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  1. Do you mean printing new content or reprints? In the transcript of of the Q&A they put up in September (I have linked it below), the question he was asked was specifically about physical expansions, not reprints. I agree that is not likely, but it isn't confirmed by that answer. I really wish that more than one question had been asked. If it has been announced somewhere I've missed knowing for sure would be much better than lingering uncertainty. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/9/6/scry-the-future/
  2. They do have some campaigns for Descent that they sell rather than being free, so they may do that. I'd be happy to pay for future app campaigns if they did go in that direction. Reading through the recap of Andrew Navaro's live stream, I'm not confident about more campaigns for the app however. The question about Imperial Assault does not make mention of app content unlike the ones for Descent. More app campaigns were not ruled out, but when he says Imperial Assault is a completed product line that could easily be including content for the app. Journeys in Middle Earth is probably exciting them at the moment, which is what Imperial Assault is competing with app wise.
  3. I like both those ideas. I don't know that permi death would work for us though, we have one player who has to play Dalia. Great idea as well, but again Dalia. We had just been intending to reset the xp when we started the new campaign, it something that we hadn't really thought much about. I think that we would have an upper limit of xp equalling the most that can be obtained in the new campaign, if we did decide to make it roll over from one campaign to the next. The imperial player would be able to choose a new class deck in each campaign in the same way that a rebel player could pick a won hero. Part of the fun for us in the campaign is choosing the buying order for the heroes and the class deck. With a lot of the heroes like Fenn, Gideon, Shyla, MHD-19, Verna and Loku off the top of my head. Saving up for one or more of the 3/4xp cards is part of the fun. Weighing up if getting through those missions where you are at a disadvantage to earn a powerful card and which card in some cases is something that it is fun to debate. Best of seven. That is a really cool idea. I think we will go with that order. We were thinking that won villians cards would be removed, but the imperial player would still be able to pick that adgenda on another campaign if they wished. We would be limiting the number that the imperial player could hold at one time. That looks like a good system if we do carryover some or all of the xp from a previous campaign. That's an interesting idea, we might adopt it. Thanks everyone for the ideas and advice.
  4. Sorry, you're right about that. I went back over all the ally and villain expansions tied to a campaign (excluding Dengar and Blase which I don't have) and he is the only one that works without the expansion he was launched along side of. I remember a lot of people were very unhappy that he wasn't in the box at the time, and I had thought it was due to their need to buy him and the expansion to include him in other campaigns. Evidently I was wrong.
  5. We finished all seven classic campaigns a while ago and have decided to start again. We are thinking of playing through all seven classic campaigns and linking them together in some way. We are trying to hammer together a set of rules that we will use across the campaigns and I would like some opinions if any of them would unbalance or break the campaigns. After the first win for either side have full exp for both sides at the end of a mission to prevent snowballing. Only play a side mission once (generous donations only comes up once). Allies and Villains are available once their mission is won. For example, if Han is won in the core campaign, he is available to choose for each subsequent campaign. Use the Tyrants of Lothal ally cost system Half the threat up front and two threat each turn for the remainder of their cost, unless they are eliminated. So Lando costing 6 would add 3 threat at the start then 2 more threat for the next 3 turns. Employ the opposite system for the Villains that have been earned: The Imperial player pays half their cost at the start, then gets 2 threat less a turn unless they are eliminated. We are thinking that Vader and General Weiss would have to have threat equal to the number of rounds in a mission taken off their initial deployment cost, as otherwise they would be discounted in most missions. Using half the item deck when buying new items in all campaigns instead of 6 for the early ones. Rebels can keep one reward card per player across campaigns, while the Imperial player can the same number of cards as the number of heroes. So, a Hero could keep their personal reward or a generic one but not both. The only thing I’m concerned about here is if one side wins a few rewards before the other then it might contribute to snowballing. After a reward mission has been completed, in the next campaign one of other hero reward mission cards is substituted into the deck. The reward for these missions is that you can add their skirmish version as an ally. A hero mission can also be substituted for an ally mission. A hero earned as an ally can be used in subsequent campaigns. The aim of this is to let us play some of the other hero missions and give us the option to change heroes every so often if we get bored with playing the same group. One accessory a hero has in the previous campaign can be kept that costs up to 300 credits. I’m dubious about this, as it hands a advantage to the rebels, while the imperial player gets nothing. Some 300 credit items are also quite powerful (bacta pump for example). Full price for items sold. Again, it favours the rebels. It would result in seeing some items that never get bought actually being used. I’m am a bit worried that it would result in the rebels having lot more tier 3 weapons late in the game. An alternative might be making the weapons half price and other items full price sales. That is what we are considering so far. Any ideas we could add would be welcome.
  6. As others have said, it depends on how you intend to play the game. You should get the core box first and see if you like the game before getting anything else like A1bert has already said. You preferences in Star Wars content will come into it too, if you are just interested in stuff from the classic movies then Tyrents of Lothal or Heart of the Empire might not be the best choices for example. For the campaigns that come with the boxes I'd recommend following this order: Jabba's Realm, Heart of the Empire, Tyrants of Lothal, Hoth, Bespin Gambit and Twin Shadows. In my opinion Jabba's Realm is the best campaign. Heart of the Empire is very good too (it is also a bit shorter than the other bix box campaigns being 8 missions as opposed to 11). Tyrants of Lothal is quite flexible as it can be a 4 or 7 mission campaign depending on if you get the two villian and one of the associated blister packs, as these come with a mission each. The missions are If you are a big fan of the Rebles cartoon, you might even want to get ToL second, as this campaign is closely tied to it. Hoth isn't bad, but its structure sort of means that you have to play through the same side missions each time or the rebels will be at a bit of a disadvantage hurting its replay value. Dengar and General Sorin are also not the most interesting villains mechanics wise or thematically in my opinion. Bespin Gambit is a good short campaign in an iconic setting, but the wing guards and ugnaughts don't really fit into other campaigns very well. Twin Shadows has a lot of overlap with Jabba's Realm. It is required to acquire Boba Fett, R2D2 and C3P0 (unless you substitute them as a reward for another loyalty mission, e.g. win IG-88 mission and get Fett instead if you just want him but not the box). With the blister packs in relation to the campaign, the ones tied to the core and Twin Shadows sets (Han, Chewbacca, The Royal Guard Champion, General Weiss, Kyrn Somos, Boba Fett and IG-88) are over priced compared with ones associated with later boxes. For the ones that are associated with a box is you get a token and their card, so you don't have to buy them separately unless you want the mini and their loyalty mission, which lets you use them as an ally after you win it. The core box has Han, Chewbacca, IG-88, General Weiss (I really would not buy him as I think there is one mission in the whole game where you have him and another AT-ST) and the Royal Guard Champion. Twin Shadows has R2D2, C3P0, Boba Fett and Kyrn Somos (a named Storm Trooper) associated with it. Hoth has Leia, Dengar and General Sorin (who I use mainly as a named imperial officer which crop up in missions from time to time). Bespin has Lando, Bossk and Agent Blaise. Jabba's Realm has Luke as a Jedi (you can just use the Luke that comes with the core box unless you really want the mini) Captain Terro and Jabba. Heart of the Empire has Ahsoka Tano, the Emperor and Darth Maul. Tyrents of Lothal has Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, Sabine, Hondo (all from the Rebels cartoon) and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Keep in mind that you can only take one ally (or squad of troops) with you in a mission, so if you have a lot of them, you might not get to use many of them much outside the missions they are in for their respective campaign. For the App Jabba's Realm, then Hoth make sense at this point. The raids have maps you can buy separately so you don't need the other expansions for the tiles. I haven't played much skirmish, so I can't really help there.
  7. I hadn't thought about that. I just had a look on steam, Descent has two campaigns for the app that cost $7.50. I would be quite happy to pay that for new app campaigns.
  8. I can't say that anything in that article makes me feel optimistic. The best we can hope for, as far as I can see is that enough gets sold to justify a reprint. That could make more app campaigns worthwhile for FFG. There is no reason for them to keep producing app content if it is not selling well.
  9. I had been hoping that we would at least see some campaigns released for the existing boxes, like they did for Descent. Another campaign released by itself would not be as expensive to produce as a full box. But it sounds as though we wont be getting any. For me, Heart of the Empire and Tyrants of Lothal they got the campaigns format right. HotE was 8 missions long instead of the previous 11 for big box campaigns Which from a practical stand point was easier to complete. ToL's 4 to 7 missions basically gave you a short and long campaign in the one box. Its a shame that we wont be getting any more. Hopefully we will be getting some more campaigns for the app at least, though app campigns are quite different to the paper ones.
  10. It might be the end of the line for IA. But looking a Descent, I'm not giving up all hope on the campaign side of things. for Descent, the last two expansions came out fairly quickly, two years after the previous one (though it has been three years now since they came out which is not so good). They have also had more App campaigns and paper campaigns (without new maps and minis). This year they got some new class decks (sort of like the imperial decks in IA, but for heroes), so they are still getting content. Hopefully the app will drive sales enough that FFG does the same sorts of things with IA.
  11. That would be interesting. The other thing they might do is pair similar expansions, so Twin Shadows and Jabba's Realm for another desert campaign or Bespin Gambit and Heart of the Empire for a city based campaign.
  12. While an Endor box would be nice to get at some point, I notice that Descent got a campaign book which used the core and an expansion. I would be interested in that if they did it using the core and one or more of the expansions. It could go along side some blisters that tie into it. Say a Bespin or Twin Suns campaign with some tie in imperial, scum and rebel figures. The campaign could have tokens and cards for the blisters. We have lots of good tiles already and it would be good to get a bit more use out of them, especially these that have not been used by the app yet.
  13. The recent app campaign they released for Decent requires the core and two expansions, so they could do the same with Imperial Assault.
  14. Very odd nothing has been put up yet. They should at least have something up to say that it has been released. I'm sure that not everyone interested in the game follows the twitter account or facebook page.
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