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  1. Tournament Clock

    The Star Wars Legion FB page is even more toxic than when nelson was around. It's best to stay away.
  2. Armada Refugees Check-In

    No I haven't made anything yet. I write down all my ideas on scrap paper haha
  3. My first encounter was with Civ 5 release. I hated Civ 5 because it wasn't Civ 4, and thus hated Steam because it came with the game. Oh how wrong I was. Also, GmG is offering 15% off Battletech and I bet you can get a Steam key with the purchase.
  4. Armada Refugees Check-In

    No progress in the past few weeks. I'm still getting a feel for Legion before I want to draft some rules.
  5. Haha mass squads isn't a problem or overly-winning?

    This data set is reflective more on what types of ships people are taking, not the squads. Based off this, MSU is struggling which isn't a surprise with Vader Cymoon and Raddus. If you want to show squads are still OP, you should break down the data into smaller portions. Something like 0-50, 51-80, 81-110, 110+ and then apply that to bottom 25%, overall, top 25%, top 4, and winners. This would more accurately reflect how squads are performing. Most importantly, is the data @Baltanok posted pre or post nerf? If it's pre-nerf, you have no claim to anything, and I'm pretty sure it's pre-nerf considering there are 3 flotilla lists in both Ards and Baltanoks spreadsheets.
  6. Don't move!

    This is how I would do it to make it more competitive. Drop the squads for a swarm ball. Swap back to Glad I. Drop Screed for JJ, and pick up Targeting Scrambler. This leaves you with some points left, so I took Projection Experts, which will keep the Glads alive in conjunction with TS. You're fleet isn't bad, but you lose dice on your attacks. Dropping 1 for Screed and then getting an Acc leaves you with 1 extra die, and a maximum of 5 damage. Taking JJ and dropping Jonus will increase your maximum and average damage, but decrease the options you have while attacking. Also, HIE and ACMs are a great combo and would be the only reason to maintain Screed over JJ. You can expect to fight a lot of large ships, and dropping shields quickly is the best way to kill them. Faction: Imperial Commander: Moff Jerjerrod Assault: Most Wanted Defense: Hyperspace Assault Navigation: Solar Corona Interdictor Suppression Refit (90) • Moff Jerjerrod (23) • Captain Brunson (5) • Projection Experts (6) • Disposable Capacitors (3) • Targeting Scrambler (5) • Grav Shift Reroute (2) • High-Capacity Ion Turbines (8) • Interdictor (3) = 145 Points Gladiator I (56) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Concussion Missiles (7) • Demolisher (10) = 77 Points Gladiator I (56) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Concussion Missiles (7) • Insidious (3) = 70 Points Gozanti Cruisers (23) • Comms Net (2) = 25 Points Squadrons: • Valen Rudor (13) • Ciena Ree (17) • Mauler Mithel (15) • Howlrunner (16) • 2 x TIE Interceptor Squadron (22) = 83 Points Total Points: 400
  7. Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    I think it's from Legion...
  8. Answered Questions - Email Compilation

    I didn't catch this the first time, but I read the rule as being able to attack the unit if 1 mini is in arc, just like the range question. It would be consistent and the TOs in my area agree that's how it is done. I can see the confusion, because I said "or".
  9. Ion guns: are they really worth it?

    And rolling above average shouldn't be considered when building an army. I like Z-6s. I ran 5 of them and was rolling 55 dice. But I can't tell you how many times I rolled 4+ damage and no crits. It took 4 rounds to bring down a T-47 with 2 Z-6s and a Laser AT-RT. Rebels don't have a consistent way to deal with Armor. AT-RTs are great until they are attacked. T-47 is fast, but it can get separated and shot down by HH-12 of DLTs. MPL is great because it has equivalent damage to Z-6s, and Impact and Ion. They just suck because of exhaust. Rebels need a way to recover for free, just like what Veers does, or they need a better Impact weapon like HH-12. I honestly hate going up against HH-12s. They keep sniping my AT-RTs because I don't have cover and range 4 is hard to stay out of. I'm waiting for Fleet troopers. Shotgun and Impact will give it Impact and Pierce. Just need to get into range 1.
  10. Ion guns: are they really worth it?

    Z-6s are cool until you roll no crits against an AT-RT for 2 rounds and then it toasts you. At least ion allows you to get at least 1 damage on target.
  11. Standing Orders Turn 1: Food for Thought

    Yea that's why I commented again saying army composition determines it. 3 AT-RTs and 5 Z-6s gives almost total control over your army ever round. Always give orders to Luke, and then you can pick the other 1 or 2. This way when you activate, you only have 2 unit choices in the bag. And it gets stronger as you lose units. I had a game where I had 1 AT-RT and 4 troopers and Luke. Push let's me give commands to the AT-RT and Luke, while my bag contains only corps. This is the main reason I do Standing Orders round 1. I don't care if I lose something round 1, and if I do, I gain more control over my army.
  12. Standing Orders Turn 1: Food for Thought

    I think the command card also depends on your army. If you have a bunch of speeders, they can easily cross the board and get some free shots at the end of the round. I have been playing the Rebel AT-RT spam, so I only have 3 unit types - commander, corps, and support. So I can order Luke, and the my 8 other activations fall into 2 units which I have multiple of. I can assess the game and make the best call. Once an army has 5 unit types, it can certainly be harder to assign orders and command cards because you have so much more to manage.
  13. Standing Orders Turn 1: Food for Thought

    I always Standing Orders first round. Deploy all my units in hard cover or blocking LOS so they will take little damage. This gives me greater flexibility later in the game because the first round tends to be setting up for further engagement. I double move my units into position, and round 2 is when I will use Assault or Push. IMO, this is a misplay. How many suppression tokens will troopers have on round 2? Probably 0 since 1 is removed at the end of round 1 IF they were attacked, and they get to rally. So really the only suppression they would have is generated during the round, which means you have to save Luke's activation to get the best effect. RotJ is probably best used on round 3-4 when attacks have been made and Luke can force engagement, setting up SoS for the following round. Master of Evil should NEVER be played round 2. How are you at range 2 of enemy troopers at the start of the round? Otherwise you telegraph intent and your opponent will run away, which they probably want to because it's Vader. Obviously, all of this is dependent on terrain, and thus the board state. Legion really needs terrain that blocks LOS, at least for the troopers. Otherwise you end up in a firefight at the top of round 1 and then there is no finesse. The player who rolls better will win every time. If you have nothing that blocks LOS, Assault or Push round 1 with some range 4 dudes it clearly the best play. But in the games that I have played, deploying so LOS is blocked is the best tactic to gain control of the board.
  14. Does height matter for determining cover?

    That's why you determine if terrain grants cover to vehicles BEFORE you start, which was addressed in the email. Page 8 only applies before the game starts. After, if the troopers in your example trace LOS over terrain and you determined the terrain does not grant cover to the vehicle, the attack is no obstructed and no cover is granted.