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  1. Is there a list of participating stores? Finding this sort of information from ffg is always a chaotic process, but This time I could not even find such a list.
  2. There you go. No more fracture. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/98/36/9836c96f-69ee-4d31-9f77-d4d071b5fd95/x-wing_faq_v441lowres.pdf
  3. Next thing we'll have are sovereign citizens posting in here. Lol
  4. today is the last day. If you run, you can still take part.
  5. Think what you will. I was hoping for a bit more depth, though, especially coming from you.
  6. I know you, kdubb, and my words are not aimed at you at all. I totally understand your point of view, so don't worry.
  7. So much negativity. One can almost wonder if some are jealous. Come on, guys. Theorist's tournaments are a sandbox. They get attention from FFG and some of the nerfs/buffs proposed in earlier tournaments are exactly the nerfs/buffs that the developers brought out. It is fine not to like/agree with the proposed changes in each tournament, but you do have the option of just skipping it out altogether and being happy. It's not like people are forcing you, and there are other tournaments around that are a bit more "standard".
  8. Is it really that hard to avoid both Decimator arcs? It's not as if they are super maneuverable. It's got a pretty good dial and EU gives it large base boost. It's not Soontir but then it doesn't have to be. The YV-666 triple or quad stressing in 180 degrees was just too much for FFG even with a worse dial. I don't remember anyone using stress all that much from multiple tacticians before the nerf anyway... What were we talking about? Well, you'll probably get one or two stress out of it. But a double decimator list with gunner and tactician falls mighty fast. About the topic at hand: R4 Aggromech is just as it used to be, and no change is needed. The only thing that was nerfed about it was it's synnergy with Deadeye due to timing (not yet having a target when you pay the cost of the EPT), which I believe should still stand.
  9. Is it really that hard to avoid both Decimator arcs? It's not as if they are super maneuverable.
  10. Is this thread a crutch?
  11. Jyn Erso used to fly this, right? So what do you all think?
  12. Lit? Is that some new fangled term you kids are using these days? I too didn't quite catch the drift (God that is old)
  13. 37 here. Funny how some seemed older, and some seemed younger to me. Goes to show how biological age really tells you nothing at all about anyone.
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