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  1. And Snoke's ships had shields... Hyperspace Lances would be more useful than the Deathstar, and they could be disguised as anything--even the spacewalrus milk-truck.
  2. I don't understand the hate over the WWII Bombing scene IN SPACE. There's no resistance (hehe) in space so even just a moderate PUSH as the bombs/bomblets are released would give the illusion of free-fall.
  3. Not true. Hyperspace is a tad different than FTL travel. First, a ship must transition into Hyperspace (where friction and heat don't apply), and this clearly establishes Hyperspace as separate from our observable reality. In 'A New Hope' Han is worried about coming out of Hyperspace, not entering it. So there's that. But also, if Entry was THIS dangerous... Nothing about these film's Massive Space Navies makes any sense. All you need is a Droid in a cheap Transport and viola... Things start getting auto-killed.
  4. The problem with Weaponizing Hyperspace Entry is that it nukes 'A New Hope' from orbit. Why even build a Deathstar if you could just HyperSlice ships, maybe even planets, in two? "Sir, a ship is entering Hyperspace... Quick, evacuate Coruscant!"
  5. I want to play along... Whew. What a strange film TLJ is. How on Earth was this script approved? Big Problems: 1. Too Late in The Franchise to Weaponize Hyperspace Entry! [Why even build a Deathstar?] 2. Kylo doesn't want to kill his mommy; Kills his new daddy; decides to go back and kill mommy anyway? 3. Snoke can place a collect call, linking Rey and Kylo, without knowing her whereabouts? Her area code? 4/10 (worse than Episode 1)
  6. How about the all-too-dangerous Hyperspace Entry?!? LOL, what were they thinking.
  7. But do you get the argument? I'm not sure by the following statement: "why Esege Works." 1. Esege DOES work. Nearby Huge Ship may now use Esege's Focus token as if it were their own. 2. Huge Ship attempts to use Esege's Focus token NOT as if it were Esege's token, but as if it were their (Huge Ship) own. 3. Huge Ship spends Esege's Focus token, which has no effect on Huge Ships. 4. Nothing happens; token is spent/discarded.
  8. Nah, you know exactly why: Sloppy wording. Lets review: (Page 4; Huge Ship Rules)--------------------------------------------------------- Focus, Evade, and Stress tokens Focus, evade, and stress tokens do not affect huge ships. When a huge ship receives any of these tokens, immediately remove them and return them to the token supply. ---------------------------------------------------------------------(End) So right out of the gate, you are dead wrong... Huge Ships can have /or/ be assigned Focus Tokens! It's right there in the rules. Now, when this happens... They are immediately discarded. And since they have no effect (if they were assigned and somehow dodge the auto-discard rule (Esege, anyone), they do not get to modify dice.
  9. It's been 3 years and they still haven't addressed/updated the CLUNKY wording in regards to Focus/Evade/Stress and Epic Ships. Namely, how can an Epic Ship spend Esege's Focus as if it were their own when Epic Ships are not affected by Focus tokens? As this reads, sure, spend the Focus... it has zero effect -- funny how many people fight about this. Wait, kidding. It's EPIC, not many people...
  10. More reason it would be nice to get a FAQ/Errata, no? I know how hard it is, Im in publishing. What I don't understand is the timeframe... late in terms of years now.
  11. Technically, Epic Ships cannot perform a Focus Action. But they CAN be assigned Focus/Stress tokens, wait for it, which are immediately discarded per the Epic Ship Rules. Focus and Stress tokens have NO EFFECT on Huge Ships. Which leads directly into the trouble/debate about Esege (sorry, emails from devs are no different than house rules until Errata is printed clearly). So you're correct: THEY(Epic Ships) can use Esege's Focus Tokens... which now have NO EFFECT.
  12. The problem as I saw it was never DMG OUTPUT but more along the lines of denying other STRESS FEEDERS (Latts Razi Crew, Black Market Slicers, future_stuff). I say give Epic Zuckuss his rerolls, BUT, give STRESS FEEDERS their shine against an Epic, say CROC, as well. Solution: STRESS should be ignored (no change) but still stack (change) on Epic Ships.
  13. Funny. Sure. But heading into Ep4., Rogue One doesn't leave the impression that the Empire is really that much of a threat. Upside: It does explain how a Farm Boy whooops dat ***. And not due to The Force.
  14. My problem was this battle was supposed to be extremely one-sided and grim. Setting up Ep.4, but now?!? I don't see how this battle was one-sided unless we're talking about how badly The Empire appears to get spanked in nearly every engagement. Pffft.
  15. I think OT-cheese (and there is a lot of it) gets a pass from many of us due to all the other greatness. But I expected Rogue One to be a lot more thought out--maybe some Naval Consultants, something.
  16. I think this made Rogue One even harder to watch. It's like the EMPIRE is run by clowns that didn't learn the first time 'round. There's another sore-spot in Rogue One, and that's the Test-Firing of the DeathStar being held up by a pitiful little Star Destroyer parked over the target-site. [truck-backup warning beeps] are heard as the SD has to get out of the way. That broke my heart.
  17. That "Bumper Cars" scene in Rogue One ranks as one of the WORST scenes in any Star Wars, IMO. It's up there with EWOK rocks/trees beating Stormtroopers and everything Jar Jar. It ruined Rogue One for me.
  18. We dont like that Bumping/Overlap is handled like Small/Large(100pt) games. What I mean is the full reset on overlap, making an EPIC SIZE ship essentially STOP, or GRIND to NOTHING over a series of overlaps. HouseRule: No Reset for EPIC SIZE overlap. Simply track damage and let them overlap clean (we just stack the bases, sans models) so that they'll clear/pass each other in 1-2 turns. This eliminates the gridlock.
  19. It's really shorthand for a variety of terms: Match Metagame, Tournament Metagame (free measuring; intentional draws), Listbuilding Metagame (competitive edge; mathwing), and Im sure there's more. None of them tangible.
  20. Often times more OPTIONS means more margin for error. If everyone is making better decisions than you, I don't think +/- OPTIONS are the problem.
  21. 360 right back at 100pt 2player dogfights, yes. But having SPUN completely so as to take in information and start anew with heightened frames-of-reference. It's not like 2.0 will 180 the game and make it about Resource Management and Worker Placement.
  22. If you really wanted a "slow roll" into 2.0, the first step is DIALS. Change nothing but the DIALS and this game does a complete 360. And since so many OG players have worn/tattered dials anyhow, the new Dial Packs would be welcome... maybe.
  23. Here's my BLUE LINE (and my Nashtah Pup conversion/repaint; and my YV-666 repaint):
  24. LOLWUT. 6 TLT-Ywings @ 150pt completely demolish any HUGE at 150pt one-on-one. So add at 150pt "fighter" screen and another 150pt to match that fighter screen and I simply cannot see where you've received your data.
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