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  1. I brought this up in another thread, but I think it deserves it's own thread for discussion. I think Wave 2, especially with Intel and Rogue being added to the mix, is going to mix this up with squadrons significantly. However, should squadrons still be sub-optimal to pure ship lists, I think this idea could be a fix for those wishing to play squadron heavy without changing the core rules of the game. The main complaint I'm seeing is the dependency of squadrons on the squadron command. Without the command, capital ships can mostly avoid squadrons. However, to use the command, the commander has to risk his capital ships to greater risk. He probably has fewer ships if he's squadron heavy, so risking a ship to give squadron commands means he's even more likely to get tabled.


    What if we had a commander on each side that added the Rogue keyword to all squadrons in the fleet? As of now, commanders are almost entirely ship centric, with only Dondonna doing anything that remotely affects squadrons. This would allow a player to go explicitly squadron-centric without being at a disadvantage. This would fix squadrons for those that really want to use them heavily without having to change the core rules of Armada. Rogue would be a very big deal, so 35-40 points for such a commander I think would be a good starting point.

  2. If squadron inferiority continues to be a problem after wave 2 (and I suspect Rogue and Intel are going to majorly shake things up), I thought of a quick and easy solution for helping squadron heavy builds. Right now, most commanders are very ship focused. Dondonna is about the only one I can think of that helps squadrons in remotely any way. Well what if we had a commander that automatically granted rogue to all your squadrons? Suddenly squadrons aren't dependent on commands and you have some crazy range. It would be like going from battleships to aircraft carriers. I would gladly pay 30-40 points for a commander like that. It would fundamentally change squadron play without having to re-write any rules.

  3. I've found the best introduction is 2x Victory IIs, 8x TIE fighters, 2x TIE interceptors, Neb, CR90, AFIIB, 6x X-wing with no upgrades anywhere. Rebs have initiative (although if the newbie is imperials I pass it to them for easier learning). It's the starter set plus a ship and a fighter pack for both sides. I've found it to actually be a better intro than the starter set because things die quicker and it is more representative of how the game plays. Those fleets show off the basic styles of both sides quite well. I've used that mix with four different people and they've all loved it. They get a grasp of command and maneuver quicker and the game flows faster. It doesn't just devolve into one victory attempting a slow futile turn after the first pass.

    My one warning is DO NOT USE UPGRADE OR OBJECTIVE CARDS. They bog down the introduction with unnecessary complication. Get people navigating, shooting, and dogfighting before you throw those things in. The game plays well in a six turn deathmatch for an introduction. Keep it simple to start.

  4. This post renews hope in using a Neb B. I like both salvation and Yarvaris titles. But I'm having a hard time deciding which one I want to use along side my AFII


    Depends on the AFII I think. If you go Paragon on an A, go with the Salvation. The combined firepower there is terrifying. Put Advanced Armaments on the Paragon, XI7s on the Salvation, and just dare your opponent to take Advanced Gunnery.


    If you're going with the Gallant Haven on a B, Yavaris is the obvious choice since you're obviously going squadron heavy (if you're not, why the hell are you talking these titles?!). Nab Adar Tallon and throw him on the Gallant Haven. That way you can activate a squadron with the Gallant Haven, move and attack with the squadron, and then activate again with Yavaris for the double tap (triple tap if you include the first activation)! Just imagine that with a B-Wing. You're pumping out 3 blue and 3 black in a single turn from a freaking fighter.

  5. I have been having a similar problem in figuring out the assault frigate problem, except one thing makes it easier for me. I only own one assault frigate for now but have two nebs and a CR90.

    I really like the look of your first list

    And I kinda want something similar to it but I want my capital ships both the Assault frigate and Neb B to be able to pack the most punch to kick in imperial teeth . I think the answer to a potent Neb B is Salvation with the Xl7 turbo laser. Beyond that I get hung up on ideal choices on what other upgrades o should put on my capital ships and my biggest headache is trying to figure out what would be the best choice for my fighters


    Taking Salvation on the Neb-B takes away the main point of taking the Neb-B in the first place in a squadron heavy build like this. If you don't think Yavaris is worth the time, then the double assault build seems like the better option.

  6. I'm not positive when the general consensus is, but to me it's the B with ECMs and Expanded Hangars at a minimum. ECMs help keep you alive when you're the object of a lot of attention. The Expanded Hangars on the B let you activate a ridiculous 4 squadrons. Adding Adar Tallon and Flight Controller would also make a lot of sense in that role.


    B-Wings are rather hard to use, but I love the hell out of them. You'll miss out on a round of shooting capital ships compared to other fighters because they're so slow. However, they pack an unbelievable punch if used right. I would not use them alone. I prefer to pair them with X-Wings. My make up is Luke, Wedge, 2x X-Wing, 2x B-Wing. That's my preference though. There are some people here that are swearing by 4x B-Wings, 4x A-Wings.

  7. I've got something very similar as well. In place of Tarkin, I prefer to use Screed and Enhanced Armaments on both. The side arc might appear small, but I find myself using it quite a bit. The escort suggestion for Howlrunner is a good idea. I'm kind of embarrassed I didn't think of it.

  8. I'm torn between which of the following two builds to try out first. I'm trying to maximum squadrons in both lists, so the main choice comes down to which capital ships to use. Both minimal points for initiative, which I'm not worried about. I'm comfortable with going second and playing my objectives (Advanced Gunnery, Fleet Ambush, Intel Sweep for both).


    List 1

    Assault Frigate Mark IIB

    -General Dodonna

    -Gallant Haven

    -Adar Tallon


    -Enhanced Armaments

    -Expanded Hangar Bay

    -Flight Controllers


    Nebulon-B Escort Frigate



    3x B-Wings

    3x X-Wings



    This is the list i want to like. On paper Yavaris can be brutal and the Assault Frigate is pimped out. Between the enhanced Armaments and the X17s, this list can pack a very good punch with the capital ships at long range even without Paragon. Two things make me nervous. First, with the Assault Frigate so pimped out, that's a lot of eggs in one basket. It's tough, so it might be able to handle it, but I still worry about sinking so many points into upgrades. Worry number two is that Yavaris isn't as good in practice as it is on paper. That would pretty well negate the entire point of bringing a Neb-B, which is not a ship I'm particular enthralled with (no redirect token with super flimsy sides).


    List 2

    Assault Frigate Mark IIB

    -General Dodonna

    -XI7 Turbolasers



    Assault Frigate Mark IIB


    -Adar Tallon

    -Expanded Hangar Bays

    -Gallant Haven


    2x B-Wings

    2x X-Wings



    This I think is the safer and easier of the two lists to use. The Assault Frigate is easy to use, durable, and the titles are great. The lack of Yavaris is an obvious downside and the upgrades are bare bones.
    So there you have it. If you had to choose which of the two would you go with. I'm open to tweeks in both, obviously, but I'm pretty invested in that squadron make up. I just love my X-Wings and B-Wings.

  9. Even comparing heroes to heroes, the coming scum and villians expansion would seem to throw the argument for 12 out the window. You can't convince me that a single YT-1300 can absorb more damage than 12 X-Wings. 3 X-Wings I could buy. Even if you say "oh well, it's Han," you have Luke and Wedge sitting over in their X-Wing squadrons only able to absorb the same amount of damage as any other X-Wing.

  10. Out of curiosity, why aren't any of you looking favorably on Overload Pulse? It seems like it could be extremely nasty, especially since Electronic Countermeasures would be utterly useless against it (since it exhausts defense tokens as opposed to targeting them with accuracy).

  11. @OP:

    I'm guessing you're going with Bs in order to fit 3 frigates in the list. Otherwise they don't make a lot of sense with only 3 squadrons since the main reason I look to Bs over As is the extra squadron capacity. You're also going to be very vulnerable to fighters with only 2 X-Wings and 1 B-Wing while only having 1 anti-squadron armaments on each capital ship. If you're intent on keeping 3x Assault, might I recommend ditching the B-Wing and upgrading two of the frigates to As. You don't really need the anti-capital ship armaments with 3 assault frigates lurking about and B-wings are slow as hell. That gives you another 2 anti-squadron armaments on capital ships as well.


    To give you yet another option, I've been looking at an Assault Frigate build as well that looks like this:


    Assault Frigate Mark IIA

    -Garm Bel Iblis, Intel Officer, Paragon, X17 Turbolasers


    Assault Frigate Mark IIA

    -Enhanced Armaments, Gunnery Team




    3x X-Wing


    Less pure guns, but the upgrades let me get a lot out of them. The extra points of not taking a third frigate let me maintain very good anti-squadron coverage (man I love Wedge). The X-Wings are also able to easily flex to the offensive once they've mopped up any fighters.

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