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  1. I'm just really dense and didn't get it.
  2. I can't stand the Pelta. I don't want to spend points to make it good. I want to spend points to make it better. Speed 2 and lack of dice kill it for me.
  3. Annoying if it survives, but it's still a Pelta haha
  4. Don't pity them. Just vaporize them. Peace at least.
  5. Right, this would be the only exception. I almost went into it but decided not to. TFA gets around the weakness of Eng builds because you can force your own shields down. Otherwise your build relies on tanking damage rather than dealing it out. Win via attrition.
  6. I think the ships you would have to take to get stacking STM would effectively kill itself. 2-3 Cymoons or 2-3 Peltas. The Cymoon is effectively stronger because they are larger, but you seriously cut into the rest of your build since that is nearly 300 points with a commander. So you get stuck with 2 ships and squads, or 2 ISDs and Riaders or Gozantis. And the Rebels have 2 Peltas... Which I think speaks for itself. The best way to counter STM is to focus on one ship, which you should already be doing anyway. So I agree. STM is hardly over powered, even if it could stack. Fleet builds just can't support it. Ultimately you are building a reactive fleet which tend to be weaker, which is also the weakness of Eng fleet builds. 8 Eng Interdictors can be hard to kill, but those fleets really can't do much else except stay alive.
  7. Undeadguy vs @BiggsIRL 417 - 65 I was first. Played Contested Outpost. What a stressful game. Some highlights. Devastator forced my Vic to drop to speed 0 round 1 since I didn't want to take any damage. I thought it was going to be a mistake and almost was. The Vic blew DC to get 2 full attacks against Avenger and Devastator, dropping a fair amount of shields on both. Demo swept in at the bottom of round 2 and pulled a natural Acc on it's side arc (Glad II) and 5 damage against Avenger. Top of round 3 had Demo killing Avenger and setting up an attack run on Devastator. Biggs was unable to get Devastator out of the double arc of the Vic. He opted to beat the Vic with 10 damage (ECM saved me) and a ram. The Vic quad tapped (a new term??) with it's double arc at the bottom of round 3, and double arc at the top of round 4. Devastator had 2 or 3 shields left and 4 hull. The Vic was able to escape a double arc from Devastator, but took some more damage, leaving it at 3 hull and 0 shields. Biggs conceded when Demo was going to activate. We decided Devastator would die and I got the rest of the CO tokens making is 2 to Biggs, and 4 to me. The lone Raider, Triumph, escaped. Edit: Jonus was the MVP allowing Demo to get 2 Acc which is what really killed Avenger. No Brace and no shields. Also, Ciena/Valen vs Ciena/Valen is very boring. They tickle each other to death.
  8. This is my favorite squad composition: Jan Biggs Gold Norra 2 X-Wing 2 E-Wing Y-Wing Push it with FC GH, Toryn+BCC, with Dodonna. Hard list to alpha strike. I have counters to Intel, Counter, and Jendon with the E-Wings+FC. Or if I run against no squads I have 8 bombers that work with BCC, Norra, and Dodonna.
  9. I ran a very similar squad list for the last Vassal tournament before the Rhymer nerf. It wasn't a good list but with Sloane, Rhymer, and Avenger it was alright.
  10. Armada and Legion. The only games you'll need to recreate all your Star Wars battles.
  11. Undeadguy vs @BiggsIRL possibly on Sunday, 24th, at 12PM EDT / 11 AM EST.
  12. Probably way more accurate than mine. I did it in excel.
  13. A few months ago I made a calculator that gives average damage and includes rerolls. So I think 5 blacks with OE gives 6.9 damage. I don't have a degree in stats so it's possible my calculations are slightly off. I have 8.8 damage if you reroll blanks and hits, which I think is a bit high but I'm not sure. I read all the math threads at the time and searched the internet on how to do dice rolls and rerolls.
  14. Is the Acc really worth it though, besides attacking a flotilla? You get to roll 4 blacks and 1 blue. That's about 68% to roll a hit/crit and an average of 4 damage. Assuming you roll 1 hit/crit, 2 hits and a blank, you end with 4 damage, ACM, and no Brace. Where as taking OE, Ard has 94% to crit, and I have an average of 6.9 damage if you only reroll blanks. An average damage of 7, you still Brace to 4 and get ACM but you have a higher max damage. ST is probably great on the Ackbar MC30 where you have plenty of dice to spare. But unless your opponent picks OS, which I certainly would not, you don't have a large enough dice pool to use ST and deal damage reliably.
  15. Sensor Teams instead?