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  1. It's been a few weeks since the last post, where I mentioned something really cool for all Android users. Well, here it is: We launched the Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet Second Edition App on the Amazon Underground store. This means you can now use the app there for free! This includes all supplements and the base program. The app is available here: Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dark-Heresy-Digital-Character-Sheet/dp/B01FZBTHIO Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Heresy-Digital-Character-Sheet/dp/B01FZBTHIO Amazon DE: https://www.amazon.de/Dark-Heresy-Digital-Character-Sheet/dp/B01FZBTHIO There will be only one ad at the start of the app (The only one I had was for the Underground Store) and you obviously need a Amazon account to use it. We are working on cross store compatibility at the moment, so multiplayer matches and character sharing currently does not work between the Amazon Underground Store and the Apple App Store / Google Play Store. The first edition app will also soon be updated with lots of new supplements and ported to the same engine we use on the 2nd edition app. Once this is done, we will also release it on Amazon Underground. Have a nice day! Thomas
  2. I've added a ticket in our bugtracker to find the missing data. On another note, there is an awesome sale running at the moment to celebrate Warhammerfest. If you have an iOS device, go to http://www.appstore.com/gw and check out all the cool Games Workshop apps. Of course, our apps and the supplements are on sale, too! And for all of you with Android devices, we are planning something really cool at the moment, so don't be sad :-)
  3. Thank you for finding this bug. We fixed this one and a few others with the new 1.4.9 release. It is available now via the in-app auto-update, in a few hours via google play and in a few days for iOS devices, as usual.
  4. I need a few more details to find and fix the issue. - What is the bug? - When exactly does the bug occur? - Do you have any supplements installed? - Which device are you using? (Android/iOS phone or tablet?)
  5. I'll check this. Maybe it is already fixed in the new version, don't know exactly. Which takes me to this announcement: Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet 2nd Edition 1.4.8 released! (including Enemies Beyond content) It's done! The new update is finally complete and should be available on your android and iOS device later today, and also via the auto updater. Here is a list of the changes. I've written a short description of each new feature available on our company blog. Changes in 1.4.8: added “Enemies Beyond” content added autosave function, characters are now saved in an extra file on disk added damage dice rolls, touch the damage number in the gear or combat tab to roll the dice added character sharing between devices added filters in psi database view changed inventory system changed „search“-buttons, they are now called „Database“ bugfixes Description of the new features: http://blog.dizelabs.com/2016/04/28/dark-heresy-digital-character-sheet-2nd-edition-1-4-8-released/ I'm pretty sure we are not wiping the data this time ;-), but please backup all your characters before updating to the new version. There will be some bugfix releases in the next days, so if you are experiencing a bug, please report it so we can add a fix as soon as possible. Have a nice day!
  6. There is nothing fleshed out yet on GM functions, but if we add a GM module, it will be in the same app.
  7. Short announcement: There is a slight delay with the new "Enemies Beyond"-update due to a critial bug in the app. The bug is not in any of the currently available versions, but we need a few more days to send a group of acolytes and exterminate this xenos threat A GM version/dlc/update would be cool, but the reason we did not create a mode yet is we first want to complete the "player mode". In the end, it is a digital character sheet app, which is the thing we have to perfect first. After that's done, we can increase the scope of the app and include more functions. Yes and no. We have several databases built in the app. They offer an abridged version of the descriptions in the book, but they include all gameplay relevant data. At the moment, there are databases for talents, skills, weapons, armour, gear, psychic powers and combat actions. However, the app is geared towards players, not GMs. This means we don't have a NPC database for example.
  8. Not yet. We're having a features discussion later this week and I'll bring it up there. I can't promise anything, so if your decision about buying the app is based on the NPC sheets, then hold off on the purchase for now.
  9. When will this 1.4.4 be available for us apple users? Yeah, that's a funny story :-) In short, Apple hat a problem with a system change we did, so we rewrote it, and by the time this was done, the next patch was almost ready, so we decided to wait for the next patch. The problem with the app store is, once you've submitted a version, you need to wait around 5 to 7 days before they test the app. But now the good news: The next patch (including the Enemies Beyond content among many new features) is currently in review at apple, so if everything goes well this time, we will release the next update later this week (also for android).
  10. Hm, is your device connected to the internet? I've just tested the manage supplements tab on our devices without any problems.
  11. Another update incoming! Today, we have something very special! This minor update contains a brand new version of the framework we use to code the whole app. With this new version, we were able to increase the app's performance quite a bit! Especially on older (<4.4) Android devices, the app should now run a lot smoother. This is kind of an experimental release, so if you have any problems with the new version, please report back to us immediately. Changes in this 1.4.4: upgraded app to new framework version improved performance on all devices improved auto updater (now much faster and more reliable) fixed bugs in psychic powers search fixed bugs in skill search The patch will be available as always later today on the Google play store, and in a few days on the Apple App Store. If you are using the auto updater, you won't get the performance boost, so please update your app from your app store as soon as it is available. IMPORTANT: Please do a local backup of your characters before updating to the new version. There will be a new build up later today which fixes the import of backup characters.
  12. Yes, I can confirm this bug. Will be fixed with the next patch, which is live now/today/in a few days! :-) 1.4.3 released. Changes in this version: - fixed missing appearance content on Enemies Without homeworlds - fixed PDF generator bug - added number input fields for free and manual characteristics in the character creator - fixed imperial navy gear in character creator - changed sorting of talent/skill specializations (now alphabetically) - fixed a typo in the homeworlds character creator - fixed bug in aptitudes editor The update is now available via the auto updater, later today via the google play store for android devices and in a few days via the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.
  13. The 1.4.2 update is now also available for iOS devices. The 1.4.3 bugfix update will be out tomorrow and fix problems with the Enemies Without content in the appearance tab of the creator and other minor bugs.
  14. Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet 1.4.2 released The first bugfix has been released for the new version. Here is a list of changes: fixed android landscape mode fixed research station not available in Enemies Without homeworlds fixed empty search results in inventory added specific “Enemies Without” homeworlds added more options to lore skills Thanks to all bug hunters ;-) The Android version should be available later today, the iOS version in a few days. Automatic updates via our server are currently offline due to problems with the server (see below). We'll investigating this at the moment and try to fix it. If anyone else has this problem, please send us a mail or reply to this thread. I'm really starting to love this feature :-) I'll check it. The server seems to have some trouble at the moment. I've contacted the support, unfortunately it's not something we can fix from our side.
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