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  1. So then, since it’s “intended” that they can be attacked because they have health (which I get and would argue for being necessary because it has to be able to die somehow to gain vps), is it intended that actions like Vader’s choke can target a gangster? Or is that specifically not intended by calling the gangsters neutral figures instead of “hostile figures” as Vader’s ability specifies?
  2. So three open spots? Bossk, Dengar, IG-88? Bummer Hondo isn’t a main character.
  3. I’m interested in armada squadron sized ships for this game - the rogues and villains expansion?
  4. Lol, I'm not all caps mad Kenny But it is their job so they should know what they're doing I know a couple from our group will be their Thursday late evening(?) and then at the Con all day Friday. Probably 4 of us for Friday.
  5. It’s pretty dumb that it is an 80 ticket event. I asked on Twitter if that 80 tickets included reserved slots for regionals and higher winners, ffgop said “there are reserved spots” basically. And then magically it dropped from 80 available slots to 40 (a few days before tickets went on sale/adepticon registration was opened). That’s the thing that ticks me off more than anything. They couldn’t even communicate with their venue and they dropped the worlds cap from approximately 120 to 80. When we have basically sold it out the last two years at about 120. Let’s move away from FFG cuz space limitations...but let’s make our worlds event for IA smaller...
  6. Quick fix for the game (after communicating better of course) - release a card pack of redesigned deployment cards (and even new command cards) for a large chunk of outdated figures. We don’t even need new figures to get a huge breath of life into the competitive side of the game - and this could be done in a span of a few months and released. Even just throwing us five to ten fixed deployments - or 1-2 per faction per quarter for a year. It’d be like Magic getting a new set regularly. And do this to give us something to shake things up in between boxes. I’d pay ten or fifteen for renewed old deployments we never use.
  7. Part of the problem is it’s the OP department this tweet was to/from. So it’s not the people above that directly. The company as a whole needs to communicate with us/the whole customer base more. State of the game style at the bare minimum. If you haven’t announced anything/given some kind of positive forecast for a game in 2-3 months and you’re expecting that game to live on or to not do damage to that community - something is wrong with your understanding of how to grow and support a competitive game. I don’t care if skirmish was a technical afterthough originally in the design process for IA - you have (and have had) hundreds of players who play it (many of whom also play other FFG games) and all it takes to sour them to the whole company/competitive/op experience is silence. And it’d be one thing if it was just IA but it sure sounds like it’s not. Armada has serious issues. Destiny. And even the poster child Xwing can’t have a definitive announcement of whether the points rebalance will happen or not before the next major tournament? Just make a decision and say it. Communicate. Tell us something IS being made to continue the skirmish side of IA for at least one more wave eventually. Even if that’s 6 months to a year from being a reality I still want to know the game won’t be dead after this botched up worlds audible (which also had no communication until it was too late for the vast majority of people to even try to act). I love this game. I consider it to be FFG’s best game (I get other people like other styles for their skirmish) but grid based, customizable command decks, and small squad tactics for a tight organized play experience just checks all the boxes for me and I hope this game has another 2-3 Years at least in its OP/competitive life. But I guarantee it won’t if they don’t do a better job communicating with the players/customers. I’m not any of the big names out there, but I’ve been playing the game since the beginning and seen a lot of content providers for this game fall by the wayside - largely because FFG didn’t say what they were doing enough to support and curate the skirmish side of the game (even when they had stuff/fixes in the works...)
  8. If you’re gonna spectre cell right you have more than 4 real attacks. Ezra has multiple attacks rather easily with brash movement twice getting him into position for pummel before the second round engagement happens. Or strength in numbers getting any of your heavy hitters into position, hitting, and then activating Hera or chopper, and tapping spectre cell, and likely offing one of those 6-7 opponent’s attacks before it got to do anything. That’s just a few ways the spectre team finds ways to mitigate figure count and still get more attacks than you expect on the surface.
  9. WANT Riot Trooper Spot Gloss Temp Alliance Spot Gloss Hera/Terro Spot Gloss Vinto Hreeda Spot Gloss HAVE Mirrored condition tokens from Worlds Rare AA cards Jabba point dial HK Droid Spot Gloss’ Clear dice (12 set) Lots of other stuff
  10. Yeah having seen the card backs now - being a print of the archon, it’s name, and the three factions in the deck - on each card for the deck it makes more sense. And then the printers you described makes sense too. Each deck has a card listing what’s in the deck alongside each card’s rarity - so you don’t have to fill out anything saying what’s in your deck for OP just have your card. And I think that may be open info to your opponent? Haven’t read that far into the rules or faq.
  11. 37 would be one ID card (archon?) and 12 from three separate factions. And from a few pics they have have a unique back to the deck to identify it. My question is how they they got unique deck backs and then how they printed that since a lot of printing in games is setting the templates and repeatedly printing/making the same things over and over. I would love an article just on how they manufactured this game and printed it
  12. I would think you could relatively easily trade decks with people. Might get crazy though depending on how people start to value what in the game. Im interested in seeing how op is supported and prizes - special card sleeves? Upgraded game components? Alt art won’t really work.
  13. Still looking for IA Riot Trooper spot gloss card. Great trade with @Darph Nader
  14. Wanting to trade for Kanan and Riot Trooper Alt Arts - Have worlds mirror tokens, worlds card sleeves, worlds Vader binder, etc. Translucent regionals dice, and many other things. PM and we can hopefully set something up :)
  15. Updated. Crazy to think I originally started this list just over 2 years ago! Can't wait for more stuff to come out - hopefully it doesn't track 1:1 to HotE schedule, but if that's as bad as it gets that's not horrible
  16. It was great meeting ya! You had a great run at worlds - so many good players up there around ya!
  17. Number of players hasn’t been published that I know of. Odds are good between 100-128. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/2/5/the-2018-may-world-championships/ specifics for IA here:
  18. Maybe a sticky on each IA product page that said - “unavailable through FFG - purchase through your local game store!” Oh wait, that makes too much sense for FFG to clearly communicate something... I love this company, but can’t stand how bad in general communication is.
  19. Yeah I’m gonna update this soon. To much time spent prepping for worlds and such. But I’ll get it next time I sit down at a computer
  20. I think I’m missing something here: does her command card or skirmish card even mention style tokens? I get it if someone doesn’t like more and more tokens for campaign - but she doesn’t seem to use style tokens for skirmish. And this is the skirmish forum. It sure looks like they translated style tokens into the surges rolled = x thing. Which seems pretty neat to me - we’ll see if it is in practice. And loku and Saska (and almost every hero before jabbas realm) are practically unusable because they weren’t priced right/health pointed right/or dice powered right - not because of tokens - as far as skirmish. It apparently took awhile to figure out the power curve and get most new figures onto it. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it a lot better than everything bespin and before? Yep. What’s bad in Jabba’s realm? The rancor? A few slightly expensive things? But almost everything has a place. What about HotE? Clawdites little expensive or not enough health? Or too little synergy currently? Ok - but not hopeless figs. Ahsoka/maul a little hard to synergize with. Jarrod is arguably the most disappointing to me - but he might be good combined with tress for brawler synergy. But the last two boxes and the Jawa wave have introduced some of the best stuff in the game. And the more toys we get the more options there are to smash together and find new synergies. I mean come on, someone has currently turned MHD into a thing and almost everyone has written that figure off since he came out. So I’m just glad we got another announcement and looking forward to more info
  21. I really want to understand this, but none of the arguments make sense. The only thing that makes sense to me here as that the language/terms need to be cleaned up because of this interaction. So you’re saying tough luck and heightened reflexes do not remove a blank “result” from the defense results pool? That somehow, the undefined term “results” (please show me where “results” is defined as a term) doesn’t/can’t include a “blank” “result”. But yet blank is a face on the dice and is a result. How is blank not a symbol or a result - when even R2 references blank as a result? Cards as written call blank a result...thanks R2... It could be cleaned up by changing the wording on heightened reflexes etc to “remove that die from the appropriate pool”. Why doesn’t that card say that instead of what seems more clunky in “remove its results from the defense results”? Or specifying “symbols and accuracy” from the defense results? This really just seems like an ongoing circle of English breaking down in the way the cards are written and terms (“results”) aren’t defined. (Again unless they are clearly somewhere). I honestly don’t care where it lands - but it needs an official explanation/Ruling that is publicly available. The last thing we need is someone arguing over this in a game at a tourney because one guy did some reading and another didn’t and there wasn’t an official answer to go to (like OTL and Collateral Damage - thank you FAQ!)
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