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  1. Conversion kit FO dials were that dark olive. New printed FO dials are red.
  2. Jake Farrell grants a Focus action to the CR90, which possesses an upgrade card that gives a Coordinate linked action to Focus. No argument there that this works. I fail to see how this interaction working still allows you to link a separate linked action off of another linked action. Focus (link) Coordinate and Coordinate (link) Calculate are still two separate linked actions.
  3. Obviously Coordinate is still an action, but it is still performed because it is linked to Focus, which is the action you took that lead to the linked action. That is not under any argument or dispute from me. Again, for the third time, I am arguing that you performed a Coordinate that was LINKED to Focus. That is an action/linked action that is explicitly listed on a card. Similarly, there is a linked action that is composed of Calculate linked to Coordinate. However, you did not perform a Coordinate (link) Calculate, you performed a Focus (link) Coordinate. So again, show me anywhere on a card where the Focus (link) Coordinate (link) Calculate action exists.
  4. Again, Coordinate is linked with Calculate and Focus is linked with Coordinate. Show me ANYWHERE on a card where the Focus (link) Coordinate (link) Calculate action exists. You can't, because it doesn't exist. Coordinate is performed as a linked action FROM Focus. Focus is THE action, Coordinate is just performed because of it. That ends the one action. You can then perform a second action that hasn't already been performed this turn and any action linked to it that also hasn't been performed this turn. Linked Actions are explicitly defined. I don't need to add a restriction, because what a linked action constitutes is clear as day.
  5. • During the Perform Action step of a ship’s activation, the ship may perform an action. • Some ship and upgrade cards have a linked action bar which allows the ship to perform linked actions. -Rules Reference, Page 3, Actions LINKED ACTION Linked actions allow a ship to perform an action after performing another action. Linked actions can appear on a ship or upgrade card in the linked action bar just to the right of the action bar. After the ship performs the action from its action bar, it can perform the attached action listed on the linked action bar. -Rules Reference, Page 13, Linked Action My argument is not that Calculate can't be linked from Coordinate (it can, from Comms Team). My argument is Coordinate was the result of linked action from Focus, and Focus does not share a link (granted by any card or game effect) with Calculate. Focus was chosen as the action, and because of the title Focus is linked to Coordinate. Had Coordinate been chosen as the action, then Calculate could be performed after it because it shares a link to Coordinate (Comms Team). But Coordinate wasn't chosen as the action, Focus was. Thus, Focus links to Coordinate. Calculate can still be taken as a separate action afterwards (the second action allowed to Huge Ships during activation), but not as a linked action with Focus because A) no link exists and B) you can't perform Coordinate a second time in the turn because it was performed as a linked action with Focus. Thus, you cannot go Focus to Coordinate to Coordinate to Calculate, nor Focus to Coordinate to Calculate (which doesn't exist as a linked action path).
  6. To your first point, that text (to me at least) just means you can perform linked actions granted by upgrade cards. Nothing else. To your second point, the game normally only allows only one action or one linked action. The fact that huge ships are allowed two actions thereby means that you are allowed two linked actions. The upgrade cards quoted in this thread only grant Focus link Coordinate and Coordinate link Calculate. Thusly, you would perform Focus and link it to Coordinate (one action) and could then perform Calculate normally (action from the bar, taking up the 2nd action granted by a huge ship) but not as a continuation of the first linked action, because the first linked action was Focus link Coordinate (which has no Calculate in it, since double-linked actions don't exist). Therefore, I disagree that performing a double-linked action is legal.
  7. You are chosing the Focus action which is linked to Coordinate (granted by the title). The title doesn't grant Focus linked to Coordinate linked to Calculate. It only grants Focus linked to Coordinate. As of yet there aren't any actions that are double-linked in the game, only single linked. Additionally, you can only perform a specific action once per turn, so you cannot do Focus link Coordinate, and then Coordinate link Calculate anyways.
  8. I read it as FOs *or* SFs, not FOs *and* SFs.
  9. It...it isn't there. Great find! New bomb meta confirmed!
  10. I used to love Wired, but even that might be considered too action economical in 2.0.
  11. Attack ranges are the closet point of each ship, in arc. Thus, Turbolaser (in the front arc) is at range 1 while Point Defense (side arc) is in range 2.
  12. You don't. The app is deprecated and is supposedly being replaced. Use YASB or LBN in the meantime.
  13. I find it silly that Wingmen can't reload or rotate, but yes they are limited to only those listed actions, and they have to be on their action bar.
  14. FFG's squad builder is no longer supported (there is supposedly a new app in the works), so use YASB or LBN.
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