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  1. Uh, what? Snap Shot is a Secondary Weapon. The "This attack" refers to Snap Shot itself. You cannot substitute another Secondary Weapon for Snap Shot when using Snap Shot..
  2. Sounds about right to me.
  3. I should clarify: ITT people who don't understand the PURPOSE of a representative republic.
  4. ITT people who don't understand what a representative republic is.
  5. Can you add something like Gunnery Team/Ordnance Experts where 1 blank gets changed to a Hit? It also might be time to re-organize the checkboxes by alphabetical order, as there are a lot now. Thanks! Love the website. Edit: I guess "Concussion Missiles" more or less does what I am looking for. I agree with the poster below that effects should probably be grouped or ordered now, as there are just so many (and many cards effectively give the same dice modification result).
  6. Yea, a ship playing completely outside the constraints of the written rules would be dangerous indeed....
  7. You cannot "queue" up actions.
  8. No, you cannot perform actions while stressed (even free actions). If you are somehow able to shed that stress, and are presented with an opportunity to perform an action (for example, from Airen Cracken's pilot ability after he attacks), THEN you may perform an action.
  9. Edit: Note to self, don't try to answer rules questions at 3 in the morning.
  10. Based on the attack chart in the FAQ, I would say yes. 'After attack' abilities that do NOT perform another attack occur before 'after attack' abilities that DO perform another attack.
  11. Scyk. Needs green turns.
  12. Can you add Calculation for purposes of rolling for crits?
  13. This is X-Wing related?
  14. So you make a new thread about Gunboats then? Logical.