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  1. 4 hours ago, duck_bird said:

    I wouldn't run 2 liberties. I dropped them entirely because they just weren't cutting it competitively. This is probably even worse in a world with ravager qtc.


    If you are set running 2, you probably want mk hunting smalls with gt and another hunting larges with hie.  They're very fun ships but kinda struggle right now.

    Agate. Agate is the key to everything

  2. Quick hot take:

    Fleet 470 (75/400/400)
    MC80 Star Cruiser (96 + 54: 150)
        + General Madine (30)
        + Strategic Adviser (4)
        + SW-7 Ion Batteries (5)
        + Engine Techs (8)
        + Linked Turbolaser Towers (7)
    MC80 Star Cruiser (96 + 31: 127)
        + Caitken and Shollan (6)
        + Heavy Ion Emplacements (9)
        + Engine Techs (8)
        + Mon Karren (8)
    GR-75 Medium Transports (18 + 9: 27)
        + Toryn Farr (7)
        + Bright Hope (2)
    GR-75 Medium Transports (18 + 3: 21)
        + Leia Organa (3)
    Lando Calrissian (23)
    Wedge Antilles (19)
    Shara Bey (17)
    Dutch Vander (16)

  3. Armada has been on a rough 1-2 releases per year schedule for a while now. With Rebellion in the Rim, the SSD, and soon to be the Starhawk and Onager, Armada is sitting in a good place. Now is hardly a bad time to get into the game.

    "Armada is dying" is a bit of a meme around these parts. The game's room has been lamented all the way back in wave 2 (for some quality entertainment, look up posts by one "Admiral Nelson"). The game sells perfectly well and tournament attendance has remained steady. ****, Miniature Market announced that the SSD was their #9 highest selling product of the year and that was calculated by number of expansions sold, not cost! The dearth of releases for a while didn't seem to phase the community, at least in terms of number of people playing.

    In addition, as Quadro said, Clone Wars has also been confirmed for somewhere around Q3-Q4 2020. FFG has promised to temporarily ramp up Armada production during the Clone Wars launch to flesh out those factions quickly.

  4. 5 hours ago, deDios said:

    I’d like to put my name in for an at-large spot (cannon fodder) if you need anyone within a couple times zones of United States Central. I’m proficient with Vassal and have never bowed out of a match. Whether you need me to join or not, Godspeed on your engagements fellas. ‘I will watch your careers with great interest.’


    Biggs usually does the at large by list submission. The first ones to submit lists get in first.

  5. 5 hours ago, Tokra said:

    And here is the problem. The person cannot choose a source of the reserved seat.
    Because there is no "companion" to choose anymore (i think it was last year). 
    In the list are only the winner, Top4 and Top8 from all events that give you the seat. 

    From what I saw when filling out the form, they fill out the form as if they won the event. Then, when they get to the companion portion, they fill in your information. So for your companion ticket, they would pick "Previous World Champion"

  6. 1 hour ago, ovinomanc3r said:

    I'll try to gather Madrid this Saturday.

    It's already amazing we got full data of one tournament in Spain and I'm gonna try to bring every Prime here.

    Btw, @Truthiness I have no idea at all how the sheet works so forgive my ignorance: I don't know how the data go from the tournament sheet to the general sheet but if it is something automatised, would it be hard to get data filtered by country?

    Just curious, it seems we're gonna have a nice Prime Season here.

    Filtering by country would be rough for me to add. The first sheet with the percentiles is fully automated with formulas. The only thing I update throughout the season is the second sheet (barring an error, as we've seen). If you want to figure out what is specific for Spain, I would recommend you make a copy at the end of the season, go into the second sheet, and then remove any non-Spanish tournaments.

  7. On 12/11/2019 at 1:46 AM, Tokra said:

    If you follow the link for claiming the seat there is a list of events that are eligible for worlds.

    Grand Championship (Winner)
    Grand Championship (Top 4)
    North American Championship (Winner)
    North American Championship (Top 8 )
    European Championship (Winner)
    European Championship (Top 8 )
    Previous World Champion
    Top 8 at 2019 World Championship
    Prime Championship (Winner)


    Oh snap, really? Ummm excuse me while I go fill out this form...

  8. 13 hours ago, Packerman29 said:

    @Truthiness  I may be blind. But I don’t see anything SSD related. Title/command or prototype build. 

    They're there. Ravager+H9+QTC is being tracked under "RHQ" in upgrades (row 321). At the moment none of the other titles seem concerning. Both the Assault and the Command are being tracked by name, like all the ships (rows 167-169).

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