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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about this. Adepticon is usually more informal and light on details. GENCON is usually their big presentation.
  2. I've gotten some data from Ireland and from Colorado, but otherwise, don't expect many more updates with the season all but over.
  3. There are plans in the works. @Karneck's SWAE YouTube channel is the likely vehicle. The LCQ and Day One might be light on commentary as we'll all be playing, but CYGSO and Steel Strategy intend to tag team for some day two commentary.
  4. Announcing the Steel Strategy Unnamed T-Shirt for Worlds 2020! http://www.steelstrategy.com/2020/03/steel-command-unnamed-t-shirt.html?m=1
  5. He sent me his list and is now in the Prime data. It is significantly different from other Morallo lists. The only out-of-activation mover is Squall and has not bid.
  6. Is there data for this anywhere? I didn't see anything from it. I'd love to have it for the data sheet.
  7. Well that's a bloody shame. That guy had ideas.
  8. Does that guy even still play this game?
  9. Are...are we talking about Sato? The guy who's currently tied with a commander that's been in exactly *THREE* recorded tournaments?
  10. Sadly only speed 4 these days. Need some more beef to hang with these big *** ships.
  11. I have less of a fear of engaging it directly. It's a good build, but I'd hardly call it all powerful. It's simply the best way of using something I consider to be a very limited tool.
  12. I don't enjoy the squadron game, so if you get enjoyment out of it, the list could absolutely be enjoyable for you. I enjoy ship maneuver and the list has absolutely none of that. The Magnites actively encourage the exact opposite: go slow with your front toward enemy.
  13. As @jamie nasmyth said, I'm of the opinion that the best hawk build is what we're calling Hawk134. The problem I've found with Hawk is that unless you can force your opponent too shoot it, it doesn't have enough firepower or reach to decisively impact the game. Even bidding for second and trying to force objectives doesn't always do enough. I've played against Hawk MSU enough times to know it's not particularly difficult to just murder the smalls and take your smaller win. A hawk, 2 flots, and max squads essentially guarantees ship shots have to be directed at the hawk. It's much harder to ignore the hawk. I recommend watching Aresius in the World Cup. His style of list is the one I expect to become the competitive hawk archetype. Now is it enjoyable to play? Not at all.
  14. Alright, I've got some time this morning. I'm playing catch up. Vienna and Stockholm are in. More to follow throughout the day.
  15. Early word is through season 1 she's a bit behind.
  16. Yup, Onagers and Starhawks weren't counting. I fixed it in a way that makes future addition of new ships somewhat easier for me. Thanks! No idea what happened with that single squad column for Imps, but that's fixed as well
  17. Yes and yes. I've been too busy to get much input done of late, but I'll get it eventually.
  18. Appreciated. I've never done anything with them for two reasons. 1) Spotty reporting. It's the thing I seem least likely to get. 2) The differing number of rounds makes it a little more difficult to gauge.
  19. Any idea the total attendance? Are you telling me #1 was a netlist of Mack's Vancouver list?
  20. Roger. I'll get to it when I can. I'm gonna be pretty limited until at least Friday. I have a 10 page paper to crank out by Friday. Yaaaaaaaay.
  21. He might not have wanted to get hit by Lando that turn, who would have been in pouncing range of any attack on the 90. I suspect he also thought he might strip some if the Lib's tokens off and kill it with the ISD. There were a lot of little things like that which could have swing things differently. He killed that 90 in any case. I don't think it ever got off a shot.
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