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  1. I got @GiledPallaeon's winning list from Roseville, but don't have anything else quite yet from yesterday.
  2. He's being sarcastic. Tokra has been calling Moralo broken since day one. To be fair, I always said "I'll believe it when I see it." So far the only thing I'm willing to concede is we need to nerf you. But we already knew that
  3. Also keep in mind, it's 13% of Imperial winning lists. That 13% is comprised of literally one person: @Tokra. Like I said, it's very early to judge and the winner column makes for some funky numbers.
  4. I say this every year, but it's worth saying again: I don't put much stock in the winners column. In three round tournaments, which most Primes tend to be, matchups matter a lot. 1st and 2nd place are usually separated by very few tournament points. I put more faith in the top 10% bracket, which includes a larger sample of the truly high performing lists. Moralo is only at 8% in that bracket. Part of that is the Edmonton #2 who had extremely favorable matchups (because of how their standings were printed, I was able to figure how who played who for the most part). The only other list is Dennis. And well... it's Dennis. At this point, all I'm really willing to conclude is that Dennis is a magic Armada wizard that makes wierd **** work. In general, I wouldn't make many conclusions this early. The early trends of last season changed a fair amount toward the latter half. There are some big metas coming up in the next few weeks that are a bit more plugged in to the online Moralo discussion. I'd be curious to see if he pops up there and how well he does.
  5. I've been considering a Moralo tracker since he has the potential to be a problem. I might well do so since I'm sitting around waiting at a pharmacy.
  6. Emperor fixed (I...uh...think? Nobody's taking him) and just noticed that @CyborgNinja beat me to the Warsaw data, even addressing my confusion with the placing.
  7. 5th place is missing and there are two 7th place lists. Any idea which one was actually 5th?
  8. Anyone know if any of the Krakow lists showed up anywhere? It's a Grand instead of a Prime, but it still provides a snapshot of the current high-level meta. **Correction 2** So uh...nobody seems to know who did the input for Toronto. Maybe @jamie nasmyth?
  9. I finally got Brea, CA done. I have the data in hand for both Canadian Primes from this weekend. As the TO for Chicagoland, @geek19 presumably has that data in hand as well.
  10. I adjusted how Rogues are presented, but in so doing noticed that the new RitR Rogues are not being counted. It's an easy fix, but I'm headed to bed. I'll get it in the morning.
  11. The sheet is just checking if ANY rogue is being used. I might be able to adjust that. Let me take a look.
  12. Thanks for the update! I hadn't put the primes listed as TBD in yet.
  13. Berlin (unofficial) and Barcelona are in. The way too early read thus far is Imperials are dominating once again this year.
  14. I have to give permission to edit, but no worries. I've got time today, so I'll get it in myself.
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