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  1. What, you mean like her? http://rustyandco.com/comic/22/ When your ascended Dark Heresy group joins the campaign since they find Rak'gol DNA/methedology to be just a tad to similar too the ancient threat of the Jorgull to call it a coincidence.
  2. When you unfold a tactical map that covers a square kilometer using single meter squares and tell your players that you would need three more to properly run the boarding action.
  3. Yeah well I had a new player and couldn't think of a better way to introduce his character (who had been in hiding for the last decade or so) than with a few multi-meltas and a battle cannon.
  4. Sure four ships seems like a decent force, but then you realize that it is actually a third of the dynasty's fleet! Other ships they have are a transport that's providing most of your income with it's food runs to Winterscales Realm Six transports still moving to the rendezvous and, assuming that none of them break apart trying to cross both warp storms to get to it, parts from half of them will need to be used to patch up the other half The pirate vessel they still need to salvage after they melted to bridge And a bulk hauler that is still planetbound after it translated out of the warp and into a planet's atmosphere
  5. Hey, so my current plan for the campaign puts the players in a situation where three sessions from now they Only have four ships with them (a pair of raiders and a pair of sprint traders) One of the ships they do have has blown its warp drive They should be trying to breach the stasis shielded armoury that contains, among other things, enough volkite weaponry to fully equip a newly founded Space Marine Chapter And get informed that a battlecruiser that was last seen four millennia ago is barreling down on their position Is this to much for a group of Rank 2 PCs or is it just one of those times where they need to know when to cut and run?
  6. When in the process of convincing the navy captains that you meant to show up there so that you can register your captured vessel you open a vid-link and say, "How dare you doubt my authenticity. Just look at my hat!" [points to his hat which is the size of a human torso, contains an inbuilt hand flamer, and has a brass plate on the front saying 'Rogu Trada, Da Boss'] When the captain you are talking to says "I am so terribly sorry sir. But if I may, why didn't you start with that?"
  7. My problem is that my group are traders-militant and on their ship of ~10000 men they have at least a company, but probably closer to two, of veteran guardsman equivalent troops along with a platoons worth of combat-medic psykers. At some point I will have to start keeping a spreadsheet to explain how much of what kind of weapon they have and who has it at the time. Now in this ships armoury there should be enough specialist gear to outfit a platoon led by the PCs should they strip it from the rest of the forces, maybe even good enough to make a fireteam of actual stormtroopers. What kind of numbers should we be talking about if they could stretch all armaments to ensure a tenth of the crew has a ranged weapon of some sort?
  8. ...when the players, upon arriving at their outpost on a hollowed out fortress planetoid, hear about a slaughtered squad and "the spiders" and decide to make the sensible choice of collapsing the tunnels in that direction ...when there is no way that you can, as a GM, let the fact that they didn't bother to ask if there was anyone else down those tunnels not end up badly ...when your new player is introduced to the campaign by having a conversation with a guard that includes such phrases as: escaped lab creatures; mutiny; disposal of oversight; pay no attention to the guard that passed out drunk (in a very "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain way") ...when this is the combat oriented one of your linked campaigns
  9. When, not only are they more likely to survive an encounter with the Haemonculi, but the experiment is likely to have positive effects for the experimented upon.
  10. When, after somehow surviving long enough to be promoted to have command of a platoon, the captain requires the PCs to fill out a summary of their activates at the end of each session. When the L.T. is constantly almost dying from such diverse circumstances as, getting his fingers bitten off by the Ork Kommando, getting his leg crushed by an artillery shell, and having the booby trap *** alarm send a spear through his lung. When the PC's platoon is considered to be a prime assignment because, as said by the medic in one of his session reports, "The cogboy said that the shell only became a dud after it hit the L.T.'s leg."
  11. When that is the only weapon that won't hit the torso along with the leg.
  12. When, while running through a stone pyramid, the mute archmilitant panics and shoots a wall. The GM responds by saying, "Give me a minute to find my Black Crusade rulebook."
  13. When that means that, among others, you are working for the Tzeeentch cult that sees the dynasty as the greatest force for change in the sector, the other Tzeeentch cult that just wants to **** with people, the Ordo Chronus Inquisitor that recently married the RT, The Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor who may or may not have been killed by pirates before the first session, and the no less than four Inquisitorial Conclaves that are fighting each other to determine whether or not to perform Exterminatus on the system and who get's credit for it.
  14. When your new player decides to make a double-agent seneschal and you realize that, in your two PCs to a player game, there are more factions that the seneschal can be a double-agent for than there are PCs.
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