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  1. Can you link archive? Thank you!
  2. Cant wait to pair him with Jake Farrel. Boost or Barrel roll before dial? Yes please. Bonus points for putting Intel Agent on Two Tubes to know how to B/BR.
  3. You have to check the triggers first before anything is done. "3 speed, have Snap boost, check. I want to Flight a barrel roll, measures noone in arc, check. As i have both triggered ill choose Snap Boost then Flight Barrel roll."
  4. Can combine Tie Fighters attacks would be awesome. +1 attack dice for any ship at range 1 who takes weapons disabled. An 8 TIE swarm could roll 10 dice if one is in range 1 of enemy and all others are in range 1 pf tie.
  5. No RadioTCX but Gold Squardron streamimg all days of swiss! https://m.twitch.tv/goldsquadronpodcast
  6. Good luck with that after this thread. Too bad Away, Elis, and myself TRIED to teach you and you sqandered those opportunities.
  7. I dont think tramp is capable of that. We will just end. So you got a response you didnt want to announce to the rest of us because it would not benefit you? This is the last straw. I fully believe you were/are cheating at a SOLO adventure. Which is just laughable. You were/are trying to weasel out of setback dice, conflict, and how your talents work. What a waste of time.
  8. @Tramp Graphics i think we are going to need to go back and continue the chase at speed 3. Also im strictly not going to let you just spam boost dice with every advantage. Its seriously gaming the die system and in my opinion unimaginative and basically cheating. I as GM will be in control final say of ALL advantage, threat, Triumph and Despair. As you werent even taking penalties for threats, youve lost the privilege of handling your own die results. Should we just leave it as you voilating the rules set forth by RAW and the GM? Kind of makes it seem like you got away with cheating if we dont.
  9. Oh just you wait. There's a reinforce coming, its just only works 3 times a round.
  10. "Convenient" Tramp couldnt be convinced otherwise as we were wrong clearly. @Tramp Graphics you either know the rules well enough to GM or you NEED to listen to the GM! You can not say you know all the rules but be consistantly proved wrong. Didnt you send an email in? Didnt get the response you wanted or is Sam not reading RAW?
  11. @Tramp Graphics can you just go along with the game even if you think the GM is wrong? At least continue to post IC while correcting the mistakes of those in charge? Would it be easier for you start as the GM so that you dont have these issues with a GM who doesnt agree with you on your rulings? Edit: ignore underlined part. I feel tramp is NOT qualified to be a GM.
  12. Isnt tramp in one of your games, Rabo? How is that going?
  13. http://swsheets.com/c/yrsxmbuhr-korath-lorren This is the character sheet for one of the PCs. 1875xp with a Superior Mephite lightsaber and fully modded (Non-RAW, Homebrew) Heavy Frieghter. Anything at or below that should work.
  14. Yup. Me and Rabo will do an encounter, establishing our characters then will meet up with korath. Most likely in a space combat! Will need to bounce ideas off of Rabo before i get it finalized. Seedy underworld crimials, high stakes bets, intense political drama, and profit to be made for all. Should be a good encounter, just need to get it personalized for Rabos character in addition to mine.
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