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  1. i play in tournament as well as casual play. In fact i have a tournament this weekend at Conquest 50 in Kansas City
  2. I dont know why these "rebels suck" threads keep popping up. I use han, chewie, 4 fleet troopers and 3 at rts with rotary blasters and i have had about a 70 % win rate.
  3. This great, however i can't seem to edit factions
  4. A spreadsheet ti help me run tournaments
  5. I will not play in a rallypoint qualifer if the cost to enter is more than $10
  6. Anyone out there have a tournament spreadsheet?
  7. Enlighten me, what is the 40k way of building a table?
  8. Can a unit with an astromech repair while being transported?
  9. Hate the game mechanic, not the player. More dice rolled equals more chances of crits. Han (or Leia, or Like) and Chewie (And 3 at rts with rotary blasters) all have surge to crit. Its really not that difficult on a 6 x 3 table. But, whatever.....I really like when people underestimate me. "Your overconfidence is your weakness"-Luke, ROJ Also, this is an objective based game and most of the objectives cannot be taken by an AT ST
  10. I take them down all the time, which is why Empire players don't take them anymore.
  11. I m talking organized play, LGS. Empire players dont take them, not worth it. Surge to hit helps, they are too vulnerable to fire
  12. Ok, so I am curious as to why you would say this? Are you just tried of hearing about it? If you believe there's no problem with it and it doesn't need to be addressed, that's fine, however there are more than a few people that feel it underperforms. Rather than just scrape it and never use it again I am trying to offer solutions to make it usable. I feel exactly the same about the t 47 airspeeder for rebels. It under preforms. Rather than complain and not offer a solution, i would like to brainstorm with the community to find a solution that doesn't involve rewriting the stat card.
  13. Still no season 4 operations....
  14. A lot of people dont like the at st, most commonly saying it needs a red defebse die. In the spirit of the upgrade card pack, i would like to brainstorm on ways we can "fix" issues in the game we find lacking, without releasing new stat cards. My example, as stated above, i am one ofvthe ones who believe the at st needs better defense. My solution, a vehicle upgrade card pack with this card. Reinforced armor Imperial only, walker only Hardpoint x2 (ie it takes up 2 hardpoint slots) Upgrade defense dice to red Vehicle gains plodding keyword 20 point card What i am hoping to do is open a dialogue were we-unstead of complaining about what we think is wrong-offer solutions and suggestions.
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