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  1. WillemTCG

    Where is Talisman ????

    FFG what happened to Talisman ? Is FFG no longer publisher for Talisman or something. The whole Talisman website is 404 !!
  2. I'd like this. And a narrator would also be epic!
  3. WillemTCG

    Phoenix Paint & Mod

    Awesome thanks for the great info Phoenix !
  4. WillemTCG

    Phoenix Paint & Mod

    Thanks mate i want to do the same looks sooooo much better then those black slabs. Thanks !
  5. WillemTCG

    Phoenix Paint & Mod

    What sizes are those bases ? and how many you need of each ? (all expansions)
  6. WillemTCG

    Mansions of Madness: The Video Game....

    No multiplayer will still get it though cant have enough Mansions of Madness. And i hope for more physical exspansions and DLC for the app, waiting for Santum of Twilight now...excited
  7. Ah ok i see didn't know it was a test, i hope they do step up their game as of now i still dont have a single book but i want to collect them all. EDIT: And btw this is not only these books all of FFG's stuff is hard to get here Mansions of Madness, Descent, AH:Card game etc etc Why they print/supply so little ? it's like every print is a limited edition or something. Dont get me wrong i'm huge FFG fan and love almost their whole range of games but man their supply/demand is terrible (at least here in EU/NL)
  8. I wish FFG would print more of these books they are so hard to get here ;(
  9. WillemTCG

    Core Box Set Giveaway!

    I will sub on Youtube but f*** BookFace and twatter
  10. WillemTCG

    Any indication what supply is going to be like?

    As with any other FFG game it will be hard to get exspansions etc. i dont see why Legion would differ in this aspect. EDIT:This is from an EU perspective btw i dont know how it is in US but here in The Netherlands It's ubber hard to get FFG stuff, i believe FFG is more popular here then they realise themself.
  11. WillemTCG

    White powder and fingerprints

    Were the packages wrap sealed still ? I got both yesterday and they were clean.
  12. Same here never wash any of my mini's and never had trouble
  13. 800pts is more then enough for now i dont want games to take 5 hours i'd rather play 3 shorter games then one huge game
  14. WillemTCG

    Beginner Board Builder

    This is what i made also first time ever for me to make terrain. I still need to make some mountian/platue stuff https://imgur.com/VWOO8RK https://imgur.com/4LCbjXd
  15. WillemTCG

    New Article - FFG Game mats

    Nice but for 80 Euro's i'd rather build 2 real 3d tables...and have leftover stuff for almost a third table.