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  1. Sell me on: The Grand Inquisitor

    Pretty fun on Demo.
  2. The Galactic Civil War - Custom Campaign

    Yes now that we have seen what they can do.
  3. Finally making Sato a consistently winning commander with the MC75. WAB is also pretty cool. Can't wait to kill Ciena or Valen with it.
  4. Accretion in Game Design

    Does "any ship" mean a class plus it's title or just a ship class? Can we really count "any Neb is viable" when Yavaris is being used 99% of the time? What about Demo? Are Glads really viable without its title and are they placing high in tournaments?
  5. So the only true difference between tactical, strategic, and operational "style" games is the scale. They all have different rules, but you could play each game on a different scale simply by adding or removing minis and they would be equivalent. Like IA, Legion, and 40K is just a difference in scale and unique rules. Armada and X-Wing is also scale and unique rules. I'm just trying to understand the difference because a lot of people seem to think Armada is grand strategy and X-Wing is tactical. Mechanically they are different, but your still trying to get the other guy in your arc and deal damage. Just happens to be on a different scale. Both are more like a tactical style game. Each individual unit matters in it's position and how it contributes to the squad or fleet. The goal is the same in all 5 of these games: destroy the enemy and complete the mission by using each characters strengths. Contrast this with XCOM and Civilization. XCOM is a true tactical squad based game, and Civilization is a true strategy game. XCOM is tactical because each soldier matters and your trying to kill aliens and complete the mission. Civilization also has that component, but the scope is much broader. You need to manage a lot more resources that do not directly contribute to a tactical advantage. Maybe this doesn't make any sense. But I just don't understand how a 10mm scale army Star Wars game is strategically different than a 32mm style army Star Wars game, with the exception of available units. You're still using fast units to flank your opponent, soldiers to support tanks, and scoot n shoot style game play.
  6. Right but those same concepts scale as well. Whether you're playing FoW and flank tanks, or playing Legion and flank an AT-ST, it's the same thing. It could have been a 10mm game with a bunch of AT-ATs with flanking rules since they can't turn well, and it's literally the same thing for Legion at 32mm. Nothing is changing between the games. Just the scale and frame of mind when you play.
  7. Both of these refer to scale. Fundamentally, it doesn't change the strategy of your armies. They just represent bigger forces. Still scoot n shoot. I'm not understanding the difference between strategic, operational, and tactical component, unless you're referring to the scope of the battle. At which point the comparison between mechanics is the same.
  8. What's the actual, mechanical game play difference between the 3? You still move n shoot with minis, it just happens one has more vehicles than the other...
  9. Heavy squad squad?

    I think it could be a unit with multiple minis. The Speeder Bikes are a support unit but come with 2 minis. 1 commander and 1 other. But the AT-RT is a single mini that makes up the unit. I doubt there will be a "squad" of tanks which make up a single heavy unit since each mini adds its attack dice to the pool. Might make them really powerful.
  10. I think for its cost, a double arced CF OE ER Raider has the highest damage per point in the game. Average of 10 damage for 51 points. Even just the front arc is ridiculous with 7 dice for 47 points. Kinda balanced when the ship is hard to use.
  11. Dudeeeeee I'm in Atlanta until Monday and didn't bring any Armada stuff. But I have a wedding on Saturday so I can't make this even if I borrowed stuff
  12. @Norsehound you should try this fleet. It has all the ships you've been questioning. Vic II DC cannon, non-Demo Glad, and 2 ER Raiders. And no squads. I've won 2 tournaments with it, and placed top 4 a few times with a variant. Works great against squadrons too with the Raiders. Deployment is simple. Vic is last and should be the center of your fleet. I tend to pair the Raiders on the weak side and the Glads on the strong side. For example, against an MC80 which is pointed to cut across my fleet, the Raiders will be placed on the rear of the MC80, while the Glads are placed to run into the front of the MC80. Against squadrons, the Raiders are sacrificed to save the Glads and the Vic. They should be run in front of a squadron ball baiting your opponent to attack them. Otherwise the Raider gets to attack. This enables you to have the Raiders go near the end of your activation order, since you expect them to die. Now you can activate the Vic or Glads higher up. If I'm first player, I try to engage at the bottom of round 3 with the Vic. It gets last activation and uses DC at long range, and I prioritize flotillas. Move at speed 2 to get into medium. The Vic goes first in round 4 and finishes off any flotillas, and proceeds to attack the largest target. You should be able to kill a flotilla or 2, or at least take out a small ship putting you up on activations. This puts your opponent in a difficult position, because your flagship has just activated, but you have 2 Glads and 2 Raiders either in range, or in medium waiting for a ship to move into range. What typically happens is the Raiders get attacked, which is great, and the Vic is left mostly undamaged. With JJ, it can re-position very easily. Demo does normal Demo things. Insidious should not prioritize getting into rear arc. That's just a benefit if your opponent flies past it. Insidious is best at taking on small ships, or supporting Demo attacking a large ship. Relay Delay fleets are my favorite. Don't bother going for the carriers. Just circle around the ball of squads and attack them. This fleet struggles against doom pickles. It's just hard to survive the huge amount of damage being thrown. I've had great success against bomber builds, but not against Rieekan. Hopefully this helps. It's a really fun fleet to play since you have so many ships which are actually throwing dice. Name: Dual Glads + Vic Faction: Imperial Commander: Moff Jerjerrod Total Points: 399 Assault: Most Wanted Defense: Hyperspace Assault Navigation: Solar Corona Victory II (85) • Moff Jerjerrod (23) • Minister Tua (2) • Gunnery Team (7) • Disposable Capacitors (3) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Leading Shots (4) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 137 Points Gladiator I (56) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Demolisher (10) = 75 Points Gladiator I (56) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Insidious (3) = 68 Points Raider I (44) • External Racks (3) = 47 Points Raider I (44) • External Racks (3) = 47 Points Gozanti Cruisers (23) • Comms Net (2) = 25 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points
  13. This is why I said this I read also read it as "attack a ship with 1 black anti-squad die" before realizing that made no sense.
  14. Strategic Advisor

    Yea that's what I'm trying to stress about SA. In a vacuum, like when you design your fleet, SA is one of the best officers you can take on a large ship. But I don't think that advantage will translate well into a tournament setting. It's a really weird paradigm. You take SA to get an activation so it's offensive against MSU, but defensive against another SA since it negates it. But if you don't take it and face another SA, the officer you grabbed has the potential to be useless for the round before engagement. Like a Raymus squad pusher and your opponent delays you so your squad activation is weak or ineffective. I also expect the meta to swing towards large ships. We have 2 new large ship commanders. 3 or 4 large ship upgrades. SA will help against the 2+3 carrier fleets since one of the most effective ways to deal with squads it to force a dead squad activation by having more activations. And then there is Bail and Pryce, who situationally can be more effective than SA. It's a really cool balancing act. Should be a good meta moving forward.
  15. Strategic Advisor

    It's not hyperbole. Getting another activation for 4 points is literally the best thing you can do. For any defensive officer you may take, SA it better because you delay and don't take damage for a round. For any offensive officer you may take, SA is better because you delay and your opponent moves into range granting you an additional round of firepower you normally wouldn't have. This is in a vacuum obviously. In a real game however, SA is worthless if your opponent has it as well. You've wasted your officer, but so have they. There is no benefit to SA if everyone wants to take it, and since Wave 7 is all about large ships with multiple large ship upgrades, I'd expect a lot of people will be grabbing SA. And believing activations only matter on the early part of the game is incorrect. Start playing quality, high activation fleets and you'll understand. None of that 1+4 ****.