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  1. Eh, we haven't quite hit full Admiral Nelson yet. That sounds like a challenge. And if it is... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
  2. Both is amazeballs. Even if there are only single redirects, stopping 2 damage sounds like fun 🙂
  3. Nothing you've been saying makes any sense, so my apologies for not understanding your pointless rambling. You're making ridiculously inflammatory insults over...what? The formating being different? Why are you so obsessed with this?
  4. So your argument is basically these can't possibly be the final abilities because the text doesn't look quite right. Cool. See you at release when the abilities are unchanged.
  5. Ummmm... the original post is an FFG admin. Are you sure you want to keep calling these fakes? Because they're definitely not.
  6. I'm not even mad. It's just hilarious at this point.
  7. I wanna do this so bad. Let me check with the wife since we're all locked at home together.
  8. I think implying that any of the others fly fleets like me is insulting to their sanity. #Squadlessforlife Also, that's irrelevant since my votes were for what I see in the larger meta, not my personal preferences.
  9. Armada mentioned at 17:20. Doubled down on the Q4 clone wars delivery.
  10. I don't expect Adepticon to happen at this point. Even those of us inside the U.S. are increasingly coming to the opinion that canceling is the responsible thing to do, as much as we really don't want to. Many states are announcing bans on gatherings of 250+ people starting today. Illinois was reportedly mulling such a ban yesterday. It's only a matter of time I think.
  11. We're expecting Adepticon to be canceled, so please disregard this =/
  12. If you read the FB comments, the release date is already wrong. Apparently they literally laughed when someone asked about its accuracy. Almost certainly a result of China's manufacturing halt due to Covid-19.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about this. Adepticon is usually more informal and light on details. GENCON is usually their big presentation.
  14. I've gotten some data from Ireland and from Colorado, but otherwise, don't expect many more updates with the season all but over.
  15. There are plans in the works. @Karneck's SWAE YouTube channel is the likely vehicle. The LCQ and Day One might be light on commentary as we'll all be playing, but CYGSO and Steel Strategy intend to tag team for some day two commentary.
  16. Announcing the Steel Strategy Unnamed T-Shirt for Worlds 2020! http://www.steelstrategy.com/2020/03/steel-command-unnamed-t-shirt.html?m=1
  17. He sent me his list and is now in the Prime data. It is significantly different from other Morallo lists. The only out-of-activation mover is Squall and has not bid.
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