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  1. I would agree on Armada and X-Wing, but not Legion. It's been a stable game with releases and update. They have precedence for yearly adjustments based off the meta and it does make the game healthier. That said, I have no idea how LFL perceives the game and IP handling. Did the Armada Flotilla Wars get all the way to LFL and they were unhappy? The consistent toilet bowl nerf in X-Wing 1.0? Does LFL care that much? Are they watching the content creators and reading discord? I think that might be extreme but you can do a lot when you have the money to hire people. I doubt Asmodee cares since they came into the picture recently in regards to Armada and X-Wing. I would imagine this is more of a restructuring by consolidating people in one studio, which in turn is projected to yield a high value return, either in cash flow or increasing the Star Wars Miniature Games portfolio. I think we may never know though.
  2. You clearly haven't seen or listened to the passion the design team had for all 3 games nor have you seen their impact on the community. Do what you will, I just don't want people to make rash decisions and boycott the game thinking they are in solidarity with the design team when they may not want that. We are a community, whether on discord, LGS, or here. If you don't want to play because of this, then leave. This transition already sucks and I don't want more people stirring the pot of hate when we don't know the outcome yet.
  3. I understand the sentiment to be angry and boycott the game, but without knowing what the design team would want the community to do, I would hesitate to do so. I would imagine and hope they want us to continue to play the game they created instead of seeing their beloved games die. They invested a lot of time and effort into these 3 games and without them saying to burn it to the ground, I don't think the community should embrace that sentiment.
  4. Agreed. I don't think anyone is too concerned about minis moving out of FFG, but it's Luke, Alex, Michael, and all the others that made these Star Wars game that got fired unexpectedly. It hurts even more because we have seen their enthusiasm, love, and dedication to the games they got to create. They lost THE dream job. Creating games within the Star Wars universe and being able to interact with all the people that play it. I keep going back to the 2019 Gencon after show Q&A session where they just dropped the Clone Wars and the room was buzzing with questions and excitement. I can't find the video, but I remember the absolute joy Alex was having being able to finally talk about the Clone Wars. I will say, the silver lining is these teams are no longer under Asmodee and have the freedom to get picked up else where or set up their own studio. I look forward to seeing what new games they come up. It just sucks this is how it had to happen.
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