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  1. Disagree. The main advantage sniper teams give you activation advantage. My tactic that has worked well for me is to target squishy sniper teams quickly and, looky now I have the activation advantage. So using a higher cost unit to destroy snipers is just good tactics. I have particular luck with at rts, as the surge to crit, notifying cover advantages
  2. Thats exactly what i said in my post, show me the documention thats says the 11 day rule applies to rules and errata? Otherwise, as far as I am concerned it takes effect September 12, 2019.
  3. Wow, how insightful. Read my post again, you obviously don't understand my question.
  4. So the TR on page 5, says a FFG product is legal for use in tournament play 11 days after the release date. I am seeing a lot of people saying the same thing about the new RRG: that the new rules and errata don't take effect until 11 days after the effective date of 9/12/19. Can someone reference this for me? I m not fonding anything about rules and errata following the 11 day rule
  5. Can you reference this? What I am seeing in the tournament regulations thec11 day rule is for legal product release. It doesn't say anything about rules releases. The upcoming rrg lists a effective day of 9/12/19
  6. Right? Hopefully Dr Lucky will forgive me for momentarily turning to the darkside. In my defense, they said they had cookies. They lied.
  7. I was responding to this post. I dont follow this community enough to know who does what or whos who. Obviously, a misunderstanding so my apologies to Dr Lucky. I appreciate all you do.
  8. Yay. I have always used battlescribe, but I guess from now on I will be using table top admiral.
  9. Thats my point. I have players who are playing practice games this weekend for my up coming tournament. Be nice to have an army builder to help. Going to be a pain in the butt validating tournament lists by hand.
  10. Will you be updating tta with the new point values? I need to know, because battlescribe has informed me they wont be updating for a while. I have a tournament i am running on September 28 that my players are practicing for. I need a up to date army builder to validate lists.
  11. This is disappointing to hear. I use battlescribe to validate tournament lists. I have a tournament I am running on September 27, and my players are practicing for this tournament. I need an up to date, valid army builder. If battlescribe is not going to do this I will have to find a different resource. Its a shame I really liked your format. I really hope you reconsider. I understand your position, but you have to understand mine as well. Luck in the future
  12. Any chance you can update for the point changes that happened on FFG live?
  13. Critical X reads: While a unit with critical x keyword converts attack surges, it may convert up to x surge results to critical results. Shoretroopers don't have surge to hit, so do they not benefit from the keyword?
  14. Aggressive tactics says "nominated leader" what if you have 2 commanders both with aggressive tactics?
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