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  1. Force Fugitives IC

    "We have never tried to do anything with the security systems. We mostly deal with the hangar controls and guiding the spacecraft in and out." The Imperial wheels the chair he is sitting in away from his terminal and gestures towards it. "You are welcome to try. We really don't want to get killed, but I'm not sure how else we could help."
  2. Force Fugitives IC

    Raker, at the sound of Reesh' s request, approaches the terminal port along the wall next to the large window looking down into the hangar. It spins it's mechanical arm quickly, continuing to do for awhile. The other Imperial speaks this time in response, "Mister sir, I guess we could sound the alarms for the whole Star Destroyer. I'm not sure what else we could do. The bridge will know right away if the hangar is opened so a ship could leave." At Asa's question the man continued, "Most likely the bridge would issue a code red alert. Locking down any area with the alarm and sending in any available troopers to assess the situation."
  3. Force Fugitives OOC

    I've just noticed this for emails as well. Hopefully it's fixed now.
  4. Force Fugitives IC

    The two Imperial exchange looks of dread but still answer the questions. "This is the hangar control room. There are controls here for the blast doors protecting the hangar from outer space and we guide ships in and out of the hangar. We would help you but any unauthorized attempts to open the hangar doors will sound the alarm."
  5. Force Fugitives IC

    The two Imperials raise their hands and place them on thier heads. "We won't do anything, please spare us." Says one of the them nervously. They sit frozen in terror waiting for another instruction or thier demise.
  6. Force Fugitives OOC

    They dont. Asia's assistance will give a single boost die.
  7. Force Fugitives OOC

    Yup. It's 1eC+1eD
  8. Force Fugitives IC

    The code cylinder twists in the terminal port and unlocks the door. It opens quickly and Asa peeks inside. The walls of the room were covered in electric sensors, switches, controls and knobs. A large view port into the hangar below was on the far wall, but from Asa's perspective, it only showed the blast doors and ceiling of the hangar. Two Imperial sat in chairs at stations where they were inputting controls. As the door opened they stopped what they were doing and briefly exchange looks of confusion. One mustered up the courage to mutter out "Ahh, Hello? Guards?"
  9. Force Fugitives OOC

    That's fine yes.
  10. Force Fugitives IC

    The stormtrooper goes limp at the presence of Valem. He falls to the ground unconscious next to to the other trooper taken out by Reesh. The group pauses for a moment to hear of the surprise attack alerted any other nearby. They breathe a sign of relief as all is quiet in the hallway outside the hangar control room. Raker cautiously approached the two stormtroopers on the ground. Processing that they were taken out, the little droid shocks the lifeless body with his little utility arm. It then points to the door, beeping and whistling quietly.
  11. Force Fugitives OOC

    It's worth a try, you're the last to go. Add two boost for assistance from Kungfufeeret
  12. Force Fugitives OOC

    Oh right. Well at least it'll be two boost to next person.
  13. Force Fugitives OOC

    Does your influence stress go through armor? I thought it did. As a minion they can't take strain, it will covert to damage.
  14. Force Fugitives OOC

    Doesn't look like it. Remember everyone, that each of you will go before the single trooper.
  15. Force Fugitives OOC

    Looks like everyone will have a chance to act before the troopers. So post when you can. If your shooting into engaged allies, remember to upgrade to a challenge die. [1.PC] 2.PC 3.PC 4.PC 5.PC 6.NPC