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  1. Directly, it does nothing. It only affects interactions with other cards that care which clan that character belongs to. Way of the Crab and Way of the Scorpion are two good examples. Right now, these "Seal of X" cards are not a big deal, but they might be in the future. As more cards appear that target characters of specific clans, being able to treat a neutral or cross-clan character as part of your main clan could be extremely useful.
  2. Rather than power creep, I think of this game as sort of like rocket tag. Every clan has at least a few extremely strong cards, and there are a ton of powerful neutrals as well. The base level of what constitutes a "good card" in the core set was already a really high bar (see Lion's Pride Brawler, for example). I also get the impression the Imperial Cycle was mostly designed alongside the core set, and it's just arbitrary luck as to which strong cards ended up in the core versus in the first expansion cycle.
  3. On the flip side, Crab is supposed to be the clan that wins on defense, but we didn't get anything nearly as defensively good as Mirumoto's Fury.
  4. I like this idea. It provides a lot of potential variety without quite the combinatoric explosion that having 8+ full factions would lead to. The really cool part is you could print a bunch of Mantis conflict deck cards with influence costs now, and then later if/when Mantis finally becomes a great clan, you introduce a Mantis stronghold and dynasty cards, while leveraging the conflict cards that already exist. That could cut down on the problems late-to-the-table factions always seem to have (e.g. Scum in X-Wing playing catch-up for years).
  5. Ideas for Crab themes or cards: More berserkers, scouts, skirmishers, ambushers, etc. (Hida/Haruma families) More Kuni shugenja More Yasuki traders and courtiers (economic engine cards, with the potential for Mantis splashing someday) More holdings and Kaiu cards that interact with them Siege engines Characters tainted by the shadowlands An event or attachment that lets you accuse an enemy of being tainted
  6. Ooh, yes. "Purity of the Phoenix. - Phoenix Clan Only - Your influence is set to 0 and cannot be changed. - <some crazy good/fun benefit>"
  7. Yes and no. Technically, the rules say "No more than 1 copy of each province, by title, may be included in a player’s set of provinces." That is practically the same thing as being unique, but technically not the same thing as having the Unique symbol next to the province name. Theoretically, a card could be printed that says, "You may include two copies of the same non-unique province", which would make the distinction matter. It's a form of future-proofing.
  8. Phoenix clan got a huge mythical phoenix, with an oversized fate cost and a powerful special ability. If Crab clan doesn't get a giant enemy crab with a glowing red weak spot you can strike for massive damage, I will be very disappointed.
  9. Both! Start with a single core set. That's basically the demo game. See how you like it. To play the full standard tournament game, you either need a second core set or one core plus a bunch of the expansion packs. Most players will recommend a second core set, because the core just has so many good cards. To play competitively, you probably want a third core set and most or all of the expansions. Two or three cores is enough to let two players each make their own full tournament-legal deck and play a game against each other. With only two cores, your options will be limited, though. Because this is a game that depends on deck building, if you're supplying all the cards for two players, you're going to have to rebuild decks every time someone decides they want to try a different clan. Fortunately, because this is an LCG, not a CCG, the expansions are not randomized. Everyone who buys "Tears of Ameterasu" gets the same cards as everyone else who bought it. That means, in the long run, this game is much cheaper to keep up with than games like Magic where you are relying on randomized boosters or buying singles on the secondary market to build a competitive deck.
  10. That is definitely a big issue, but I think that's something to discuss in a separate thread. I have no idea how to get FFG to totally change how roles are chosen. I do have ideas about how to help the community self-organize to better deal with the problems FFG has created. At least in this thread, I'd like to focus on the latter.
  11. First off, you need to get rid of first-past-the-post voting and use something like Instant Runoff or Ranked Choice voting instead. What you're describing is pretty much exactly the same third-party-spoiler and strategic voting problems that political elections in the U.S. and elsewhere suffer from all the time. Secondly, there needs to be a concentrated effort to actually "get out the vote". I didn't even know there WAS a facebook or discord group for L5R where this kind of question was being asked until last week. I guarantee a ton of casual community members still have no idea there was any opportunity at all for them to participate in the choice. If we're going to have votes or even just comprehensive community discussion, then there ought to be ONE place where it happens (or at worst, one per clan), and the existence of that place and the fact that it's used for voting needs to be loudly advertised on Facebook, Reddit, Discord, the FFG forums, CardGameDb, FiveRingsDb, Jigoku, Mahoisfun, and any other L5R related site or channel we can find.
  12. A thought on timing: You can play Mono no Aware in the Conflict phase. That means any 1-fate characters will go away at the end of this round. Or you can play it in the Fate or Regroup phases, after fate has been removed from characters. That has a more delayed effect on your opponent's board, but I think it could be the right play sometimes. For example, at the end of the Conflict phase, my opponent's fated characters have 2 or more fate on each of them, and my fated characters only have 1 fate on them. If I play Mono no Aware now, it hurts both of us. If I wait until the end of the Fate phase, however, I can play it and only hurt my opponent.
  13. Yep, that is a risk. I never said this was an auto-include card or good for every clan, just that you "can" run it in any deck (as opposed to, say, Cloud The Mind which is effectively limited to only being played by clans with good Shugenja support). I think it will be good in the decks where it's good (The first rule of Tautology Club...), and underperform in the decks where it's at odds with their usual strategy.
  14. I think if you're running Mono no Aware in your deck, you don't "hope that will come up". Instead, you play intentionally to create the right circumstances for it. For example, if I know I have Mono no aware in hand or am likely to draw it, I might intentionally under-fate one or more of my characters, especially if they have a sacrifice effect or I have cards like Reprieve around.
  15. Or, in a dishonor deck, you could hurry the demise of an opponent's dishonored characters. Likewise, if you have characters that trigger effects when they or something else leaves play, that could lead to some interesting interactions.
  16. Ooh, true! Needs 4 available fate to pull off, but it could be a huge swing.
  17. My thoughts: Thematically, this card is perfect. The theme of Mono no Aware ("sensitivity to the impermanence of all things" being one translation) runs throughout L5R. The most obvious way is in how no character stays in play longer than their Fate allows. Beyond that, very few cards in L5R have permanent ongoing effects. An attachment leaves play when its holder does. Provinces break. Holdings are often sacrificed. Events and character actions rarely create effects that last longer than a single conflict or phase. The Mono no Aware card hastens such leavings and affects both players equally. The art and haiku flavor text both reference the end of Autumn and the beginning of Winter. The changing of the seasons has always been of great importance in Japanese culture. It's a prime time to experience Mono no Aware. On top of that, this just happens to be the last card (number 120) in the last expansion pack of the first cycle of L5R, being released just before the Winter Solstice. It is the end of the beginning, though not the beginning of the end, I think. Mechanically, this is a very interesting card that I think is well designed. It fits my criteria for a good neutral card: any deck can run it, but only some decks will really want to. It's just expensive enough and risky enough to take skill to play well, while still being powerful enough to be a devastating swing in the right hands at the right time. Further thoughts: Cost of 3 is expensive and hard to hold onto enough fate for, especially early in the game. However, you probably want to play this in the last Action window of the Conflict phase, so you may have had a chance to gain Fate from rings or cards like Kaiu Shuichi and Yasuki Taka in the meantime. It affects both players, so you want to time it for when your opponent has more characters with Fate on them than you do. You don't need to pull 3 Fate off of enemies for this to be worth it. Getting just 1 Fate off of Togashi Yokuni when he's Honored and stacked up with attachments could be game winning. With such a high cost and huge effect, this is a prime target for counterspells (Censure, Forged Edict, Voice of Honor). You might want to protect it by having your own counter ready to counter-counterspell. Since it doesn't say to choose specific characters, it is not prevented by cards like Above Question or Finger of Jade which prevent/cancel targeted effects. Combining this with Void ring or other such fate-removal effects could mean a Champion played with 2 Fate on them ends up leaving the board the same round they were played. Combining this with Waning Hostilities could massively reduce the value a player gets out of investing heavily in strong characters. The one card draw is just a nice little bonus, not something to rely on, I think. However, it could end up being critical if you're really short on Conflict cards. You probably don't want to pay for this card more than once or twice in a game, so I'm not sure it will be a 3x include. Clans which most fear this card, I expect: Dragon (hurts their tall attachment-stacked characters if they can't be kept around), Lion (directly reverses a For Greater Glory, albeit at a much greater cost, can turn a wide board into an empty one) Clans most likely to play this card: Crab (with Reprieve and Iron Mine they can keep characters around in other ways, they also have a lot of sacrificial chumps they probably wouldn't put fate on anyway) and anyone else (Scorpion?, Phoenix?, Dragon?) who plays a long-game war of attrition.
  18. Mono no Aware (card image) Neutral Event 3 Fate Cost Action: Remove 1 fate from each character. Draw 1 card. (Max 1 per round.) Flavor text (it's a haiku): Autumn's voice falters Visions of days together Fade with the new snow Translation/explanations of Mono no Aware: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mono_no_aware http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MonoNoAware
  19. Best splashes for Crab so far, IMHO: Unicorn for Captive Audience (shores up your Political weakness), Iuchi Wayfinder (find a safe province to poke for rings), and Spyglass (card draw is always good, and can be triggered multiple times per round with other Crab tricks) Crane for Political Rival (defensive, shores up political, and Covert is awesome) and maybe Admit Defeat (fun synergy with Covert effects) and/or dueling cards Dragon for Let Go (counters nasty attachments for cheap), Mirumoto's Fury (amazing defensive card), and Tattooed Wanderer (I just love Covert). Crab splashes nicely into any clan that wants to dishonor their opponents, such as Scorpion or Phoenix (Watch Commander is the main card for this) or any clan that really wants to keep their big characters on the board longer and get multiple uses out of them, such as Dragon (Reprieve and Mountain Does Not Fall are the main cards here). You can also do some tricky things with Holdings and Rebuild in the right deck.
  20. Maybe it was just at some smaller tournaments. I haven't really been paying attention to all the tournament results.
  21. The question in my mind now is not about the potential turn-one win. It's more of, "Could a Unicorn deck with Rebuild, Yurt, and Way of the Chrysanthemum have enough honor gain to rely on that as a primary win condition and be consistently competitive?" At the moment, I'm thinking the answer is "Not quite." It wouldn't take many more new cards to change that, though.
  22. Interesting. That does seem like a better formula when taking into account that if I bid one higher than you, I've gained one card, lost one honor, and you've gained one honor, so that's effectively a 2-honor swing.
  23. Here's an extremely rough guide for value equivalency in this game: 1 Honor = 1 Fate = 1 Conflict card draw = a 2/2 body for one round or +2 to a skill value for one conflict
  24. The Full Game - buy a second core set. So You Want to be Competitive - buy a third core set Now You're Hooked - buy an expansion pack
  25. A turn one win is absolutely possible, but it requires your opponent to help you, just like a Fool's Mate or Scholar's Mate in chess. It would be based on Dishonor, not provinces. For example: Your opponent is Crab, so they start with 10 honor. You're Lion. You play Akodo Toturi and a 2-cost character. You bid 1, they bid 5, so they give you 4 honor. They use Assassination, losing another 3 honor. You attack with Air ring, and for whatever reason they don't defend. You trigger the Air ring twice, stealing 2 honor, and they lose 1 honor for not defending. That's 10 total lost honor, so your opponent loses by Dishonor. You win. Destroying 3 provinces in one turn only requires one player to be Unicorn and the other player to be a Seeker splashing Unicorn. That should be enough of a hint for people to figure out the required sequence of events. Several of these will probably become much easier to achieve as more cards are published that allow these weird scenarios to occur in different ways. Also, it's worth noting that I didn't really do any analysis of how easy or hard each one would be. I just threw out a whole bunch of ideas really quickly. For the ones that have numbers, I either picked a number arbitrarily or went for something that I'm pretty sure is just barely possible. As far as I know, every one in my list is at least theoretically possible, though a few might be a bit of a stretch or require creative rules interpretations.
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