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  1. It might be the end of the line for IA. But looking a Descent, I'm not giving up all hope on the campaign side of things. for Descent, the last two expansions came out fairly quickly, two years after the previous one (though it has been three years now since they came out which is not so good). They have also had more App campaigns and paper campaigns (without new maps and minis). This year they got some new class decks (sort of like the imperial decks in IA, but for heroes), so they are still getting content. Hopefully the app will drive sales enough that FFG does the same sorts of things with IA.
  2. That would be interesting. The other thing they might do is pair similar expansions, so Twin Shadows and Jabba's Realm for another desert campaign or Bespin Gambit and Heart of the Empire for a city based campaign.
  3. While an Endor box would be nice to get at some point, I notice that Descent got a campaign book which used the core and an expansion. I would be interested in that if they did it using the core and one or more of the expansions. It could go along side some blisters that tie into it. Say a Bespin or Twin Suns campaign with some tie in imperial, scum and rebel figures. The campaign could have tokens and cards for the blisters. We have lots of good tiles already and it would be good to get a bit more use out of them, especially these that have not been used by the app yet.
  4. The recent app campaign they released for Decent requires the core and two expansions, so they could do the same with Imperial Assault.
  5. Very odd nothing has been put up yet. They should at least have something up to say that it has been released. I'm sure that not everyone interested in the game follows the twitter account or facebook page.
  6. Great, I look forward to playing it.
  7. OK, I hadn't thought of that. I haven't ever had Weiss spawn either now that I think of it. If that is the case, they could possibly get around it by increasing the cost of the Emperor and Jabba for the app. They do seem to have some restrictions on what groups deploy in certain situations. I've only had imperials spawn on Yavin (not counting the villain), and when you get to the room where the crew are being held in Ord Mantel scum always spawn, followed by imperials in the corridor. So it seems the app can differentiate between imperial groups and scum groups based on that.
  8. Sorry I wasn't very clear there. I was thinking along the lines of which expansion would be the best value for Some one who only has the core set or that plus Jabba's Realm. As you have said the cards get used in the existing campaigns the same as the heroes, so they more important has more importance for someone that is only interested in the app. I haden't thought of that, but it would be very cool. I think the new Decent app campaign uses a big and small expansion like that. So its certainly possible that they might do it. I agree that it is one of the best tiles. I think a Twin Shadows campaign would feel pretty similar to the Jabba's Realm one though, and I would like to see something a bit different.
  9. Descent has a new app campaign coming out. The last box for it came out over two years ago. While I'd obviously prefer to see another IA app campaign, it is encouraging to see FFG is still supporting it.
  10. Just to clarify, I would not avoid playing the app because of it by any means. The app is absolutely worth playing. Its great when everything goes well and even when it gets unthematic, you have the tactical side still working. I'd much rather have it this way than have the deployments really thematic with a whole lot of bugs or exploits. It does not happen all the time, but it is very frustrating when it does. I've played through the app campaigns nine and a bit times now and I would have only seen deployments like the one in the photo around 4 times (so that's over 49 missions). I'd say I had four or five campaigns where there really hasn't been a major problem (say the odd wampa showing up in the desert, but not an extended run of strange deployments). So from my experience runs of what in my opinion are odd/unthematic deployments happens about half the time. In the last mission of Flight of the Freedom Fighter having the Emperor show up makes a degree of sense. But I had a campaign where he showed up at every non-scripted villain spawn. FFG seem to have restrictions on what spawns most of the time and Vader only shows up when he is scripted to, so it should be something that they could adjust. For me at least it seems that the app tends to over spawn some groups within a campaign, but resets in a new one, so it will focus on a new group. In the Jabba's Realm campaign Lothcats spawned at least in every mission. In Flight of the Freedom Fighter getting Ugnaughts every mission. In an earlier Flight of the Freedom Fighter campaign there were Jet Troopers all over the place (which didn't bother me, but I noticed it was happening). Now I can't argue with Ugnaughts being in the Ord Mantel missions, but having them at Yavin IV or an imperial base just doesn't make sense.
  11. Should it be core only or require one of the expansions? I have all the expansions, so I will be happy no matter what they choose to do,but am curious about what everyone else thinks. I thought Jabba's Realm was a good choice for the last campaign, it has a lot of good stuff in it and would be the first expansion I would recommend anyone to get. On the other hand, it might be better for FFG to release a second campaign based on the core box. That might convince people who have been considering buying the game primarily for the app to buy it, which is good for everyone. If they were going to tie it to an expansion though I'd like to see it them use Heart of the Empire. While I would love a Hoth or Bespin campaign, I think after Jabba's Realm that Heart of the Empire is the best value as it has three good heroes, a great villain, some really good imperial groups, plus equipment and crate cards that are as good or better than either of the other two. Twin Shadows is too much like Jabba's Realm (and the weakest expansion in my opinion), and while Tyrants of Lothal is great, I think that the settings in the three I mentioned have significantly different locations, while the Lothal tiles are very close to the desert tiles which were all over Jabba's Realm. With Hoth, Verna is great, but needs a lot of gear, MDH1-19 is a good support and Loku works for me as a hybrid sniper/support hero. The imperial and scum groups are not as good as Heart of the Empire's, but the equipment and crate cards are around the same level (MDH-19 gaining and givein artificial stimulants to a strain heavy hero is quite good). Sorin and Dengar are not draws in my opinion (I know there are people who do love Dengar, but I'm not one of them and have gotten along just fine without him. IG-88 or Bossk proxy for him on the board when he pops up.) I have mostly used Sorin as a proxy for named imperial officers. It also has Wampas, which I hate seeing spawn outside of snow tiles or missions where it would make some tort of thematic sense. I think he is much better in the app than the paper campaigns if I recall correctly. It would be the third expansion that I'd recommend people buy. Bespin Gambit is the expansion that I am most tempted to leave out of my collection in the App at the moment. Murne is a good support, but Davith is one of the weaker heroes. Wing Guards are specifically Bespins security forces and I don't think that Ugnaughts should be in the game and they are not really very interesting (unlike say the Nexu, who I potentially would detest since are from what I consider the worst movie, but are different to other imperial groups and can be very useful for the imperial player). The equipment and crate cards are respectable though. Agent Blase the other villain that I have not bothered to get. Ironically he and Dengar have spawned for me the most along, with the Emperor in the app. I suppose the other thing FFG might do would be tie it to the expansion that has sold the best. I would guess that Jabba's Realm would have been the best sellerout of the expansions, but I have no idea which one would be next.
  12. A fair point with the K2SO droids. Not much point in adding them if they don't play differently to the what is already there. Scout Troopers could be a 3 strength sniping unit, say blue blue +1 accuracy, similar to the Alliance Rangers. HK Assassin Droids sort of have a similar role, but are too expensive for what they bring to the table.
  13. I kind of thought that Sabine was going to help Ahsoka open one of those Jedi temple gates, now the Emperor was dead and yank him out of the Star Destroyer just before it jumped...
  14. 1. More selective spawning of enemies. 2. More selective spawning of enemies. 3. Major villains (Emperor, Vader & Jabba) only show up when they are scripted to for a mission. 4. More selective spawning of enemies. ... 11. In addition to the text encounters that grant allies, add the option to go on a side side mission to gain them. They grant no xp, the only credits you get are those you find in the mission. Though the armory might refresh, so you might be able to sell some of your gear and upgrade one or two items. 12. Undo button. I really like the app, but in the last two missions of my last Jabba's Realm campaign I had 5 eLoth Cat deployments and 4 eUgnaught Tinkerers. Jabba's sail barge spawned eNexu, eLoth Cats, eWampa, eGamorians. Then I just was greeted with this in Flight of the Freedom Fighter as I broke into General Weiss' base. It really takes a lot of the enjoyment out of what is a really great app. Restricting creatures from imperial base/ship tiles unless scripted (and debatably scum units as well) and treating the Emperor and Jabba the way the app treats Vader would go a long way to mitigating the problem.
  15. I can't think of that many non unique imperials they have not already put in that would make a great deal of sense including at this point. There are scout troopers, maybe imperial technicians of some sort? Some imperial K-2SO droids for a Rogue One expansion maybe? But there are planty of uniques though for blister pack waves. But at this point I have a lot of tiles, tokens and miniatures to store and I'm not in a hurry to add to them. I'm mainly hoping for some more app campaigns. One that made use of the Return to Hoth, Heart of the Empire or Bespin Gambit tiles would be great, though I'd be happy with another one just using the core tiles. Or some new campaign booklets that use the just the core or one of the expansions tiles. Another Hoth campaign would be great, as you are sort of locked into the Boon and Bane side missions, so replay value is not as good as the other long campaigns. The campaigns have gotten more creative since Hoth as well.
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