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  1. Definitely thinking on adding her for version 3. Veteran Gunners always feels off to me, just because the only thing you get to keep is the accuracies (which, if you get more, they could end up as misses anyway). Unless you're specifically shooting for critical icons, it always seemed like too much points for not enough effect. One other idea I had was to swap the combat refit for a medium transport and run it with tractor beams as well to snag the small ships trying to slip past. It's a situational, but very unexpected technique that I've used in the past.
  2. All suggestions thus-far have been pretty good. I do get the general consensus on swapping the A for a B (especially considering boarding troops) and, of course, the drive for more reroll power is real as well. One thing I think to ask is perhaps adding in Leia Organa (officer) to the CR90 to give more command options for the AFMKII (and to further add to the fleet's namesake 😄)? She's a fairly cheap option and thus-far the CR90 actually has survived each match while keeping fairly close to the Frigate. The other really tempting option is adding in a Torp Frigate (with TFO and Boarding Engineers) and swapping the CR90A for a Combat Refit GR75 with Leia and Comms Net. Thoughts? Overall, I think I'm fairly talked-out of the D-Caps. Probably going to switch my XI7s for DTTs as well.
  3. Cruzer

    Vehicles and Cover

    So here's a little question that's been bouncing around in my head: we know that vehicles don't gain cover from barricades, but what kinds of custom terrain DO they get cover from? In the latest game I played, my opponent and I assumed any stone building terrain (including ruins) would give heavy cover while some patches of forest we set up would give light. Anything that hit more around barricade-height was considered not cover for them. How have you all handled hashing out what vehicles can and cannot use for cover?
  4. Working on this new (hopefully competitive) 400pt fleet and I could use some help in deciding on a modification to it. Here is the roster as it stands now: Assault Frigate MKII A (81pts) General Madine (30pts) Electronic Countermeasures (7pts) Bail Organa (7pts) Paragon (5pts) XI7 Turbolasers (6pts) Boarding Troopers (3pts) CR90 Corvette A (44pts) Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7pts) Jaina's Light (2pts) Hammerhead Scout Corvette (41pts) Task Force Organa (1pt) Slaved Turrets (6pts) Boarding Engineers (2pts) Hammerhead Scout Corvette (41pts) Task Force Organa (1pt) Slaved Turrets (6pts) Boarding Engineers (2pts) Squadrons A-wing x2 (11pts each) E-wing (15pts) VCX-100 Freighter (15pts) Corran Horn (22pts) Hera Syndulla (28pts) Objectives Close-Range Intel Scan Jamming Barrier Salvage Run Total: 394pts After a couple of games where none of the boarding parties were ever used, I'm thinking of dropping all three in favor of some better upgrades (giving me 13 points to still play with). My immediate idea is split between two possibilities. I can either give the Frigate and the Hammerheads all Disposable Capacitors (3pts each, leaving me with a total of 396pts), or I can just give the Assault Frigate the D-Cap and add a Sensor Teams to it as well (8pts together, leaving me with 395). The idea of the fleet is to take advantage of the Dust Fields earlier on to avoid damage, while racking up points and hits via my more maneuverable fleet getting itself into a better position and arc dodging (the VCX being there chiefly to play with Jamming Barrier and Salvage Run). For the time being I'm not interested in modifying my Squadrons or Ship roster, just looking for ways to better spend the remaining 13pts. Thank you!
  5. Eh, gonna have to disagree there. Both AFMK2As and ISDIIs just have WAY too many better things to put in that slot. Not to mention, for an upgrade that only works at close range, it's pretty spendy at 5pts. Don't get me wrong, I know how often being able to reroll that pesky critical-miss against squads would help... but if you're gonna use an AFMK2A, you might as well use D-Caps and save 2 points. ISDIIs, I can't think of a time when you'd want to spend one of those attacks on anything but two ships.
  6. Gonna happen after the two ships get teased, I'd say.
  7. Oho that's for sure! Reminds me of way back around Wave IV when I ran a heavy bomber list. Flight commander had just come out and I was running that old strategy of doubling it up with FCT on Neb-B Escorts. Like a couple of sheep dogs I had them flying on either side of my bomber ball and when an opponents 10-or-so tie squads (might have also included interceptors) came roaring in, those two medium-range anti-squad dice cleaned house. Some bombers did have to do their own fighting, but not many. That's what originally got me into this strategy in the first place actually.
  8. Indeed, it was a tense fight to say the least. Honestly, I'm unsure how well it would run against a non fighter-heavy list (don't get me wrong, 7 bombers and 1 Jan could do 8 damage a turn, but even-so that's at least 6 points on my list that goes immediately dead XP). It does have clear advantage against Sloan tho.
  9. Pfft, and here I was gonna suggest DTTs for a red die. That kicks the crap out of my idea XD
  10. Speak of the devil: I tried out my 600pter today and the amount of hurt that Draven and the other multi-dice anti-squad ships brought to my opponent's counter squads was NUTS! I didn't suffer counter once and they had Dengar and Howlrunner on-board along with 3 interceptors. In the end, I'd taken their squads from 10 to 2 and still had about half of my own 10 (at death's door, but still).
  11. Question is, what ship to put Draven on? A double-blue for more Toryn power, or an MC75 for the Ord-pods? I mean, right now I have the latter, but I can't help but wonder (after all, with a double-blue you can start smacking Cienna and all other interceptor aces around at medium range )
  12. My 600pt list is doing this as well (chiefly because x-wings, of course)
  13. I appreciate that insight. Trying something kinda similar for a 600pt list (sub the y-wings and vcxs for a ton of X-wings including all the aces [no Rogue Squad] and Jan). We'll see tomorrow how that turns out. *knock on wood* MC75 Armored Cruiser "Firaxan" (104) General Draven (3) Gunnery Team (7) *for being able to shoot squads and ships same turn Hardened Bulkheads (5) ECM (7) Ordnance Pods (3) Leading Shots (4)
  14. That does seem to be the golden-child of this area of strategy. I'm just wondering if there are any admirals who've come across some more unusual combos and/or ones using Alliance ships and upgrades (seems the vast majority of ship anti-squadron builds come out of the Empire's wheelhouse)?
  15. **Reposted from Armada Organized Play (probably fits better here in general discussion ^^')** Let me preface this by stating this idea only really applies to squadron-heavy lists. So, I'm sure plenty of people know the power of heavy squadron lists: bombers and/or multi-role squads in high numbers to exhaust an enemy ship's defenses. Obviously, one of the key strategies for this is getting big alpha-strikes in, most often using "Intel" squadrons to dampen enemy squadrons' ability to protect enemy ships from attack. However, I do often wonder to myself, is there a case to be made for alt versions of ships that seem to exist (at least in-part) for anti-squadron and/or kitting out multi-purpose ships for heavy squadron support via ship-to-squadron attack.  Of course there are the more obvious ones: Quasar-Fire Carriers, Neb-B Escorts, and flotillas that are already there to activate squadrons, but I'm talking also of the more expensive ships that don't get much shine: Assault Frigate Mk2 As, Gladiator IIs, heck I'd even throw in the Raider II. On top of that, there's upgrades to think of as well (General Draven, ordinance pods, DTTs for the red-die chance, etc.). I guess the TLDR here is, has anyone here had big success with putting more into their anti-squadron game ship-wise when making a squadron list? Bonus points if you've found ways to use normally hard-to-use cards (like cluster bombs or point-defense reroute). Thanks!
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