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  1. I'm sorry if I miss it but, do we already know the text of the Condition, or are we assuming it is the same as 1.0? If it is the same, I agree with you, that condition will be useless...
  2. I really love the idea of infinty hordes. Since the begginng of the App I wanted something like this, I'm really happy, although...the actual gamplay may not be what I expected (balance issues). In the end I it is nice to have this game mode.
  3. One thing I want to say and recover from this topic (post) is being a nerd has never been so "popular". Nowadays you can say "I play miniature games" without the fear of been related to the creepy guy with no social life in his mother basement, of couse, don't go to the extreme side and dress as Vader and go around choking people hahaha . Things are changing because we are the ones that are changing it, if you keep embarrassing yourself about playing miniatures games, people will asume that it is something to be embarrassed about, and it isn't. Nowadays board and video gaming are taking an important role in today's society entretainning. You can see videogamers taking "sport" visas to travel to regionals/worlds. You can even take your minis (like @shadowswalker and I do) and put them on your office desk, showing them off to people (of course you can take your Interceptors, they won't be needed in any time soon :'( nobody will recognize the OP toilet seat the JM5K is hahahaha) Lastly, take the new Worlds Champion for example, he's a Lawyer (as myself). A profession that usually needs to be formal and serious, nobody expects to see a guy in suit and so playing with some plastic miniatures, and yet, I do that the days I leave early from my work and play at my local Store. I mean, people "expect" people to behave as we think they should, but it depends to us to change that thinking. Cheers and good luck (y)
  4. The thing that bugs me the most is the careless attention FFG pays to their articles. I mean, if you buy those packs, where are you going to get the VI for Sabacc? Like, are you even trying FFG? I appreciate the idea of giving new players some idea of how to build their squads and how to use them, but not giving them the knowlegde of where each upgrade comes from, will confuse them and they will end up buying things they may have not needed nor wanted.
  5. I was thinking also something that have to do with dials and stress. Something like: "Thrawn (two crew; 8pts) At the start of the activation face, choose up to 2 ships withing range 1-3 of your ship and assing the Thrawn's Tactics condition card corresponding to the enemy or friendly ship side." Condition Card "Thrawn's Tactics (Enemy ship side) Before you reveal your manouver, the player controling the ship with the upgrade card "Thrawn"must guess your speed and bearing. If guessed correctly, after executing your manouver, receive a stress token. Remove this condition token/card at the end of the activation face." "Thawn's Tactics (Friendly ship side) After you receive this condition card, choose an enemy ship inside your firing arc within range 1-3. Then, before that ship reveals its dial, the player controling the ship with the upgrade card "Thrawn" must guess that ship's speed and bearing. If guessed correctly, assing a focus token to your ship or acquire target lock on that enemy ship. Remove this condition token/card at the end of the activation face." With this you have to guess the manouver of the ships without looking at them, and rewards skilled players by reading their opponents manouvers, something similar to Cassian Andor. The reward is too big (a stress in order to control them, or a focus or TL to boost your allies) but the chance of failing is high if you are not skilled reading your opponents manouvers. I think with 2 ships (conditions) is ok because it costs 8 and two crew, and has a range limitation. Lastly, as the condition is assigned by being there, it will draw fire from the other ships, or at least won't be ignored for too long.
  6. I once flew Norra with that same build and I learned a few things. When you use Weapons Engineer, you are telling your opponent which ship you are attacking next, because you already have the TL. Therefore, your opponent will fly that ship in order to avoid getting hit and forcing you to then TL another ship. The problem is now that you need to TL once again that round and your strategy of having the Engineer failed because you couldn't free that action from being TL. Additionally to this, if you are using your TLs for Norra's ability, then you won't have your action to BR. Now, these are things I've learned and are not a fact, you may have a situation where the ship that had the second TL is a BR away from being a valid target, so your strategy with WE may paid off. I mean, these are things that happened to me. What I also learned is that Norra tends to die fast by focus fire, so things like her ability and C3PO may contribute to her survability. Another thing, the common Norra build* is 41 pts while this one is 42 and yet is less solid (from my point of view). *Norra Wexley + R2-D2 + Push the Limit + Kyle Katarn + Alliance Overhaul + Vectored Thrusters (41) If you want to stay with that build, my only suggestion could be to switch the Engineer to C3PO to compensate the defense lost. I'm currently flying Norra as some sort of Ace with the cost of her repositioning: Norra Wexley + R2-D2 + Veteran Instincts + Jyn Erso + Alliance Overhaul + Experimental Interface (39) Anyway, if you want, @Stay On The Leader wrote an article about ARC's and some ways to build them, perhaps it can help you.
  7. I am running a "Tactical Bomber" similar to yours, but mine, while more costly, has proven to be more deadly if flown well. Major Rhymer + TIE Shuttle + Snap Shot + Operations Specialist + Tactician (33) It allows you to trigger Snap Shot at Range 2 which combos with Tactician. This particular combo is very deadly to an Ace like Fen, or any other action dependant ship. Besides, if you catch something like this, it means double stress for it, one from the Snap Shot and other from the regular attack. The thing is to fly the bomber very well in order to exploit this combo. Otherwise it's a costly support bomber. I know, I thing the main list Imps will fly is going to be something like this: Captain Jonus + TIE Shuttle + Trick Shot + Lightweight Frame + Intelligence Agent (25) Sienar Specialist + Twin Laser Turret + Lightweight Frame (25) Sienar Specialist + Twin Laser Turret + Lightweight Frame (25) Sienar Specialist + Twin Laser Turret + Lightweight Frame (25) 3 TLT with rerrolls on ALL of their shots... I prefer on Jonus LWF for the defense and IA because of repositioning. Back to the topic, I also think todays Imperial lists fly TIE/sf, Defender, OL and some RAC.
  8. In our local store we are planning something like this for May the 4th. While it is not the Battle of Scariff (due to expansion restrictions, etc.) we are trying to capture the theme and the scenario. We were discussion something like the Battle of Hoth: 1) Armada sets a blockade. 2) X-wing figthers prevent the Rebel Transports to scape the planet surfice. 3) And well, Imperial Assault troopers kill the Rebels in the base. Same with Endor. 1) SW:IA goes with the base that is shielding the second Death Star. 2) X-wing figthers are resisting until the can go through and blow the Death Star (you know Wedge and so on). 3) And Armada figth along X-wing (Rebels resist and Imperial prevent them from scapign). However, we ended up doing a random scenario where even some Bounty Hunters may appear. And also because we want to all happend at once, that each success has an impact in either table (games). Whether the Armada pushes through the blockade to allow the Imperial Assault players to have some reinforcement, or that the Imperial Assault players blow a anti-craft turret killing the X-wing ships that keep bringing the reinforments. Anyway, maybe (if we succed, I'll post it here)
  9. Do a stationay manouver, do expert handling (Pattern Analyzer) to go back a little and you ended up with two stress, next turn, do a green and remove both stress... I built something similar once, but I'm still bad flying large ships, so I couldn't barrer roll with it in the moments I needed to.
  10. I have one that it's quite unique...it makes the Upsilon to be almost like a stationary turret. “Omega Leader” (29) TIE/fo Fighter (21), Comm Relay (3), Juke (2), Stealth Device (3) Kylo Ren (47) Upsilon-class Shuttle (34), Push the Limit (3), Fire-Control System (2), Recon Specialist (3), Inspiring Recruit (1), Weapons Guidance (2), Pattern Analyzer (2) “Epsilon Leader” (24) TIE/fo Fighter (19), Pattern Analyzer (2), Stealth Device (3) Basically you set up in a corner with the Upsilon looking towards the center of the map, put Epsilon Leader at the back of it. Then, you do a "0" movement, focus and PTL to coordinate (thanks to Pattern Analyzer), then recieve two stress. Bump with Epsilon Leader. Start of combat, remove one stress from Kylo thanks to Epsilon Leader and another stress with Recruit. Shoot 4 dice, and you will likely have one blank, change that with Weapons and if not, well, with the TL from FCS, end of round, repeat . I usually drop the Stealh Device in OL to put the title and Tactical Jammer on the Upsilon if the enemy has huge heavy power to kill Epsilon in one hit. It's a fun list. People get confuse cause you are just sitting there in the corner...waiting for them to come, to fly straigth towards that 4 dice turret hahaha
  11. I did something similar once (in an Epic against a Tantive), but exploiting the Targeting Synchronizer. You just need to protect the Upsilon. Sontir, BD and OL are just there to hunt or protect from other figthers. Raider-class Corvette (Fore) Cluster Missiles Engineering Team Tibanna Gas Supplies Raider-class Corvette (Aft) Darth Vader Mara Jade Proton Torpedoes Homing Missiles Ordnance Experts Gunnery Team Comms Booster Ordnance Tubes Instigator "Backdraft" — TIE/sf Fighter Veteran Instincts Fire-Control System Ion Pulse Missiles Pattern Analyzer Lightweight Frame Special Ops Training "Omega Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter Juke Comm Relay Stealth Device Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor Push the Limit Autothrusters Stealth Device Royal Guard TIE Major Stridan — Upsilon-class Shuttle Fire-Control System Weapons Engineer General Hux Pattern Analyzer Targeting Synchronizer Tactical Jammer Kylo Ren's Shuttle Total: 300 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Just hit (or TL) someone with the Upsilon, and you have free TL and with both Teams in the AFT section you have the mods you needed to land a big hit. You can even do a stationary maneuver with the Upsilon, perform an action (thanks to Pattern Analyzer), and clear that stress with Comms Booster to repeat that. Also, because Major Stridan allows you to treat your ships to be at range 1, the Upsilon can be far from the battle and still supporting everyone. The rest is up to you, I used Fel because I don't have another good Ace; OL and BD cause I wanted some kind of First Order Theme along the Upsilon…But, you can change Vader for Needa, or the clusters for Seismic Torpedos… Note that with TS you won't need the have a TL nor spending one while attaking with Homing Missiles, however, you must attack the ships the Upsilon has tageted.
  12. You can build something similar with Major Stridan, yet I haven't seen a list built this way. I've seen more Stridan, the System Officer... Anyway, if there's no range at all (because I understand that Upgrades lose their range at all) I would aggree that it will become a chasing game, something like "all destroy that TIE Shuttle". On the other side, I just think that Inquisitor won't like this nerf lol
  13. This is to lock your result and avoid the modification. For example, you are defending with a ship, you use Palp and get the evade you needed, you "change" that result to the same result, now, that die can't be Juked for example. It's the only reason to "change" a die result to a result you already expected.
  14. I was in the same situation months ago, previous to the Upsilon's realease. Since the beginning I wanted the Upsilon more than the Lamba but the wait was killing me, so I bought the Lamba while I was waiting for the Upsilon. I played many games with it, not only using Palp in it, but with other support choices (Fleet/System Officers, TL for every1, etc.). Later, when the Upsilon went out I bouth it rigth the way. I have played a few games with it, not as many as the with the Lamba, but from what I have expirienced, I can tell it is better than the Lamba. These are my reasons: -Better mobility/support aspects: both ships, once someone gets behind them, it's too hard to shake them off; however, besides the Upsilon been able to turn faster, it can still do something (2 turn + coordinate). You can turn and still coordinate (boots, barrel roll, fouc, TL, etc.) another ship in order to make a shot to the one chasing you. -Upgrade cards: I think the cards that come with the upsilon have better things to offer. Taking Snap Shot Swarms with Operation Specialist, conditions, Targetting Synchro for ordenance, etc. -Tech: I think the Tech slot is going to be the future for the next waves to come (for the new movies I mean). But, at the moment, there are pretty good Techs to put on, beginning with the ones they come with the expansion. For example, you can put Targetting Synchronizer and allow a couple of Bombers to shoot their homing missiles without needing a TL, or spending the one they have (Upsilon Bombers*); or to make Omega Ace to shoot 3 crits per round (First Order Alpha Strike**). While these lists are not high competitive, they are very fun to play and you can pull some surprises with them, I mean, imagine been able to deploy after all your enemy ships, and on top of that, at range 3. -Conditions: the two new condition cards are not to be understimated. Being able to land a specific crit under shields with "I'll show you the dark side" to an Ace; or, to make an unstoppable hit with fanatical devotion each round, while giving two focus to two other ships (including the Upsilon itself), is something extreamly good. "Don't understimate the power of the dark side". -Title: I think Upsilon's title is way better than Lamba's. Stressing a ship in this meta (ehem, paratanni) is someting good. I think is better than TL something that may eventually comes to you. -Damage: as it has said already, 4 dice is something crazy (only 3 ships in the game have 4 natural dice; VCX-100, Phantom and this). Combine that with FCS, Rec Spec and Weapons Guidance, and you may be able to get the 4 hits each round. -Pilots: I think FFG made a better job here than with the Lamba. There are more choices and a better high PS pilot choice. For instance, you can take: *A new "officer" support with generic pilot: Hux (5), Inspiring recruit (1) + Title (2) + Experimental Interface (3) = (40) Coordinating, focusing (x3) and stressing while tanking. *Making Alpha Strike Attacks with Lieutenant Dormitz (him plus Hyperwave Comm Scanner). *Controling Movement with Major Stridan (Mara Jade). *Or, taking your highest pilot and make them think twice when attacking you (besides having an EPT slot). -Miniature: and last but not least, the ship is beatiful. Big, mobile wings, Batwing look-a-like. That title is indeed representative of the fear this Shuttle projects. * * * * * * * *UPSI BOMBERS 100 points Scimitar Squadron Pilot (27) TIE Bomber (16), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Missiles (4), Assault Missiles (5), Guidance Chips (0) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (29) TIE Bomber (16), Extra Munitions (2), Seismic Torpedo (2), Homing Missiles (5), Concussion Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0) Starkiller Base Pilot (44) Upsilon-class Shuttle (30), Fire-Control System (2), Inspiring Recruit (1), General Hux (5), Targeting Synchronizer (3), Experimental Interface (3) **FIRST ORDER ALPHA STRIKE 100 points “Omega Ace” (28) TIE/fo Fighter (20), Hyperwave Comm Scanner (1), Expose (4), Stealth Device (3) “Epsilon Ace” (23) TIE/fo Fighter (17), Comm Relay (3), Stealth Device (3) Lieutenant Dormitz (49) Upsilon-class Shuttle (31), Fire-Control System (2), General Hux (5), Kylo Ren (3), Hyperwave Comm Scanner (1), Targeting Synchronizer (3), Kylo Ren's Shuttle (2), Ion Projector (2)
  15. Kashyyyk top builds / results Winner: +AC Yager (6th in Swiss, Winner) = Parattani Top two: +Dallas Parker (4th in Swiss, runner up) = Crack Shot Defenders/x7 Top four: +Benjamin Crain (7th in Swiss, lost to AC Yager) = Rey/Norra +Connor Richards (1st in Swiss, lost to Dallas Parker) = Corran/Miranda Top eight: +Andrew Schlueter (3rd in Swiss, lost to AC Yager) = Parattani +Alex Vayhinger (2nd in Swiss, lost to Benjamin Crain) = Palp Defenders +David Wong (8th in Swiss, lost to Connor Richards) = Parattani +Gordon McDonald (5th in Swiss, lost to Dallas Parker) = Knights of Ren All this info is from a post in Squad 201: X-Wing Academy Mexico facebook page from which AC Yager is and shared us his victory
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