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  1. Undeadguy

    OP Play Kits For 2018 / 2019

    What about Legion kits?
  2. Undeadguy

    Hello Boys! I'm Back!!!

    You arrived just in tome for FFG to announce the game is dead at Gen Con.
  3. Undeadguy

    Grand Admiral Thrawn synergies

    I forgot to mention Thrawn on Chimaera. If you want complete flexibility, that's the combo to take. Comms Net fuels Chimaera, and Thrawn lets you double down on a fleet command or potentially grant 3 "commands" to your entire fleet. And since you can token either command, there is no reason Chimaera can't trigger a fleet command every round. If you thought Repair+token was hard, try facing STM, Thrawn Repair+token, and a Nav. There's no way you can kill that ship if it's on the edge of the battle. Or try CF+Squad+Nav token+IF. Lot of damage and you get to change speeds, which is crucial on carriers. In regards to Thrawn+Vics, I think the problem is the cost and poor nav chart. In general, fleet synergy should build on the strengths of it's components, not try to fix a weakness. Thrawn tends to fix the Vics nav chart, where as JJ does the same but better and cheaper. If you decide on a Vic carrier fleet, I'm not sure what commands you'd be running other than Nav and Squad. It's hard to fit 2 Vics plus 134 points of squads into a list and have some support. For this reason, I think Glads are a better option as a carrier because Thrawn allows them to double up as a carrier and he is not covering a weakness in the ship.
  4. I've never used Vet gunners, and I'm certainly not brave enough to try haha I don't want to whiff twice.
  5. Undeadguy

    Grand Admiral Thrawn synergies

    Demo carrier is deadly. CF/Squad command + squad token is 4 more black dice. TRC Arqs with CF/Nav supported by IF Chimeara means you throw at 3 damage minimum and can still cruise at 3. EHB Raiders with CF/Squad can quickly tear apart squad balls. Tua ECM Vics or Grint Vics with Nav/Repair are incredibly hard to kill. STM Thrawn Repair + repair token is equivalent to 8 repair points if you have 4, or 10 on an interdictor. Dual Interdictor Repair/squad with Lambda is the Imp version of fish farm combined with nose punch. The key to making Thrawn work is using being in a position where you WANT 2 commands, but you don't need them. With Thrawn, your ship commands can now react to the board state, instead of using Thrawns commands to react, because Thrawn should be throwing the commands your ships would normally be doing. If you run a squad fleet, Thrawn should have 2 or 3 squad commands. That way you can use all of your squads in a single round whenever you want, but also have your ships do something separately, such as nav or repair. If you play with no squads, I like to do Nav/CF/Repair, since that tends to be the command on most of my ships anyway for rounds 2/3/4 or 3/4/5 depending on when we engage. This means my low command ships can be getting tokens or nav/repair on the rounds Thrawn doesn't throw those. Thrawn is a bit tricky to use with a 3 command ship because you are pulled into a false sense of flexibility for those 3 rounds, so it's easy to put the wrong command after you are done with Thrawn.
  6. IF requires Chimaera, and if you are already spending 90+ points, taking another 114 for dice fixing is not effective. DTT is fine, but how many times do you run DTT on large ships? It's almost always XI7 unless you have another way to mitigate defense tokens. Currently, every large ship (minus Cymoon) has access to a form of rerolling, except for the Venator ideas in this thread, which is why I suggest it have an ion slot. Vet gunners only saves you from a bad roll and doesn't increase your average damage, making it ineffective. With LS, a 4 red dice broad side can be stabilized with QBT, or you grab XI7 and move into medium range. That alone allows for different fleet builds. Honestly, having a 6 dice (4 red/2 blue) side arc ship and a 6 die (2/2/2) side arc would work well with Imp fleets now.
  7. The Venator is probably the most wanted ship right now, aside from the SSD. Letting it only work effectively under Vader would be a mistake. Plus, the nav charts people are making are terrible. You'll have to run JJ just to get in position. At the very least, the ship needs an ion slot for LS. Or we need a new upgrade that allows for dice fixing, but I feel like that is saturated. Yea well, that's called balance. Just because the Venator held 200sum squadrons does not mean it has to translate directly into the game. I don't think you've considered how game breaking a squad command of 7/8/9 would be. Run 2 Jumpmasters and 8 Tie/B with Rhymer, giving you an effective range longer than the ruler for an alpha strike of 9 black dice with rerolls from BCC. Follow it with the Venators attack and very little will be able to survive that. If you start with 4, you grab EHB and a token to push 6 squads. With only 1 offensive retrofit and a broadside template, the ship does not displace the ISD I's role of being a front arc super carrier.
  8. A lot of these ships have no dice fixing so I doubt any of them would remain competitive against a Vic or ISD. A long rand side arc flagship to pair with Arqs is cool, until you realize Arqs can't fix dice either without IF and DTT or TRC. Rebels get around this by throwing more dice and adding Defiance+LS. I'd prefer the Venator to be a side arc ship that gets more effective the closer it gets. So 2 of each color on the sides, and 1 red, 1 blue, 2 black in the front. It boasts 10 dice on a double arc, which is consistent with all the other large ships, but not better than an ISD. Squad command can remain 3/4 and it won't displace Vics or ISDs because Imps don't get to play with side arcs very much. Upgrade suite would be the same as the MC75 armored cruiser. That ship hasn't really taken off in any OP builds, so I think the Venator could make it work as well. Perhaps the variant can run a fleet command slot to pay homage to the CW.
  9. Undeadguy

    If there's no Gencon update...

    I can back this as well. GenCon had no official wave for Armada. Just a quick slide, and then onto Legion.
  10. Undeadguy

    VASSAL: Armada Draft 2.0 (Now Playing)

    For the side board, do I just write which upgrades I am putting there or do I specify what ship and upgrade they are attached/swapping with? Will I see my opponents fleet and side board before I can use the side board?
  11. Undeadguy

    VASSAL: Armada Draft 2.0 (Now Playing)

    So do the 2 5 man pods get a bye or will the 2 peeps without a game play each other in some weird cross over pod game.
  12. Undeadguy

    Next season tournament kit spoiled?

    Yea back when it was "relevant". We have had 5 waves since Home One was released. Why not a title that people actually use more often from a more recent ship?
  13. Undeadguy

    Next season tournament kit spoiled?

    Why a H1 card? Defiance is a better option... Or how about a different ship like BH or Avenger.
  14. Undeadguy

    AT-RT Tactics

    I like to push forward with a rotary and Z6 trailing. It throws a lot of dice which makes it effective against everything. In theory, a rotary or flamer would pair better with fleet troopers, but I find the lack of long range weapons to hamstring the army. Laser cannons pair better with fleet troopers, but you can't advance with that composition.