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  1. player1086184

    Midnight Masks cultist question (mild spoiler)

    I hoped that - seems much easier to 'rough them up' with Roland and his machete and his levelled up Beat Cop mate..!!
  2. When you're interrogating the 6 cultists, is there anything that says you can't kill them instead? I presume this removes them from the scenario....do they then get added to the victory pile, or would that route not add the as they haven't been 'interrogated'? Thoughts...?
  3. player1086184

    PDF Map Sheets?

    Great game - quick, strategic with luck and a lot of dice choices. I've just made a 600 dpi scan of two of the score sheets and can print as needed if I run out... I presume that for home use there's no problem with that..? The sheets are a bit bigger, easier to read and PoD!