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  1. Thats sweet, and the title does not say once per round, so you could potentially tractor the same ship three times in a round! -snap shot tractor -start of combat tractor -combat attack tractor
  2. I was looking at what to put on my Ketsu, and noticed that the Shadowcaster title does not specify if it was a secondary weapon or not. I know Snap Shot is a secondary and can only be fired out of the primary arc, but with Ketsu you want the auxiliary arc in the primary arc. So if my auxiliary arc is in my primary arc, I hit a ship with Snap Shot, can I trigger the title and assign a tractor beam token before they have done any actions?
  3. I was so excited when I saw the yt-2400 in the preview for season 3. I knew it wouldn't be Dash Rendar, but the "ship full of Ezras"....very much a let down, we do not have literally any reason to care if these idiots die or not. Was cool to learn that Thrawn and Sato have history though
  4. Nooo, why all of the punisher hate? I love that big baby's model. For me I gotta say that the attack shuttle for the rebels looks the worst.
  5. Yeah I'm in Michigan, maybe they have the same distributor as the Wisconsin stores? I would know. Also Amazon doesn't get it till November 2nd
  6. Huh, was just at my flgs and they said they didn't know when it was coming out. Never mind, guess I'm out of the loop
  7. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/10/27/available-this-week-13/ Seems like there was no warning for this, just hid it in the new products announcement
  8. Cesamasec

    Storage solutions

    As do I, but most of them aren't named Richard. You sir are a legend
  9. Oh man, i did not realize how much i liked the battledroid comic relief, and the end card?!?! I got goosebumps, didn't know how much i missed clone wars
  10. I definitely would love a punisher buff, they are one of my favorite models and I used Redline in my first good tournament list.
  11. http://www.starwars.com/news/donald-glover-cast-as-young-lando-calrissian-in-upcoming-han-solo-star-wars-stand-alone-film I think Glover will do a great job, wonder if this movie will be able to do the characters justice
  12. Man, the rest of those fighters seem tiny compared to the glorious ARC!!!
  13. I like the idea of using baffle with the emp+bomb, be pretty fun
  14. Since I can't get it to work, heres one of my all time favorite gifs, goes along with this. http://imgur.com/gallery/rYwcUlY
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