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  1. I would consider 3 ships and some fighers enough to start an Armada faction. That's enough for a starter set and a follow up wave. Resistance and First Order have juuuuuuuuust enough to fill out the start of a fleet. I think the Grysk were depicted in a comic, right?
  2. Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure @Ginkapo @shmitty and I all prefer ACMs over APTs to get damage ramping up quickly. I'm not sure what @ExplosiveTooka prefers.
  3. To echo Shmitty, long range black dice is Sato's thing. Sure, he can do other dice in a pinch, but the players who have gotten the most out of him have done so with black dice. While he doesn't do all that well competitively because he can be very matchup dependent, he has been known to give people some nightmares. @Alzer can speak to the Minnesota meta absolutely hating Sato. All of that is really just to say, if you wanna do some long range black dice, give Sato a shot. @ExplosiveTooka @shmitty and myself have all dabbled with Sato and had some level of success. I'd be happy to share my experiences.
  4. The designs are excellent, but Shapeways has gotten more and more expensive. I do not recommend getting anything below the high quality. The lower quality stuff is typically quite grainy. The high quality is on part with FFG Armada detail, if not a little better because Mel does such good work.
  5. Or how about Millennium Falcon Rey? Lando and Han are so overrated anyway.
  6. Reading is hard for whiny little children like you apparently.
  7. Get outta here you damned demi-Canadian!
  8. Yeah, pretty sure it was Dropfleet Commander (the ship version of Dropzone Commander). I know Dropzone Commander is mighty tempting for me. I love me some massed combated arms warfare. If Dropfleet is anything like Dropzone, I understand the temptation. @shmitty was going to run me through a game of Dropzone at Adepticon, but alas, covid killed that plan.
  9. Yup. That's the fourth way. It a lot of fun, way more fun than heavy squads for sure, but it can collapse like a house of cards. I called my Raddus fleet "a leaf on the wind" for a reason. But it can definitely be done. I feel like I proved that last year. I tabled 3 straight squad squad heavy Imps on day two, all by turn 4. And before the inevitable "those were bad players," one of those tablings was a blood bath against @MandalorianMoose. I...don't think anyone can reasonably call him a bad player. Oddly enough, my worst game was against @JJs Juggernaut, who was also squadless.
  10. I would also add some pure tanking upgrades to this list, such as Expert Shield Techs, Iden (especially on a Raider), Captain Brunson (especially on an Interdictor), and Reinforced Blast Doors. @rasproteus just spanked the **** out of me with a squadless Imp fleet. It was a thing of beauty.
  11. Only in your own little delusional bubble. At this point, people have accepted the over performance of squads for far longer than it was denied. But you seem to want to continue to rehash something from three years ago. The fact remains the devs have tried time and again to reign in the worst archetypes. There's been a constant stream of upgrades and erratas that have weakened key squad heavy archetypes. Have they swung the pendulum hard enough? Probably not, but that doesn't mean they won't keep trying. At the moment, Armada is not getting the frequent points rebalancing of Legion and X-Wing because they are constrained by the old contract for Armada, where every single FAQ (including the most recent one) has to go through a long approval process with Lucasfilm. I expect that will be changed in the near future. By my understanding, when the contract is renewed, Clone War offers the devs a chance to re-launch Armada in a great way. So rather than come in, start the same stupid fight you always have for the last three years, just calm down and enjoy the game. Or don't. No skin off my back either way.
  12. You did? First I'm heard of it. Can you post a link to it on the FB page or just PM me?
  13. The troll is strong with this one.
  14. As has been said, the NOVA Fleet Facebook page is the best, and really only, place for reliable info. I know. It sucks to rely on Facebook. As has been said, you can try to look at individual store pages, such as Huzzah, Play More, and Bel Air Games. However, the page has become such a great hub that you'll see one off events get posted very frequently, such the Primes down in Richmond, or the CAPA Cup up in Central PA. There's even a Boy Scout Fundraiser tournament that pops up every so often. It really is the most convenient place to find events and people to play with.
  15. Considering I've been tanking like a boss lately, I expect to see a flood of players into those rounds 😄
  16. Submitting a fleet, though I haven't gotten Household 6's permission quite yet. I'll let you know NLT the day prior if I'm not gonna make it. I'm tentatively looking at rounds 1, 3, 5 and 6.
  17. I mean...you played a Leia vs Leia game. OF COURSE, it's better to be lucky than good when using that!
  18. I think he went so far as to say he was using Leia as his commander.
  19. Perhaps matching can be based on tournaments points averaged by number of rounds?
  20. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. We were doing so well ignoring the emo teenager!
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