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  1. Hey bud you wouldnt happen to have a link to those 7 extra pod in english would ya id appreciate it.
  2. Because of the words treated like a hero and that he could do other actions other than attack and move i would say yes the win was legit. But probably not very satisfying.
  3. Are you taking into account with Tomble that you can only use the defense dice of a single other hero?
  4. Does anyone whos has gone through the delve know how much exp we can expect to get throughout the adventure?
  5. Well i know im looking for the cards for the watchman class. Lol
  6. Does anyone know what all the relics that are in kindred fire are? If so id love to know that i didnt miss any so far.
  7. The monk has the ability to be unarmed but in combat what does that translate to?meaning what dice would he roll for an unarmed attack
  8. Does anyone know if the app can be overlord through traditional campaigns of descent like shadow rune or labaryinth of ruin campains. Or if its just for the in app campains?
  9. I have a question guys. Can large monsters stand off map, like 4 spaces of Their base on Map and 2 off to be able to stand on the tile?
  10. Can you sell back shop items you bought for the same amount of gold on the card?
  11. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/d5/17/d51723b6-e24f-419b-9dcb-5fadbcb08eb8/dj41_slow-bones.png Thanks
  12. Would someone explain how this plot deck reduces a heroes movement?
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