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  1. 2 hours ago, Reavern said:

    Are you illiterate or are you being willfully ignorant?

    I previously stated that I believed the abilities described on those 4 upgrade cards are real (although they could be tweaked before printing). However, I've consistently stated that the description text is poorly formatted and aligned -- as if they'd been hastily mocked up overnight by someone other than the professional graphical designer(s) who made all of the previous Armada upgrade cards. I don't believe for a moment when the Clone Wars Armada upgrade cards are printed and released in Q4 2020 (hopefully, PLEASE make it happen!), those 4 cards will appear identical as they do in the OP of this thread.

    Don't bother admitting you were wrong when CWA is released; I don't care now and I'm not going to care then. All I do care about is that Clone Wars Armada's printed upgrade cards look the way they should, which is how they've always looked.

    Nothing you've been saying makes any sense, so my apologies for not understanding your pointless rambling. You're making ridiculously inflammatory insults over...what? The formating being different? Why are you so obsessed with this?

  2. 1 hour ago, Reavern said:

    Improving those cards was therapeutic for me. I thought to myself, "I could continue being upset about those wonky cards, venting on the forum, and getting annoyed by all the suck-up sheeple flocking to FFG's defense... Or I could spend a little of my free time and fix them, so they look like the Armada cards that I'm familiar with."

    After I completed the latter option, I felt much better. 😁

    And I must admit that it is quite gratifying to see that my lack of faith in people was 100% justified.

    So your argument is basically these can't possibly be the final abilities because the text doesn't look quite right. Cool. See you at release when the abilities are unchanged.

  3. 18 hours ago, Reavern said:

    Yes, it's possible that Clone Wars Armada will have standard-size upgrade cards, like X-Wing Second Edition. However, look at this example of one of the XWSE standard-size cards:


    Now compare the Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi card:


    The X-Wing card is obviously a finalized card, made by a professional. It looks great!

    Whereas the Obi-Wan card looks conspicuously amateurish. There's obviously something wrong the ability text's formatting and alignment.

    Also, the points number looks wonky too. It's not centred; it's low and to the right. Same with the Clone Gunners card:


    Now compare it to an authentic Armada upgrade card:


    The difference is really obvious.

    Ummmm... the original post is an FFG admin. Are you sure you want to keep calling these fakes? Because they're definitely not.

  4. 7 hours ago, Ginkapo said:

    All the guest judges fly similar fleet styles and I think it shows heavily in the voting.....

    I think implying that any of the others fly fleets like me is insulting to their sanity.



    Also, that's irrelevant since my votes were for what I see in the larger meta, not my personal preferences.

  5. 15 hours ago, Tokra said:

    Thank to your great leader, there are quite a few player who will not be able attend on the worlds this year.



    I don't expect Adepticon to happen at this point. Even those of us inside the U.S. are increasingly coming to the opinion that canceling is the responsible thing to do, as much as we really don't want to. Many states are announcing bans on gatherings of 250+ people starting today. Illinois was reportedly mulling such a ban yesterday. It's only a matter of time I think.

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