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  1. theres a good chance that Wedges 'presence' is just Denis Lawson standing in the background without saying a word then he's suddenly killed. for no apparent reason.
  2. I do the same, but bizarrely, i make better choices with saesee in the squad so i dont need to use his abilitiy. knowing hes there to change the dial im more relaxed and make better choices.
  3. Actually change that; Crew: 1 force point, 1 recuring. When a friendly ship at range 0-3 attacks they may cancel any number of hits or crits. if they do, they may recover the same number of force tokens.
  4. Crew: 3 force points, 1 recuring. At the start of the activation phase you may spend 3 force, if you do all friendly ships in range 1 - 3 recover all force tokens. 6 points (?) edit: woops, meat to be range 1-3
  5. Ive flown Saesee quite a bit and, personally, i love him. however i really dont think hed work with a swarm. hes only got 2 force tokens so thats only 2 dials you can change in any one turn. for me hes worked best as a wingman to an ace like obi-wan or anakin. even better if the wingman has Sense equiped. if youre playing Saesee, put an R4 droid on him (and his wingmate(s) if you can) to really open up their dials.
  6. 1) the core set gives you 2 ties, definetly get the tie advanced for vader then the choice is yours, get a few more ties (a bit pricier) for a swarm or wait for the tie interecptor, defender or inquisitors tie to come out. any one of those will complement vader and 2 ties to give you a few decent options for lists. is it competitve? thats another debate, and a lot of it will be down to skill and practice. 2) get a second x-wing (primarily for wedge) then maybe a falcon as well, 2 x-wings and a falcon should provide a few decent enough list options though. you could wait for saw's renegades to come out and that gives you another x-wing (but no wedge) and a u-wing instead of the falcon. 3) thats a very very open question. and the only sensible answer is: What you think you'll enjoy the most. after a few games though you'll start to understand what you enjoy flying and what you dont. maybe you'll fall in love with swarms, maybe aces, who knows. what i would advise against doing is buying expansions just for one card (not so much of an issue in 2.0 though) or bulk buying a ton of ships (at least initially) when theres a good chance you'll never put them on the table, later on, if you do decide to invest some more money into x-wing, those bulk buys on e-bay can be a great deal. as i said, id hold off for now and just get yourself a few ship expansions until you know what youll enjoy playing.
  7. i got this down for a few games at the weekend: Delta-7 Aethersprite - •Obi-Wan Kenobi - 58 •Obi-Wan Kenobi - Guardian of the Republic (47) R4 Astromech (2) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) Sense (5) Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter - •Ric Olié - 50 •Ric Olié - Bravo Leader (42) Daredevil (3) •R2-C4 (5) V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper - 25 Gold Squadron Trooper - (25) V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper - 25 Gold Squadron Trooper - (25) ARC-170 Starfighter - 104th Battalion Pilot - 42 104th Battalion Pilot - (42) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder lots of fun and it definetly has teeth.
  8. wow. i really like these, great work!
  9. id have to agree with this 100%
  10. whats the footprint of an individual module? if we cant get a unit that has the same footprint as a large base ship then it would fit in perfectly in most storage solutions.
  11. Id agree with this statement, however, i think if we ever see a light side force regen ability so that you can spend /recover more than 1 force token per turn this will be a different story.
  12. I'd avoid mechanics that are already associated to other cards and stick to something more "Republic'y" - which is the Force. Jedi are lacking a version of hate so maybe yoda could be used to address that. Yoda crew Republic / Rebel only +1 Force At the start of the engagement phase you may spend up to 1 Force token. if you do all friendly ships at range 1 can recover 1 Force token.
  13. This. each pilot has a limited number of force tokens and there's usually competition for those tokens between force upgrade, pilot ability, FTC (on jedi) and dice mods. plus, youre only getting back 1 of those tokens each turn (hate and mace being the exceptions.) combinations like sense and Saesee are great, but to make the most of it, youre probably using at least both of Saesee's tokens and that's more than likely going to get Saesee killed. we definitely need a light side version of hate, but its going to be hard to balance it out when the Jedi pilots are pretty decent as is.
  14. They also tie in well with Saesee Tiins ability, with that droid, any Jedi ship can dial in any speed 2 manoeuvre and if needed, change it to any other speed 2 manoeuvre.
  15. yes, definitely! i got a guardians pack, an arc and a delta and only one decent stand between them. 2 ships are pointing in the wrong direction, one is so loose i threw away one of the pegs and another ship can point in any direction i like. as others have said, i can use another base but that's not really the point!
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