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  1. Loku Kanoloa ability read as : "Use at the start or end of your activation to place 1 recon token on a hostile figure in your line of sight". So my question is : Is Loku able to put more than a recon token on a hostile figure? If at the start of his turn Loku place a recon token on a hostile figure, may he place another one on the same hostile figure at the end of his turn or on another turn? Thanks in advanced. Butch
  2. Sorry if this was asked before, I didn't see an answer, but is the Imperial player allowed to open the cargo door in the hunted down mission to "spawn" the troops behind the door? Thanks in advanced. Butch
  3. Got everything except for the coop adventure... Don't think I'll ever buy those since we loved too much the interaction between Overlord and Heroes.
  4. Hi, We're about to play Beneath the Manor as a advanced quest in our TSR campaign. Any impression from players who experienced it? Thanks,
  5. While I like much of what you have to say, I disagree with the above statement. There are many, many encounters (either part 1 or part 2 where you actually get quest rewards) where your first and only goal is to search and maximize your gold. In fact, there are a fair number of quests where the rewards offered do not out weigh the value of maximizing the gold for the heroes, and its not even close. This is especially true in those quests where either the entire quest is slanted against the heroes, or if by losing the first encounter, the 2nd one is now slanted against the heroes. It is at this point that you need to make intelligent decisions as to what is truly possible, and what in the long term will maximize your chances for winning the finale. Since he's speaking from the OL perspective, for myself, I pretty much agree with his statement. Now from the heroes side of thing, I'm on your side.
  6. Nice work, very interesting read! I'll have to hide this info from my heroes! But I have one question, you state: I would also give two tokens to the same person instead of splitting them. It was my understanding that you have to give the fortune token to the hero with the less token, so how is it possible to give the two token to the same person, except if the other heroes already have a fortune token (and in this case, splitting the token or not wouldn't change anything)?
  7. Wow, I love it. The continue bouton is a nice addition. Again, thanks for the good work.
  8. ??? Maybe I wasn't clear, it happens since english is not my first language. But my initial question was "I wasn't able to choose "Valyndra's Fury" as a rumors card on the way to the interlude." So, no we didn't already played the interlude. To put it clearly, that was our campaign : 1- First Blood 2- Fat Goblin 3- Burning Harvest (rumor mission) 4- Guardians of Deephall (rumor mission) 5- Masquerade Ball 6- Cardinal’s Plight 7- Interlude (when I wanted to play "Valyndra Fury")
  9. The official rule states that you should determine the expansion and H&M pack that you're going to use at the start of a campaign, you shouldn't had new expansion or H&M pack in the course of a campaign. But our houserule (and I'm sure we're not alone), as soon as an expansion is bought, we add the content to our existing campaign.
  10. The last quest was a rumor too? No, the quest before was Cardinal Plight and then we choose the interlude as the next quest.
  11. I don't know if it's a bug or we just played it wrong, but I wasn't able to choose "Valyndra's Fury" as a rumors card on the way to the interlude. The card says "play this card immediately after the travel step of any act I Campaign phase"?
  12. Just a little error I noticed : In the conjurer skill selection page, it's written Prismatic Assualt 3XP. Nothing major. Thanks again for all the time you put into this.
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