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  1. Eat cookies, drink milk, use container to store dials? Maybe put flimsy plastic tray in a box to support it. Anyway, off to the grocery store to do more research.?
  2. I am with you on that, I wish they had done something different with torpedoes TBH. I have always felt that they really didn't have a unique role in the game. They overlap the same design space with missiles (well the other way around actually) and don't thematically fit with the dogfighting theme of the 100/6 game as they are supposed to be an anti-capital ship weapon. Not to mention that almost every weapon system is R1-3, so overlapping design with missiles and primary attacks there as well. I was kind of hoping that they might be implemented in a way that made them suck against small ships, but at the same making them useful against large and epic ships. Basically giving them the card ability from the turbo laser. But what are you gonna do.
  3. I don't know why they bother with PS or Initiative, they'd probably be better off making players shuffle all the pilot cards together and then activating them in the order flipped. Would certainly kill that whole pilot skill/initiative war b.s.?
  4. I don't why you guys insist on calling it Mario Kart, when we all know it's really Pod Racing. It's like a bald guy with a comb-over, you're only fooling yourself. But, if it helps you get through the day...?
  5. With your eyes, they don't look anything alike...oh you mean stats and upgrades.? Also, this one is big enough-ish to be a scum Epic.
  6. More types of obstacles, and effects would be cool. Not sure about space worms, but whatever.
  7. Errata for the Reaper and Saw's Renegades. And the Arc-170 and Dash.
  8. Certainly explains a lot. Boba Fett was unjustly admonished by Lord Vader. No disentegrations, uncle Owen and aunt Beru just forgot their morning milk. I can see it now, a Got Milk? poster, with the flaming Lars couple below the caption.?
  9. There is one thing I have always found odd about epic play. The fact that both halves of a ship have separate shields. I can understand splitting the Hull into two sections but not the shields. You can, for example, cripple the fore section of a CR-90, while the aft section still has shields. I have always thought it would be more thematic if shields were a shared resource between those sections. A ship should either have shields or it shouldn't, and as far as I know, that's how it works in Star Wars. Having shields as a shared pool, would allow for an overall reduction in the number of shields per epic ships. As just adding up the total shields on a ship and applying them for overall damage mitigation before putting damage on the hull, would likely be too overpowering. So the total could be higher than it now stands but not significantly so. I think this would have the effect of making epic ships stronger in the short game , but weaker in the long game.
  10. Thanks for posting your epic redo I enjoy reading these posts. Good stuff.
  11. Since FFG seems to be trying to get rid of defensive mods, I could see the Crossfire Formation being turned into an offensive mod. Perhaps one that allows an extra attack die (on a 2 die turret) for each Starfortress that also has the target in its firing arc. If that proves too overpowering, as it would be possible to throw 5 die in one attack, without range limitations in place. You could instead up the damage of the turret to 3 dice, and then allow dice mods (eyeball to hit) for each Starfortress in range. anyway, just some thoughts.
  12. Well, that is certainly a surprise. Very cool.
  13. Yep, I think some sort of AI would be essential to the game, especially for solo play. Coop gaming isn't something I had considered, even though I have been playing HotAC for years. I always seem to think of this type of campaign play in terms of an in store competitive type of thing, but I would be down with a cool / more rpg type campaign.
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