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  1. Some of the new objective formulas were pulling from the wrong column in the data. Fixed!
  2. Top 3 from Uplands are in. The only estimate I got for total attendance was "around 20, but an odd number because there was a bye." I'm gonna go with 19 total for the time being until someone can confirm otherwise.
  3. Oh absolutely. My mistake for misunderstanding your intent.
  4. Actually, if you compare the armaments between the 80 and the 85, the 85 has significantly less guns. It's pretty much a Star Wars equivalent of an aircraft carrier. It blew my mind the first time I saw it, but that also gives it a more unique space. Imagine an MC80 with more hull, shields, and squadron-support capabilities, but less firepower. That sounds like an interesting ship to me.
  5. How many total players? Even without the lists, the total number is important for calculating percentiles.
  6. All the upgrade formula errors have been fixed. Hopefully that ends our usual hickup period of my silly between seasons mistakes.
  7. ALL of the upgrade formulas are off by exactly one column. I guess an inserted column took strangely at some point. My apologies. If it's bold, I haven't had a chance to fix the issue yet. Issues I DID have time to fix: -Demolisher and Avenger formulas are now correct -RHQ formula was not properly counting H9 Turbolaser. Apparently I accidentally added an extra parenthesis.
  8. Disregard. It's a formula error, not an input error. I'm seeing a lot of fishy things actually. Give me some time to dive into it.
  9. Which one? Would you mind posting the corrected version?
  10. @jamie nasmyth is list #5 from Quest missing some squads?
  11. Fixed! I found a similar issue in the 15th and 16th squadron columns which I likewise fixed (one cheeky bastard brought max Z-95s last year, forcing me to change it for this year). Again, thank you all for finding and pointing out errors like that!
  12. Found the problem. Because of how the points are added, each column has to be called out in the UNIQUE formula. When I add columns, it doesn't automatically update that specific formula. I added three columns to accommodate the SSD, but didn't update the formula. I'll get it fixed when I have a moment to sit down at a computer.
  13. It's that time of the year again folks! Today, I'm introducing our annual community effort to collect as many lists as possible from Prime (formerly Regional) Championships and give us a pulse on the larger health of Armada's meta. My apologies for not making this post before last week's first round of Primes, but I was holding out on today's stream to debut the sheet so i could avoid making changes during the season as much as possible. I'm in the middle of an accelerated Grad school program this year, so I'm going to need a lot help doing data input. Luckily, I have @CyborgNinja @geek19 @Snipafist @shmitty @duck_bird @GiledPallaeon and @Jamienasmyth. Any and all additional help would be much appreciated. As usual, if you are able to get a hold of lists, feel free to send them via PM, email, or post them here. I've heard that FFG is asking lists to be sent in this year, so if you are unable to secure the original copies, please ask to take photos! The data sheet can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zLdqo9y47lqIKubfrEUKV8gX5t9Ee-XuemM4xbiB_8A If you find errors, please don't assume someone else has already told me! Two errors made it through all of last season without me noticing! Post it here and I'll be sure to put them in. For reference, the data for last year can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Tn7Q68JzqhxAwjjMd7ObFxoCrd-uArWf7p7bMYiFRWw Finally, below is the running list of Primes and their status: Carrolton, GA- Done! Thanks @jamie nasmyth! Spokane, WA- Done! Thanks @duck_bird! Upland, CA- Top 3 only Brea, CA- Done! Barcelona, Spain- Done! Berlin, Germany (unofficial)- Done! Warsaw, Poland (Grand)- Done! Thanks @CyborgNinja! Niles, IL- Done! Thanks @geek19! Toronto, ON- Done! Thanks @jamie nasmyth! St. Albert, AB- Done! St. Petersburg, FL- Done! Roseville, MN- Done! Thanks @jamie nasmyth! Madrid, Spain- Done! Danvers, MA- Done! Ashburn, VA- Missing #9, #17, #20, #21, #24 and #26. Thanks @GiledPallaeon! Mountain View, CA- No data Raleigh, NC- Only Top 4 plus #7 London, UK- Spotty, but thanks for the efforts @Grumbleduke! Stirling, UK- Done! Thanks @Akhrin! Valencia, Spain- Done! St-Romuald, QC- Done! Thanks @CptAwesomer! Calgary, AB- Missing bottom 3. Thanks @jamie nasmyth! Krakow, Poland- No data Richmond, BC- Done! Elizabethtown, KY- Done! Thanks @CyborgNinja! Houston, TX- Done! Denmark- Done! Bremerton, WA- No Data Midlothian, VA- Missing #14-15 and #25-27. Thanks @CyborgNinja! Gautier, MS- No Data Neumünster, Germany- Done! Las Vegas, NV (Grand)- Sporadic data. Thanks @geek19! Sevilla, Spain- No Data Marietta, GA- Done! Thanks @jamie nasmyth Clive, IA- Done! Stockholm, Sweden- Done! Winnipeg, MB- Done! Broomfield, CO- No data Portland, OR- Done! Singapore, Singapore- No data StockTon-on-Tees, UK- Done! Thanks @Akhrin! Vienna, Austria- Done! Thanks @RapidReload! Torre del Mar, Spain- No data Frankfurt am Main, Germany- Done! Warsaw, Poland- Done! Grayslake, IL- Data in hand, awaiting input Redmon, WA- Done! Thanks @Ardaedhel! Limerick, Ireland- No data Victoria, AUS- Done! Siegen, Germany- Done! Zaragoza, Spain- No data Louisville, KY- Done! Thanks @CyborgNinja! Salamanca, Spain- 15MAR20 *Last edit 24FEB20*
  14. The data sheet will indeed return this season! I'm just waiting on the stream on the 19th for last minute wave 8 reveals. It's easier for me just to do all the work at once rather than try to update the sheet as the season is going. I will definitely need data input help this year as I'm in an accelerated grad program. I'll make a dedicated post when the data sheet is entirely ready.
  15. Very good opening episode. Nice cliffhanger ending.
  16. These two feature prominently in Resistance Reborn. Wedge and Norra had retired and settled down as farmers on the planet Akiva at the time of the Hosnian Cataclysm.
  17. @duck_bird got work done with a mix of Arqs and Decimators. It's certainly doable, though pretty hard to fly.
  18. That really stinks for Germany Tokra I've got some small hope that US and Canada might be expanding slightly. I've heard of at least once new store stateside being awarded a Prime that has applied and failed in previous years.
  19. I've heard about a few stores at this point. They were recently told of their selection and submitted dates.
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