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  1. Undeadguy

    Post TLJ Resistance Fleet

    The real blunder was not targeting the Raddus immediately. Why shoot the evacuated stationary target when you see the evac ships flying away?
  2. Undeadguy

    Post TLJ Resistance Fleet

    Agreed. In the moment, Poe did save the Raddus despite losing the bombers. If the Raddus had jumped and then been followed, what would have stopped the dreadnought from firing again? And how would the bombers take it down with the full might of the FO there to defend it? Plus, I think you guys are missing the point. Everyone on the Raddus died or ended on up on the Falcon. It's not like saving those bombers would have been useful since the Raddus was obliterated AND THE ******* HANGER WAS DESTROYED. So in hindsight, Poe made the right decision.
  3. Undeadguy

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round Robin Finals!

    Game vs @jjscloud9 was brutal. 400-30 and end in round 4. I was first and played PIC. My Kuat last/first Thrawn for over 20 damage with Acc which quickly brought down Thrawn. Then my ER CF raider rolled max damage on a double arc on a Vic, dropping it to 4 hull and 3 naked hulls. Demo with ACM also rolled well heavily damaging another Vic. JJscloud had to dip out, but it was clear the direction the game was going.
  4. Undeadguy

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round Robin Finals!

    Indeed. With duck's vacation and me getting ready for an engagement proposal, we haven't had a lot of time. I expect a full turn out to watch this climatic end to round 3 though. There is no excuse for missing this because I know you guys don't have any other games going on.
  5. Undeadguy

    Grenade errata

    In retrospect, grenades of all types should have had a surge to crit. It resolves this weird thing where Storm Troopers get to surge on the attack and doesn't really buff either grenade. Concussion grenades already have blast so a crit doesn't get through cover, it only cancels a dodge. And Impact grenades already have impact, so you already get crits and only matters if the defender has cover. If they are used against the wrong target (impact against troopers and concussion against armor), the grenades provide a small buff to the attack, which can logically be explained. Throwing an explosive of any kind at a person or vehicle should leave some damage.
  6. Undeadguy

    Grenade errata

    This is no longer true. Newer weapons have their own surge chart, specifically the mines laid by the rebel and imperial special forces.
  7. Undeadguy

    Invader League Update - 9/21

    Key Positions should have been 4 or 5 tokens. 4 makes it balanced, 5 makes it a rush to grab 3 tokens. I think Boba can even the objective with Bounty but that still means Rebels are at a disadvantage.
  8. Do I earn more points for killing squads since I have none?
  9. I hope the people that picked me enjoy the free bonus points from my squadronless fleet.
  10. Undeadguy

    Scout Troopers Article

    Oh boy, can't wait for the close quarter combat Imps will be running once Imperial Guards are out. Flamethrowers, scouts, and guards will be quite difficult to deal with.
  11. Undeadguy

    Luke's "Droopy" lightsaber

    Learn to play book. Came in the core set which you should have since you have Luke.
  12. Undeadguy

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    Best Legion builder yet. It's very similar to Ryan Kingston's Armada builder which I like a lot. My suggestions: Instead of having the unit cards with a 2X to represent 2 units, show each unit. Since you already have the left side bar with the 2X I'd prefer to have the visual that I have 2 units when I scroll through the cards even if they are the same. It would be very easy for me to scroll down what cards I'm using and miss the 2X. I agree the command cards should be moved. You could add it on the left where the command cards are now and have the cards instead of text. I like all the options for upgrade slots when I select one, like heavy weapons, but I'd like it more if the upgrades that can't be selected were segregated from the ones I can take. It's not a big deal now to look through 6 heavy weapons, but if FFG keeps up pace with releases I'd expect a lot more within a year. This is especially true for commands cards because I'm selecting 6 from a very large pool of usable and unusable cards. Add cells/boxes on the left so I can line up the "+" for each unit when adding upgrades. Since upgrades appear underneath the names of units, it can be a bit difficult to select the right "+". Also, I'm not able to save the army I just made. I assume this feature is coming when we can make profiles? Good job though. I eagerly await updates.
  13. Undeadguy

    Luke's "Droopy" lightsaber

    The LTP book has some tips on modeling/painting including straightening minis.
  14. Undeadguy

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Fleet submission phase

    I'm busy with the hurricane so it might be a few days or weeks or months.