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  1. Like @Glucose98 said, we're pushing around plastic figures, first world problems is pretty much where we're at. Thanks for the many responses. I had heard the Elf boxes had neutral cards but it sounds like they are old ones from other sets so you don't have to buy the core set if you don't want to. Excellent news. Thanks again everyone!
  2. Hey guys, Been eyeing this game for a while and had a couple questions - I played Armada, so I'm loosely familiar with the financial scheme of FFG, which I believe is loosely - make good game, force players to buy expansions just for upgrade cards. Love the quality of their games, get frustrated with necessary purchases. So, I had a couple questions - If I want to have an elf or Uthuk (demon) army, do I need to own the core set? Am I going to have to buy expansions NOT from my army to get access to upgrade cards I might really want/need?
  3. Not trying to be a downer but isn't this just a temporary fix until the FAQ? After all, Advanced Projectors/X17 (I know it's XI7 but I like to bug die-hards) interaction was 'solved' through the email rule question stuff but then the FAQ totally turned that on it's head.
  4. 1.) Premise (big squadrons?, four ships?, all small ships? all assault frigates?) 2.) Ships and Commander (setting aside predicted useful upgrades) 3.) Upgrades (finalize, go sparingly) 3.) Squadrons (fill in remaining points) If I am going strong squadrons, I'll sometimes do those first. Also, excepting a few crucial/very good/force multiplier cards, less is more with upgrades.
  5. I think light upgrades are the way to go. Mark II-B, Advanced Projectors (til now), maybe maybe maybe Gunnery Teams, usually just AP, sometimes with Hangar Bays if it calls for it. EDIT: I like light upgrades, but just one is light even for me.
  6. That would be disappointing certainly if they regurgitated that bit. It'd be like Halo 2 all over again....and then Halo 3 all over again.....Oh look....another ring thing. Didn't see that coming?
  7. If I regularly played games with you at our LGS and already knew you weren't a creeper or annoying, then totally. However, if someone I didn't really know offered this, I'd be hesitant.
  8. Win until your friends don't let you play anymore. Aside from that, I don't think FFG has an official judge program. I believe (could be wrong) that it's up to stores to provide that nearly 100% of the time. Perhaps at official regional events getting ready for worlds FFG may send judges but I have never played in one of those.
  9. Right now, on the cusp of Wave 2, it's basically primordial muck. It can evolve in any way. Right now, no one really knows. Which, IMO, is one of the best things about this game.
  10. Both our 1st and 2nd places winners had lots of squadrons. It was a small pool but still. There was also a GenCon Special list floating around. I think they're worth something. Rogues and Villains will help too I think.
  11. Someone told me in what in one of the preview articles, and that it does just stop the standard critical effect. I hope they change that before it hits shelves. Sure would be nice to stop those ACMs....
  12. Both 1st and 2nd place in our local meta had six or more squadrons.
  13. As mentioned, most rules issues in our area were just players being human. We did have someone who would measure, put a finger down, then measure again, not my favorite, and IMO breaking the spirit of the one tool rule. Or stopping movement of fighters to measure their engagement range. Edit: He'll probably be mad if he sees this. but hey...
  14. Not to be a hater or anything but it's helpful for us opponents of yours if in-game you just refer to the ships as their generic title. Played someone at Sullust who had gimmicky names that were all kind of similar (joke names), it was difficult to keep track of which one he was activating. Not a big problem, just an observation.
  15. On your first list I'd switch out one of the Advanced for another Bomber, which will also give you a small initiative bid. With the current configuration, consider dropping upgrades (Warlord, XX-9) in favor of Victory II's which might serve you better in a general sense.
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