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  1. It's ridiculous anyone would say that. Blue AA is strictly better because you have so much more range and Toryn makes it almost 75% to hit.
  2. I agree. EA is whale hunting. Star Wars is a huge IP, and DICE makes amazing games. Perfect bait to get people to drop money on. 5000 people, a very small amount of the player base, dropping $500, not unreasonable for people with a lot of disposable income, can net EA 2.5 million, minus tax and whatever else. Point is, people with money fuel the gaming industry today. Game is not meant for people who want the full experience with $60, which is the majority of people who can't drop money on crates.
  3. I'm not going to get the game. Partially cuz **** EA, but more importantly because the single player content is too short for me to justify $60, and the space combat is still unbalanced. I could care less about heros and the ground stuff. I enjoy flying around ISDs and CR90s, but my friends have told me the star card issue hasn't been resolved. So I'll wait.
  4. Are you able to earn 16k credits every time you play the campaign? From my understanding, there is a credit cap on non-pvp games so you can't actually grind your way to 15k credits. Without the cap, this wouldn't be an issue. But my point is, EA is ******* with Star Wars which has touched a lot of peoples lives. This is why they are catching heat. Micro transactions were the trigger.
  5. I just run Comms Net and it follows behind my Vic II. Whatever happens to get past the Vic is taking a double arc CF shot from the Gozanti. It's consistent and I'd say most (75%+) of my games have my Gozanti attacking around round 4/5. If you're only using them to push fighters and as a support ship, I'd say you aren't using them to their full value. They have dice. Use them.
  6. Let's be real here. The real reason people are pissed is because it's Star Wars. It's also why the game is getting so much publicity. EA is putting up massive pay walls to unlock more content. They can get away with it in other games because it's not Star Wars. But when you put Vader behind 60k, now 15k, credits and you can only earn 200-300 credits per game, you're going to get called on it because Vader is a symbol of Star Wars. Someone posted a screenshot of the "Hero" game play where everyone plays a hero. They weren't able to play because the characters he unlocked were taken and the others were locked behind the credit wall. EA dropped the ball on BF1, even though I do think it was fun. Now they are trying to milk BF2. People grew up playing the OG BF and BF2 so they have a emotional investment in the BF series already. Bottom line. You don't **** with Star Wars content like this.
  7. I disagree. My Gozantis have wracked up quite the kill count. The best one was when it have Demo in the side arc and a Motti Vic in the front with a CF on the dial. Demo was at 1+1 and the Vic at 0+2 with no Brace or shields. Gozanti CF into 2 damage to kill the Vic and rolled 1 damage against Demo. Gozantis are amazing if you know how to use them. I'd gladly pay the extra 10 points over 2 GR-75s to run them with Sato or Dodonna.
  8. Will the At Large Reserve folks be submitting a list at the same time as the qualifiers?
  9. Derp. You did say carrier fleets. Must have read it then did something else before I came back to respond.
  10. In my experience, speed 3 Rogue squads like Decimators can keep pace with a speed 3 ISD. YT-2400s can catch anything. I think it takes more skill to pull off large ships with no squads, and this is reflected in the history of Armada. People asking how to keep large ships alive against carrier fleets and what not. It can be done, but I'm sure 90% of players won't be able to do it consistently at a competitive level.
  11. Take smaller based ships. You can still load them up pretty, but the foot print really matters. It's very hard to chase a small base with squads compared to a large base. Smaller bases are less likely to overlap squads, so you don't give your opponent the advantage by picking a hull zone to hammer on, or get a "free movement" potentially placing in range of another ship.
  12. Any email FFG sends out is not sanctioned for a tournament. Any questions not answered by the RRG and FAQ are directed to the TO who has the final say on the issue. Those emails are more for personal use, but TOs can use them as an unofficial word from FFG if they know about it. It's also frowned upon to sway the TO with the emails because they are not an official response from FFG.
  13. **** ya'll are just teases. Gink already shared it on Discord.
  14. This is a scene from ANH and that's the Death Star. This is different because it's aimed out a hole in the wall it's snug up against. TFA has a turbolaser literally in the bowels of the ship, with the nearest exit point 100s of meters away. The trajectory of any shot made must be within the tiny window, which means the amount of targets it can attack is severely limited. It's the equivalent of sitting at your window shooting birds, or sitting 20 feet back and shooting birds AND not shooting your house. I will concede the point of housing guns within the hull of the ship. However, I think that's also a bad idea because it weakens the hull integrity by putting large holes in the armor meant to protect you. Mass Effect jumps to mind...
  15. Wow didn't know that. Certainly more fan boy **** from Jar Jar Abrams. Just as bad as the new ship with mass cannons on it. Also found it weird in the film how they shot a turbo laser towers inside of the ship? It's not even on the **** hull meaning you have a super tiny window to shoot out of from the side of the ship. That's like what, 5 degrees if can move before hitting the itself?