   
    With out your Han being a defensive build, I think you should drop the tala's in favor of an Ace, but it could do good against a lot of lists the way it is. On your other list, I would drop the shield upgrade because they are expensive for low agility ships. If you want Ten to live longer you could put advanced sensors to help Arc dodge or Sensor Jammer
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    jackal13 reacted to Dr Zoidberg in Another Nera Build?!   
    Went 2 from 2 a few weeks ago with the following:
    Nera, Esege, Dutch

    100 points

    Nera Dantels (33)
    B-Wing (26), Extra Munitions (2), Plasma Torpedoes (3), Deadeye (1), Munitions Failsafe (1)
    Esege Tuketu (37)
    K-Wing (28), Twin Laser Turret (6), Recon Specialist (3)
    “Dutch” Vander (30)
    Y-Wing (23), R5-K6 (2), Ion Cannon Turret (5)
    Should be fairly self explanatory.  Tuketu hands out Focus, Dutch hands out Target Locks.  Nera makes use of both to maximise her Torpedo shots.  Meanwhile, Tuketu and Dutch make nuisances of themselves with their turrets.
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    jackal13 reacted to Arschbombe in Home for Gundark in new meta?   
    Like everyone here is already saying, Gundark is just not as useful as the other named pilots.   I enjoy running the all-stars a lot and so I do use him, but I am only taking him because of the list theme.  
    However, I did have one game where he shined, not because he was particularly effective or anything, but because his ability triggered once and it really got my opponent's attention.  Gundark became a priority target to the exclusion of the others and it changed the way my opponent flew.   I still had Backstabber and Mauler zipping around, but my opponent was really worried about Gundark and that crit. 
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    jackal13 reacted to Magnus Grendel in Home for Gundark in new meta?   
    My preferred squad for ages has been the TIE Fighter All-stars (the 6 named pilots) and despite using him in every game I still rarely get much mileage out of him. For his ability to matter, you need to get a range 1 shot at a target with its shields down that doesn't just kill it anyway. That's a fairly fine line for relevance.
    As noted, he's not bad, but he's not good enough - not compared to the other named pilots, whose abilities are just amazing.
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    jackal13 got a reaction from RC8015FiSkirata in League Night List   
    I'll give it a try next week or if I get a 2nd match in.
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    jackal13 reacted to RC8015FiSkirata in League Night List   
    I've always run Nera Dantels with B-Wing E/2, Recon Specialist, and Deadeye.  One focus to shoot adv. torps and one to boost them.  It does remove the need for Dutch.
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    jackal13 reacted to Comradebot in Home for Gundark in new meta?   
    Gundark (and his superior big brother, Mithel), both do better if your squad has other, potentially equally or more appetizing, targets in it.  Gundarks ability isn't terrible, especially with all the high HP and low agility ships out there where he's likely to land that crit on some hull.  But the key is to be able to get him in R1 and still be alive, which usually means you'll need to find someone else to try and tempt your opponent shoot at first.  For this reason, I'm a pretty big fan of running Gundark with "Howlrunner", since she's the obvious first target.  Think I like him more than Night Beast in that particular situation, since Night Beast isn't getting as much mileage out of his ability if all its doing is freeing up Barrel Roll (which still isn't terrible: free Focus+BR can be sweet).
    Really, that's his problem: Night Beast exists, and his ability gives him pretty snazzy action economy.  He's the same price and PS, and his ability is much more versatile.  Of course, if you have 30 points left over... why not fly both!
    But if you can keep him alive long enough to get into R1, I think he can have a place, especially with the rise of the TLTs.  A bunch of Ys, Ks, and HWKs, are practically begging for him to get inside their bubble and lay some crits on them.
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