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  1. I third those questions! 😀
  2. What's next for Terrinoth? When can we see an update for Descent: Journeys in the Dark?
  3. The Fantasy Flight "In Flight Report" seminar will be in a few hours. Here's to hoping...
  4. Oh yeah, and you can use your scourge to summon your raven flock, which is a really annoying strategy for the heroes.
  5. The facebook group is blowing up! Come join and get in on the discussions, pictures, links, recommendations, and more!
  6. Hello Heroes (and Overlords) of Terrinoth! I've created a Facebook group for fans of the game to discuss rules, strategy, painting, pretty much all things related to the Descent universe. Follow the link below to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/324115288041200/
  7. As an Overlord, I HATE Runecasters. They force you to split up your monsters, and by the 2nd Act, they're able to recover stamina quickly.
  8. The hedge minis are way too big. They're, like, 4" x 1"
  9. I agree. Don't be a munchkin and try to win all 9+ quests. If the heroes get to Act 2 and they haven't won a single quest, most if not all of them will be despondent, and some might even drop. I've found that the best way to give the heroes a boost or handicap is by adding or removing the "Nothing" and "Secret Passage" cards from the search deck. If the heroes start to lose a lot, you might want to consider taking out the "Nothing" card and adding in the "Secret Passage". That way, you're not forced to play it soft on them. You can do the opposite if you start to lose several quests in a row.
  10. I did the same. They're not the highest quality miniatures, but they work well. I would also check out these two websites. They have a lot of really good miniatures for proxies. In particular, Legendary Realms has really good prices and the minis come pre-painted. https://store.legendaryrealmsgames.com/ http://fenrisgames.com/shop
  11. I would love new campaign books that combine products from multiple expansions. For example, you could have a campaign that uses some combination of portcullis (Shadow of Nerekhall), crumbling terrain (Mists of Bilehall and The Chains that Rust), or overgrowth (Labyrinth of Ruin). That would be an awesome way to increase the replay-ability of the expansion components, and they could do some world building as well.
  12. I'm not sure if anybody is following this thread anymore, but I was able to find a pretty good brightblaze equivalent on Amazon or ReaperMini after some digging around. Unfortunately, it has wings, but the rest looks like the familiar. http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B002ELX4KG
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