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  1. Triple Firespray is my bleeding hear cause
  2. Needs something to make it stands out as a ship. Rear firing arc. SLAM action.
  3. DirbYh

    Wave 14 Wish List

    Ah, for some reason I confused the Gladiator class with the Imperious Class. In that case, idk what for imperials.
  4. DirbYh

    Wave 14 Wish List

    Rebel/Resistance: A-Wing Mk II Obligatory movie ship Imperial/First Order: TIE-Predator Since Gladiator Class Star Destroyer is already in Armada Edit: Gladiator is not Legacy Era. My bad. Scum: Skipray Blastboat By popular demand w/ scum and imperial pilots.
  5. Map to Skywalker. Minor part of the film. Turns out Luke doesn't even want to be found. Not relevant at all to movie discussion. Touche. You win. I loose. So long, and thanks for all the porgs.
  6. Was it minor plot hole, or entire contrivance around which plot centered?
  7. What they symbolized to the viewer was the entirety of Jedi Tradition. Yoda says, "meh. need it, you don't"
  8. Yes, the hatred is irrational. Nothing to do with contextual self-contradiction.
  9. The books could be shoved up Chewie's smuggling compartment, for all I care. Don't you get it?! It's not about the darn books. It's about what's in them. What they represent and symbolize. It's about reverence for tradition and accrued wisdom, and the humility and patience that requires. You're telling me that everything the Jedi ever knew and taught was so worthless you can just forget about it. Burn it. Keep it on a shelf. whatever. just forget about it. Just believe in yourself. No further insight into the nature of the Force is required. All those years of training, meditation, study, screw it. And I guess the whole Jedi Archive on Coruscant doesn't exist, and those books are all that's left. Maybe it's all explained in a novel that Palpatine destroyed that, too. All those decades of plotting to gain access to it, and, "meh, not important." Guess all those Jedi secrets were just Yoda's way of trolling, too. Turns out to have been Gungan breeding documentaries, all along.
  10. no, you seem to not even comprehend the level of pure hate i have for what this movie has done Yes, I'm sure with enough novelization, we will get all the backstory to the poor, tortured soul of a man who can see the future, and no one believes him, ranting about some Luke Skytalker that no one has heard of, how his precise location 27 years from now will be critical to some Sub-Prime Leader Snook who isn't the emperor, and btw, they are executing me for treason, better save it to hard drive so there is solid evidence to convict me. yup, he picked if off a post-it note in the Falcon that Han scribbled in his sleep 27 years ago because thats how the force works, so thank goodness none of the other owners cleaned the darn thing.
  11. okay, yeah he downloaded the EXACT HYPERSPACE ROUT to Luke in Episode 4...from the Death Star...because I guess the archivist could see the future, you see.
  12. Just the tip of an entire iceberg of poo that is this movie.
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