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  1. I might be able to work something out, but I'd prefer to just wait for the end of the season and split it down the middle.
  2. Oh thank God. So uhhh....how many people have to re-do their lists =D
  3. Armada has been on a rough 1-2 releases per year schedule for a while now. With Rebellion in the Rim, the SSD, and soon to be the Starhawk and Onager, Armada is sitting in a good place. Now is hardly a bad time to get into the game. "Armada is dying" is a bit of a meme around these parts. The game's room has been lamented all the way back in wave 2 (for some quality entertainment, look up posts by one "Admiral Nelson"). The game sells perfectly well and tournament attendance has remained steady. ****, Miniature Market announced that the SSD was their #9 highest selling product of the year and that was calculated by number of expansions sold, not cost! The dearth of releases for a while didn't seem to phase the community, at least in terms of number of people playing. In addition, as Quadro said, Clone Wars has also been confirmed for somewhere around Q3-Q4 2020. FFG has promised to temporarily ramp up Armada production during the Clone Wars launch to flesh out those factions quickly.
  4. Florida, which I may get to this afternoon. Just finished Danvers, MA.
  5. Getting back at this after the holiday. I finished up Madrid, put in what I had from NC (1-3 and 7), and I'm about half way through Massachusetts. I'll try to finish up today and get Florida as well.
  6. Because it's not Tokra. I maintain what we really need to nerf is @Tokra
  7. Alright, screw it, I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring.
  8. Biggs usually does the at large by list submission. The first ones to submit lists get in first.
  9. Thanks ovi. I've got two papers to finish up before holiday break. I'll get to the backlog after that.
  10. From what I saw when filling out the form, they fill out the form as if they won the event. Then, when they get to the companion portion, they fill in your information. So for your companion ticket, they would pick "Previous World Champion"
  11. The Kuat and the Starhawk are the most naturally fits for LFC. The an Agate Unity can have double brace, double redirect, and double salvo. The Kuat doesn't need that weapons team slot to be effective, so it's a worthwhile consideration.
  12. Filtering by country would be rough for me to add. The first sheet with the percentiles is fully automated with formulas. The only thing I update throughout the season is the second sheet (barring an error, as we've seen). If you want to figure out what is specific for Spain, I would recommend you make a copy at the end of the season, go into the second sheet, and then remove any non-Spanish tournaments.
  13. Oh snap, really? Ummm excuse me while I go fill out this form...
  14. They're there. Ravager+H9+QTC is being tracked under "RHQ" in upgrades (row 321). At the moment none of the other titles seem concerning. Both the Assault and the Command are being tracked by name, like all the ships (rows 167-169).
  15. I got @GiledPallaeon's winning list from Roseville, but don't have anything else quite yet from yesterday.
  16. He's being sarcastic. Tokra has been calling Moralo broken since day one. To be fair, I always said "I'll believe it when I see it." So far the only thing I'm willing to concede is we need to nerf you. But we already knew that
  17. Also keep in mind, it's 13% of Imperial winning lists. That 13% is comprised of literally one person: @Tokra. Like I said, it's very early to judge and the winner column makes for some funky numbers.
  18. I say this every year, but it's worth saying again: I don't put much stock in the winners column. In three round tournaments, which most Primes tend to be, matchups matter a lot. 1st and 2nd place are usually separated by very few tournament points. I put more faith in the top 10% bracket, which includes a larger sample of the truly high performing lists. Moralo is only at 8% in that bracket. Part of that is the Edmonton #2 who had extremely favorable matchups (because of how their standings were printed, I was able to figure how who played who for the most part). The only other list is Dennis. And well... it's Dennis. At this point, all I'm really willing to conclude is that Dennis is a magic Armada wizard that makes wierd **** work. In general, I wouldn't make many conclusions this early. The early trends of last season changed a fair amount toward the latter half. There are some big metas coming up in the next few weeks that are a bit more plugged in to the online Moralo discussion. I'd be curious to see if he pops up there and how well he does.
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