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  1. Ah well that's better than I expected lol
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if we know if gadgets and gear will get another run or do I have to wait till someone wants to let go of it? I was financially restricted and unable to pick it up when it was released 😕 I feel like I know the answer but figure I'd ask...
  3. For an introductory interaction with the rebels for the players, you could have a banquet that the players are invited to/it's held in honor of their mission. At the banquet the rebels attack sowing disorder and chaos. During the attack there could be a data chip on a rebel that hints at a backer to the rebel group
  4. I remember hearing in the forums when FFG first got the SW license that part of the deal is that the SW rpg has to be a non standard set of rules. So they couldn't just reskin dark heresy for example. So, assuming that is true they might not contractually be able to make a SW 5e/pf
  5. Have you read or heard of the young Jedi knights books? They're pretty ripe for ideas. A few morals to teach to would be Jedi's are: The lightsaber is a tool, not a weapon. Have them in a situation where they are armed with their lightsaber, but must use it in ways outside of hitting stuff. It is basically a never ending force power cell after all. It would be a great lead up to building their own saber if they sacrificed the given saber to complete a task, learning that the saber is not merely a weapon. Using the force is not your first response in a situation. Resorting to force use reflexively is abusive to the natural flow/will of the force. One must use it after appropriate reflection. Not everyone can/wants to be saved. It's easy to think that everyone wants to live the same kind of life you have or want, or even simply wants to live. This could be an interaction with someone who has experienced something unbearable. Or it can be a friend who has fallen that simply doesn't want to be saved - though maybe they're a morally grey character that can't commit the heinous act required of them, yet can't follow the hollow words/teachings of Luke Skywalker. I have to go to work, hopefully this helps
  6. pretty sure the person shaving gets murdered, or at least arms torn off
  7. Lol, also it's not called kashmyyyr, it's called murder
  8. Yeah, I was already making a character before I realized that wasn't the point of the post
  9. So really any places in Hutt Space would be ideal for laying low, planet/system hopping. Tapani sector could be fun. Various world's from nexus of power work well as a detour, weik could be particularly fun. You could also have them stay on a large space station full of scum and villainy and honest folk trying to make a living. Honestly it just depends on the scope of the game. Is this a destination you expect them to stay at for awhile or is it a simple detour?
  10. Hey Blackbird, can you give us a break down of content on the 4 pgs of lightsaber construction? Namely is it all mechanical, only describes the mods, etc...
  11. (Didn't notice there was an 11th page, apparently. -ignore)
  12. Mind over matter: spend a destiny pt to recover strain equal to Willpower rating
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