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  1. Truthiness defeats @BrobaFett
    Brobafett was First Player and selected Asteroid Tactics

    This game was...weird. Lots of very strange dice rolls that changed the game significantly. In the end, I managed to slow down Broba's squads just enough to avoid ship losses until the last turn. Mon Karren was coming back around to finish off the ISD, but it didn't quite have enough yaw to stay on the table anyway.

  2. Here's a compiled list of orphaned data to date. If you have of any of it available, please share:

    Upland, CA- Top 3 only

    Ashburn, VA- Missing #9, #17, #20, #21, #24 and #26. 

    Mountain View, CA- No data

    Raleigh, NC- Only have top 4 plus #7

    London, UK- Only have #3, #5, #7, #14, #16, and #21

    Calgary, AB- Missing bottom 3. 

    Krakow, Poland- No fleet data

    Bremerton, WA- No Data

    Midlothian, VA- Missing #14-15 and #25-27. Thanks @CyborgNinja!

    Gautier, MS- No Data

    Las Vegas, NV (Grand)- Sporadic data in @geek19's hands, awaiting input

    Sevilla, Spain- No Data

  3. On a hunch, I took a look at the Intel and Strategic formulas, and sure enough they were wrong. Same column confusion error that's been haunting me all season. I would really love to know when I randomly inserted the extra column that managed to throw everything off...

    Anyway, it's been fixed. As always, please let me know when something doesn't pass the sniff test.

  4. 13 hours ago, Cpt ObVus said:

    Yes, I have seen that thread. Wherein a couple people seem to have posted a couple of lists, but mostly nobody can remember what anyone played. :) Not to discount the fact that some very dedicated people are taking the time to do a card-by-card statistical breakdown (love that, thank you!), but I don’t understand why the lists they’re taking that info from aren’t being copy-pasted (even just the top 3 from each major event?).

    Go to the Google sheet itself linked in the first post. The lists are all there in the second tab of the sheet. It's not the best format for casual viewing, but it's all the raw information you're looking for. The reason few people are copy and pasting into the thread is because the vast majority of lists are sent to me as just pictures. Because of the format I use for the Excel sheet, there's no real format that saves me any time. Meanwhile, just snapping pictures saves the TOs a ton of time, so I encourage them to do so.

  5. 7 hours ago, Maturin said:

    Vancouver, BC Prime lists are up here:



    Let me know if I can help with any other data!



    Currently missing from this weekend: 

    Bremerton, WA (wait...is this a mistake? seems odd to have this and Vancouver in the same weekend)- no data

    Elizabethtown, TY- winner only

    Houston, TX- no data

  6. 14 minutes ago, jocke01 said:

    Card games usually don't live Long, espechially with the fast pace destiny had. 

    Ffg rebooted several of their card games and stopped some. Destiny had 4 years though so pretty long life.

    Armada is probably coming to an end like imp assault with some support, but no new releases. Unless clone wars gets announced ofc.


    Clone Wars has been officially announced. And talked about at two different conventions. Armada is not on the chopping block. The game, in fact, seems to be having a resurgence. I'm meeting and hearing from a lot more new players these days. My expectation is Clone Wars will give the game a nice arm in the shot as well.

    That said, why not throw a question into the AMA? I already have. More Armada questions can only be good.

  7. Is there any update on Clone Wars for Armada? Is it still projected around Q4 2020? Or has it moved earlier or later?

    Related, what are the plans for the Clone Wars core set? Will it be a combined faction set, like the current Armada and both Legion starter sets? Or is there a plan to do single-faction starter sets like what X-Wing got?

  8. 4 hours ago, Tokra said:

    And the difference to the old Raddus is just the change from distance 1 to distance 1-2. This change is not this big. Most were just not using it (the Profundity) this way. They used Profundity for a drop after Raddus, rarely for a bigger Raddus drop himself.

    And you cannot use this trick with a Transport anymore. With the old Raddus you could drop a cheap Transport with the Profundity, and after this drop the Raddus ship. But you cannot do it with a Transport anymore, because they cannot board the Raddus.

    This. This method of Profundity wasn't widely used, but I've definitely seen it before. Nu-Raddus isn't much of a change for that build. And that build has some very serious limitations.

  9. 3 hours ago, Grumbleduke said:

    Ok... let's see if we can reconstruct all the lists. I've created a copy of the Data Project spreadsheet (so we don't accidentally mess with the real one); if you can fill in anything you know that would be great. If you know a list but don't know where they came, but do know who they are, who they played in a particular round or on which table, post that somewhere (or PM me if you are worried about privacy) and I'll try to work out where they ended up.

    If you want to just copy-paste lists here, that's fine as well - I will add them to the spreadsheet.

    I've added in the lists given above but it would be good if you could check them - make sure I've got everything correct and put you in the right place.

    I've also added what I remember from the day, but no promises that is all correct.

    Added what you have so far to the big sheet. Ping me if you have updates.

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