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  1. The empire was smashed there brave noble souls lost too the void. 2 nebs died and a corvette flew of table ha ha. But victory too the rebels. Dam the enhanced red side dice and gunnery team mk2 it stings lol
  2. The empire gunnery was poor vader was not pleased. Knowing we where in trouble we tried too run from mk2 hoping too escape and take some of the smaller rebel scum with us
  3. Glad is hurting but courage is boosted by vic hoping we will brig the fire on the frig we open up boom yeaa.
  4. The glad swings away hoping too avoid the pain yikes.
  5. Taken by surprise rebel scum take no fighters feeling some what out gunned
  6. Yea I see that now what a monkey I am lol
  7. Hmmm think I am wrong about size ish
  8. Check out page 23 and 24 on download PDFs for correct table size.
  9. It was 4 by 3 but map was short so extended beyond that. However 300 pts ffg recommend 4 by 3 not 6 by 3. The 6 by 3 ref in book is the play area including place for cards etc but game wise it's 4 by 3 it's badly written in one of books but clear in the other.
  10. You have too put pictures on some thing like photo bucket then copy and paste the link for eac picture
  11. Found it and wow thats much more lije it woot!
  12. Whoop got it thanks I am conviced, well done guys good catch new love for vsd
  13. Found ffg preview articulate on screed giving examples but no where in that example does he change a dice too a hit crit ;(
  14. If any one could find the page and put a link here that would be great if that's true would be able too too it but with out a mention in some thing like a preview article I won't get away with it can already see the debate. "A" in this context is singular blah blah would really help if you could find it.
  15. I agree and disagree with your spirit of the game, most of the time it is indeed triggered by some thing people don't like, however I find the" don't like it bit" is usually a result of some rules rapist stretching some reading of a rule too the absolute limit too gain some dubious advantage. Personally I am lucky enough too play in a club that discuss the Wooly dubious rulings before hand, However we all no people will always fall back RAW weather it's the intention of the game or not. Like minded players tend too play each other so all kinda works out.
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