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  1. Apologies for the noob-question, but I want to create a new deck for a homebrew, but I can't figure out to use Strange Eons to put a custom design on the back of the card. I can only select from decks that already exist. Help please
  2. I love that idea, FFG should make that card or something similar in the future. There's a corresponding defeat-by-strength, inhibit craft trophies version I put in the Dungeon deck too, the Wraith Lord. He's less problematic as he's usually encountered later in the game. One day, I'll have to do a thread of all my bodges together, which i do to make 'em all balance the playing experience
  3. I agree with your wife's perspective, buddy, Harbinger played with the Omens Dynamic and him scooting around the regions is a big exercise in 'Get Rekt'. I could only tolerate him as an expansion by making him a stranger card that replaces all cards drawn with harbinger deck cards, added to all decks at a ratio I worked out (which meant printing a lot of homebrew cards). The Omens I just don't play, they break the game (meaning about a quarter of harbinger deck has to be placed aside). Worst Expansion ever. My plans for Cataclysm is to reintroduce the Omens as a trigger for replacing the main board and wipe all cards from it once it hits. But I haven't yet seen everything in the pack and don't know when my pre-order's coming. So my mods are gonna have to wait until I see the playing experience untampered with.
  4. Pre-ordered from a UK supplier yesterday. Crossing fingers
  5. The Woodland giveth and the Woodland taketh away
  6. It took a lot of time to Mod the Dragon Expansion so that it balances with the rest of it. Its still not quite right. Dragon Expansion just Reks you Harbinger Expansion is the Trolliest of the Trolls
  7. What it does in effect is draw a lot of the characters into the same region, and you can always cast a spell that removes him
  8. Ok, I just played the Merchant and he lasted 4 turns.... no joke, a 4 turn death. He gained the Deathstalker as a follower and then lost a fight with the CLOCKWORK CABINET The CLOCKWORK CABINET - This man was killed by FURNITURE at the start of his adventure. This is HUMILIATING Please share your stories of disastrous games where your character just got mauled and wrecked so unfairly
  9. I just straight up added some of my own inventions. Some event/stranger cards that spawn cards from the Deep Realms and Nether Realms decks into it. And my trolly monster 'Plague Lord' Encounter number 3 Enemy - Monster. Craft 8. Place the Plague Lord on the City Square, he cannot be discarded like other cards on the City Square. Whilst the Plague Lord is on the Board, no character can trade in trophies to gain Strength.
  10. Oh my... I thought this version had exhausted all possibilities... pffffffftttttttt
  11. You shouldn't underestimate the Conjurer - moving cards to her space allows her to rinse the region for its goods, she is VERY powerful
  12. Hello folks! Controversially, I found Harbinger a bit annoying, so I had to make my own changes to stop it from dominating the game, because I play with all the expansions. I did away with the Omens as they're too punishing, and took the cards out that rely on the Omens, they just cripple the game, no thanks. So.... with the essence of the Harbinger cards arriving by surprise, I added some adventure cards with an encounter number of 0 - meaning it overrides all other cards and comes first: Stranger: Harbinger. Replace all cards drawn, including this one, with cards from the Harbinger deck. The counts were as follows; Adventure: 40 Highland: 10 Dungeon: 10 Woodland: 8 City: 6 And so far its going very well! The deck is reasonably well represented in the game but doesn't overpower it. Opinions about this?
  13. False Prophet Strength: 2 Craft: 4 Life: 4 Fate: 5 Alignment: Evil Start: Temple Special Abilities Whenever a character gains a follower, you replenish one fate. ---------------------------- At the start of your turn you may attempt to convert any followers of another character in your region. Roll 1 die, on a 5-6 gain a follower of your choice, on a 1, lose 1 random follower. ---------------------------- When a character uses fate for a re-roll, you may spend one fate to force them to accept their first roll.
  14. Its not though, the card says 'Your strength value is equal to your current life', not your strength value is equal to your current life plus strength values gained from trophies'.. With no life limit extensions that value is only ever 5 at most.
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