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  1. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars-armada/images/9/98/Clone-wars-wave1.png Doesn't wanna show the pick in-forum, but here's the link to it on the Armada wiki.
  2. It's more that the Empire has less reason to hold their squads so close to their ships. TIEs excel when they can bog down enemy squadrons and don't lose effectiveness when not activated by a ship (aside from the usual attack or move requirement of non-rogues). Essentially, non-AI fighters have the advantage of not losing dice and therefore remaining 100% as effective as far as ATK rolls go even if they're doing so during the squadron phase. Droids? If you overextend them, even by just a little, they'll likely get vaporized without offering much in the way of return fire. Also, Imperial ships tend to be the chonky-bois of the game (aside from the S-Hawk) and don't need as much literal close-fighter-support as the Munificent and Hardcell will. Finally, in my experience, most people who run heavy squadron builds tend to treat their squads as throw-aways, throwing them super far afield right into enemy fire in the same of making downright suicidal bombing runs
  3. Honestly, I think the CIS will be able to avoid that a little easier depending on the strategy you use. For me, I'm going to start with a blockade kind of strategy (let enemy ships/squads come to me and the second they get close enough just maul them with squad-commanded Vultures, Tris, and Hyenas) so that the enemy ships don't have as easy a time picking my squads off.
  4. Ahhh that makes sense! Sure... though personally I'm mostly thinking along the lines of them sitting on the opposite side of a ship and then using that nice big Spd 1-4 to jump right into range of a freshly-activated Acclimator and start busting it in the nose.
  5. Totally brain farting on what RLBs is right now XP
  6. Stop me if you think I'm overthinking here, but I definitely see Hyenas being pretty good bombers in terms of just getting more bang for your buck. I mean, sure, you're running a 62.5% hit chance per die... but I feel like that at least translates to a high chance of singles (while also possessing decent chance for 2dmg and a nice occasional gift of 3-4dmg). Given how long-range focused and slow the CIS ships are, you could conceivably keep them held back rather than seek and destroy like the other bombers in the game are. That means, you can cover them with the ships and your screening fighters more easily. With the move 4, I could easily see them being the counter-punch to GAR ships getting in close for their Black dice throws. Essentially, CIS ships taunt with their reds, and then when enemy ships take the bait and come close, *BOOM* Hyenas from nowhere!
  7. Just got the CIS Squads, so starting with good news there!
  8. ... the GAR squads article came out on Thursday the 19th. I think if they want to, they could put out three in the last 7 days before the release.
  9. There is 0% chance that they release an article each for the GAR's squads and small ships and don't do the same for the CIS. They're coming.
  10. NO! MUST BE LEAK! ARTICLES ARE FOR THE WEAK! Lol, I think most people understand what I meant
  11. Cruzer still wants his Tri-fighter leak...
  12. Dude, that's like saying "well, it could be worse, EA could charge a subscription fee AND do micro-transactions AND charge an initial $70 price tag for games". Don't give them ideas! XD
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