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  1. Brother Malachai

    Crafting Ammo for Bowcasters

    Add a Grenade Launcher attachment to a Hard point?
  2. I don't know how long civilians have been flying P-51 Mustangs at airshows, but it's been a while now, and those are still some badass planes. The Star Wars galaxy is also a violent place, full of pirates and bounty hunters. People walk around with pistols openly on their hips, and most starships are armed. So yeah, I think it's fine to have "obsolete" military hardware in the hands of civilians. I'm sure there are freelance squadrons that provide escort service (not that kind) for cargo ships through dangerous sectors. Now, things should change a bit in certain places. Bringing a Y-Wing to Tatooine is no big deal, but I imagine Coruscant has thousands of orbital customs and security stations. I might rule that you need special clearance to land anything on the surface, and most personal ships have to dock at a station, where their ship will be heavily inspected, while the passengers take a shuttle to the surface. Yeah, just remember you're going to have serious issues w/ the local law enforcement and the Imps in the Inner and Middle Sectors unlike the no-man's-land that is the Outer Rim and Unexplored Space where anything goes (except for what few outposts where the Imps have locked down and/or are doing a major Offensive/Colonization Push/Campaign as Thrawn used to do before the de-canonization of the EU).
  3. Brother Malachai

    FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!

    Wow. I didn’t know that Role Playing Games were so dangerous!?! I hope you realize that RPG is also shorthand for Rocket-Propelled Grenade. :-/ I do sincerely hope you are joking with me.
  4. Brother Malachai

    Reprogramming droids

    Have you read the book made for Technicians (EoTE: Custom Modifications?)? It had a whole section on droid programming/reprogramming.
  5. You thought about looking at the slatcards for the Scum Z-95 Headhunters? They're almost an exact copy of the X-Wing (bar the S-Foils), and some of them look rather nice.
  6. Brother Malachai

    A Campaign with a Happy Ending

    Figured you'd at least have a Kegger.
  7. Brother Malachai

    A Campaign with a Happy Ending

    Did you have one of these? Or these?
  8. Brother Malachai

    Ex scout trooper officer: options

    Forged in Battle. It has as selection of Survival related talents (including a unique one that allows you to use Survival instead of Cool/Discipline for a Strain Recovery check in the wilderness) and combat/leadership talents that are pretty powerful and can be extended to allies, but generally requires people to be in cover (increase Soak, add Advantage, and - benefiting you only - when in cover take maneuver to add damage equal to ranks in Stealth against a target within Short range). There's also Cunning Snare which lets you set a trap and some ranks of Disorient to pair with Prey on the Weak which lets you do extra damage to disoriented targets. Anyone have a copy of the trait tree I can use until I can get this book? (It is Age of Rebellion, right?)
  9. I only hope that this brief period of time will lead to a re-canonization of Kyle Katarn and the original Dark Forces Cast. I miss Kyle.
  10. Brother Malachai

    Ex scout trooper officer: options

    What book is Trailblazer in?
  11. Brother Malachai

    FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!

    Yup, main killer and source of injuries in the modern Mideast Wars are IEDS, RPG's, Grenades. IED's being the big one. Sniping takes up 2'nd.
  12. Brother Malachai

    Please make it, Carrie

    It's been a horrid year, hasn't it?
  13. Brother Malachai

    Kessel Errata?

    We had someone run an adventure on Kessel that simply split it into Kessel Major and Kessel Minor, with Major being the planet where they go in Rebels, and Minor being the prison potato moon that orbits it. I rather like this idea. Thank you. I was thinking the potato Kessel could be a asteroid/planetoid that was further/deeper in orbit than the "Rebels" Kessel.
  14. Brother Malachai

    Kessel Errata?

    Have FFG updated/errat'd Kessel from the earlier entries in Edge of The Empire Main Rulebook and other books such as Mask of The Pirate Queen? Rebels Canon has made a lot of major changes to the planet and a lot of the published materials from FFG now conflicts with the new Canon (Kessel is no longer shaped like a rotten potato, has a breathable atmosphere that's not dependent on atmosphere factories, etc...).
  15. Brother Malachai

    FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!

    What sort of Captial Ship is floating above Jedha btw?