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  1. Great work man, this is just what I needed. Only issue I've had so far is being unable to select a colour as there are no red/blue circles. Not sure if this is just an issue my end tho.
  2. yeah, Yeah, yet another whinging muppet...if he/she doesn't like it they should go and cry into a pillow. Nearly every time I check back on these forums there is one of theses mung beans slapping their keyboard with their furious sweaty palms. "I am dissatisfied with something and really feel the need to tell other people......everyone, listen to me complain about this thing that I couldn't do any better even if I dedicated my life to it" Snore.
  3. very nice man, might be the only way I can play
  4. I mean, should we even be having this discussion outside of the FFG brainstorm when they first took the reigns. From that point onward, us members of the public have two options if we don't like it. Find the door and let ourselves out or find a way to deal with it on a personal level and stick around. Unfortunately there seem to be a number of people who make up a third option: to stick around and moan about it to everyone who has no issue with it. There is nothing insightful coming from this.
  5. ouch, no need to be so catty (pinchy, stingy)
  6. Shugenja Party PS 0 Water Reaction: If you have 4 or more shugenjas when this province is revealed, you start a party. Action: Pay 1 fate and 3 honor to spike the punch at this party. All defending shugenjas party hard and can't be bowed for the remainder of this turn. At the beginning of the next turn bow all shugenjas that took part in last nights shenanigans.
  7. Source of Power PS 0 Void Each defending shugenja character increases this province's strength by 4.
  8. The game is what it is. Is there really an avid audience for this read?
  9. Works for me, but may not work if behind a proxy.
  10. http://mahois.fun Lets go people!! Edit: The site is in beta so don't forget to report any issues on the github page (url in blue box at top of site)
  11. Hey, I am also from Southampton. Do you have anywhere you'll be playing regularly? . Also, great video @ArkhamChronicle
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