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  1. Fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to write and share this - great narrative!
  2. Nice... that produced a disturbance in the force... a million voices crying out.
  3. My episode had Disney XD promos over the end credits? Anyone have a clip of the credits with the music? Ugh!! Never mind - YouTube has several full episodes. Very nice homage at the end! One example: https://youtu.be/G-l1BRVtIiI. Not sure how long they stay up.
  4. My episode had Disney XD promos over the end credits? Anyone have a clip of the credits with the music? Ugh!!
  5. One question: would any of the cr-90 missions lend themselves to the Hotac system? Could they be tweaked as such in your opinion? Would love to get more thoughts on generally improving the missions after you guys discuss them.
  6. Sorry to be 25 episodes late in responding - I truly enjoy the show and this was an excellent episode. You hooked me on Hotac and I'm digging the CR-90 missions episodes. Nice work on the dramatized mission intros, as well. Thanks for the hard work. It is greatly appreciated! Chris
  7. I believe a couple of the squad builders, particularly Aurora Squad Builder IIRC, support creating your own custom ship definitions with whatever upgrade slots you want them to have. You'd have to specifically create a "HotAC X-Wing" template, for example, and then fill it out, but it should work. Aurora works like a charm - thank you! You start by creating a custom pilot and giving him plenty of slots for mods and elites. I also created custom upgrade cards for the pilot abilities that I selected as elite upgrades. Thanks for the tip - and thanks to the creator of Aurora!
  8. Are the stickers used to modify the reverse side of the obstacles / station punch outs, possibly?
  9. Listened to them all and I really enjoy the level of detail. Great podcast - thank you so much!!
  10. "I think Clon has a feminist point of view from a certain type of feminism - cultural feminism - one that does not have much currency today, but still exists. As such, I don't find what he says as insulting, even if I fundamentally disagree with it. I disagree with it because it is unrealistic as feminism. Feminine roles are undervalued in society, and they inherently limit women's opportunities in life, in a way that male roles in society are not as limited. Like Clon, I think that those traditional feminine roles should be valued much more than they are. But I think that as long as we reduce women to those roles because of the physical attributes with which they were born, then we're not being serious about women's agency in their own role in society. Without real choices to make, then cultural feminism places them on a pedestal that they have no choice on which to stand or not. I have plenty more to say on the matter, but this keeps it nice and short." That was an exceptionally thoughtful and well-considered contribution to a genuine discussion of the topic. One of the best expressions of opinion I've read this year. Thank you - I plan to share this. I just wanted you to know that you made me think today.
  11. Thank you for these - I truly enjoy them. Looking forward to catching one live, but the YouTube versions are great. The commenting is nice, as well. Congrats to all involved! And keep it up! Chris
  12. I like to use ships only and no objectives. I create the lists in advance with a mix of ships and just a few titles and upgrades. 400 points or close to it.
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