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  1. I'm just going to quote a summary of the first two episodes that was posted a couple years back on a forum I frequent: It's a show in which the heroes accidentally strafe a marketplace. It rules, if not necessarily as intended. (also, game of thrones is a bad show because the only thing the showrunners can think to do is escalate the shocks, and the only way they can think to do that is to go further and further into the realm of Saw. Season one, an important character gets beheaded and the camera cuts away and some doves take flight. Five years later and the camera lingers as a ten year old is burned at the stake, because it's no longer enough to kill characters, they've done that plenty. No, now they have to add allegedly disturbing cruelty on top. It's transparent and it's contemptible.)
  2. Wait. Are we talking about the ship that could fire a torpedo at you at PS9 and then fire a second torpedo at you if you fired at it while in arc that same turn? The ship with 9 hp, 2 agi that was itself nearly guaranteed to survive alpha strikes that would come its way (or at least get simultaneous fire if it didn't)? The ship with white sloops that could take deadeye? The ship with white sloops, deadeye, and ludicrous offensive mods between chips and its mech that gave it obscene odds of 4/4 hits? That's doing torpedoes right? TIL
  3. Wait, is PGS tyler1? Suddenly so many things fall into place.
  4. The Defender v traditional ace matchup was always weird. Everybody had easy access to focus + evade (also Palpatine), nobody had a lot of firepower. If you could get a bunch of shots on the same target, great, but between the K turns and the dodging you probably couldn't. So mostly the shots just bounced off, and Defenders in particular could soak the damage that bled through regardless.
  5. I don't have a strong opinion, but: you don't think Kylo has a shot at resisting, uh, Kylo? Two shields, four hull, and autothrusters is a lot more self-harm than RAC would like to inflict if he's going to be vadering. Also no guarantee of punching through the thrusters plus title, at least in one turn. And there's the chance for an exchange of crippling pilot cards. PS0 Kylo is pretty sad, but so is PS0 Cheery. Of course, then you have to spend 58 other points so I dunno.
  6. There was a local who brought three (four?) AFMK2 with Ruthless Strategists and 13 Y-Wings to the one regional I went to. Good times.
  7. As worded, Harpooned isn't applied at any point of the timing chart and therefore isn't applied to a ship that is destroyed by the missile. "After attacking" or "after defending" are phrases that, now, have specific meanings. Harpooned does not use those phrases. As written, an attack isn't resolved until after step 10 is complete. Until you've completed the chart, you're still working through the timing chart for performing an attack, so the attack isn't resolved. After step 10, if there's still a ship (simultaneous fire rules, say), it could be Harpooned. If the ship is gone, it can't be Harpooned, because it's gone.
  8. If you can make robots sentient, you can make robots susceptible to "mind" altering effects. As for the mechanics, it's glitterstim, after all; something in the way light interacts with the substance does weird things your optic nerves (or sensors, in this case), which grants you temporary hyper-focus (presumably at the cost of long-term damage to your brain and/or programming and/or hard/wetware). Where's my no-prize?
  9. If you go asymmetric, but the HLC on C, not B. If B has both the gunner effect and the HLC it's a no-brainer for your opponent: they kill B first every time. Change the cannon distribution and the equation is a little more complex.
  10. I mean, it's not but Miranda still dies in 4 shots. She cannot regen fast enough to match the incoming damage, she cannot regen if she's not in range to shoot, and she can't even get out of arc unless she's slamming and/or the aggressor ate a net. Also her TLT is worthless except for its regen.
  11. It's also unprecedented for FFG to spend over a year attempting to fix a broken release only for it to continually prove so ludicrously over the line that the nerfs don't keep the chassis from being broken as ****. And honestly? The people who are going to care about the change are not people who will care about not being able to use all the cards in the box. The competitive types are already so deep it doesn't matter, the casual types wouldn't necessarily know or care about the change.
  12. Chiraneau with Kylo Ren crew.
  13. I don't understand why the OP hasn't received scores of likes since the FAQ dropped. These are basic troll techniques, people! Step up your game already.
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