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  1. I feel violated. I don't log on for weeks and I come back to 1 notification that's a necro 💀
  2. I'm having issues saving a list after I try to edit the name. The entire save bar on mobile disappears when I click on the name box.
  3. Bumping this thread since I am playing Legion again and will continue to compile emails/discord answers so we have a central reference guide. I will post things in red text to designate new additions.
  4. You really think FFG will still have the license for Star Wars in 5 years? I thought the games being revived are not FFG IP. They are acquiring all these games and then relaunching them, so why would FFG wait? If they were to announce 2.0 at GenCon, they get to revitalize the game like they did with X-Wing. FFG is probably paying a **** ton of money to hold Star Wars so waiting to remake a game they already have out is a financial mistake. They already have production lines and (terrible) logistical plans in place. Adapting them to 2.0 would not be that difficult. They wouldn't have to make new models either for the stuff already released. I'd be willing to pay money NOW for 2.0. If they wait 5 years I may end up selling my stuff and I doubt I'll want to reinvest. This is all moot anyway since we know FFG won't be making 2.0.
  5. Since the content is released why does it matter that there was no article? Buying the pack would reveal more than anything FFG would say. This is not that big of a deal.
  6. I wager FFG won't even give us a heads up before they drop 2.0. All we will get is a release article and some crazy expensive conversion kits.
  7. Perhaps sniper teams? I was considering running 2 of each in pairs for that long reach. Turret protects against flanking which allows the snipers to aim n shoot instead of moving to cover. And when they get shot by enemy snipers, inspire will help.
  8. I was just about to dive back into the rules since it got updated. I'm guessing Rapid deployment now works on the turret since it's considered a trooper? Have you had any success with sentinel and standby?
  9. I'm finally getting back into Legion after several months. The last time I played was right after the rebel commandos came out so I have literally no experience with the laser cannon. I am currently assembling 2 and was wondering what the opinions were. I went back 10 pages and it seems there is not a whole lot of discussion on them. Is the lack of movement too restricting? Are the upgrades worth it? AT-RT or laser cannon?
  10. For sure, it can move quick in a straight line. But turning, even with the free pivot, is going to be difficult if you play correctly with 25% terrain coverage with range 1 between each piece. I also wonder how it interacts with barricades. Can it move over them? Land on them?
  11. The GOCAT is really cool, but it's going to be terrain dependent in regards to LOS. It looks to be 1.5X the height of the stormtrooper. Maybe 2X. Not to mention the narrow front arc and crazy long side arcs, re-positioning this thing to use it's main guns will be a pain. What I found with the T-47 and AT-ST, is terrain creates lanes you are essentially forced to move along. There is no difference with the GOCAT. It's effectiveness will be entirely dependent on it's starting position because it can't move quickly (speed 1) nor can it shoot "down" onto other minis over terrain. I can imagine it will be a nightmare to make a 90 degree turn at speed 1 as you swing that base around. It is intimidating on paper, but I wonder how much it will contribute to the fight if it can't move through/around terrain. Contrast this to the X-34 which is speed 2, has speeder, a smaller base, and is half the cost. The X-34 will be reliant on it's upgrades to be combat effective, but I really like the plug n play concept. Personally, I think both are well balanced and thematic.
  12. FFG killed Runewars OP. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/11/the-land-endures/
  13. We played and discussed Armada a lot, so we were able to quickly design new fleets and optimize them through group thought. Once we did that, it was very hard to find something new that was better without completely changing the style of fleets we enjoyed playing. For me, I really enjoy heavy squads, MSU, or a combination of the two. I never really liked playing with large ships so wave 7 didn't do a whole lot for me. I think the MC75 is cool, but it never really fit into my play style. The same was for my friends. Wave 5/6/7 didn't hit the mark for them and they began playing less because they tried to optimize their fleets that were already good with new content, but couldn't. There's no doubt that our own stubbornness to not play a new style killed the enjoyment of the game. I hate playing 2/3 ships. I have no desire to do it. I never really liked playing on-meta because I want to have the crazy fleet that works. Eventually, I ran out of ideas. You have to understand that 2016-2018 I was constantly talking about Armada, playing myself, designing new fleets, and practicing. No exaggeration, it was probably 30-40 hours a week of Armada. There's only so much I can do with what FFG has released. Sure, I can do something stupid like running 16 z-95s or 4 vics and try to make it work, but that feels like I'm just beating my head against the wall trying to make something work. It's not enjoyable for me. Without any new content, I find it hard to think of something new. I was lucky because I got serious right after wave 3/4. I didn't have time to experiment with the core/1/2 waves so I had to catch up. NC also lost most of its tournaments during 2018. Stores stopped running SC and we don't have regionals this year. I'd love to travel and actually did make plans to go to worlds twice and once to NOVA. But things came up and I wasn't able to. I tried going to Atlanta a few times but family always got in the way. FFGs lack of communication let the game die for me. Instead, they pushed Legion super hard and that was the final nail. Armada died. We still do have some stragglers picking the game up, but the stores stopped carrying Armada and it looks like FFG stopped reprinting stuff. I'd love to start playing again but I don't know what else to try. Teaching people isn't really enjoyable either because it takes a long time for them to develop their skills before they can beat me. I dunno. I'm just bored with the game.
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