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  1. When all is said and done, I'll probably want 2 ISDs, 1 MC80, 2 MC30s, and the rogues. I doubt I'll get that altogether, but that's my overall plan for the wave.
  2. I think the squadron value is more of a balance thing than anything else. You can find old previews of the ISD with a squadron value of 5, but that didn't happen. The same preview of the assault cruiser MC80 variant only has a squadron value of 3. I just don't think they would add more than one between the two variants.
  3. For the same reason I have a feeling we'll see a drop off in use of Expanded Hangars by Rebels in favor of Boosted Coms. They take up the same slot and I'm 90% sure the "Boosted..." from both the ISD and MC80 sneak peaks will allow activation at long range. If you think about it, Imperials don't need that extra range because they are comfortable up close along side their squadrons, but have more numbers because of how cheap the squadrons are. Rebels, by contrast don't want to close, so long range activation means a lot more.
  4. I doubt that. The Assault variant has only 3. I would be very surprised if it was more than one more. I do, however, agree that the command variant will have a higher squadron value. Good money is on a squadron value of 4.
  5. And there is the doom and gloom. Well at least it took a day to get here You got a hard on for me. Still bitter about me blocking you on Farcebook so you gotta get your jollies here.. You are becoming a creeper... I dislike this... Agreed Clontroper. Please take the negativity and personal attacks elsewhere.
  6. Truthiness defeats Dab Darklighter 114-55 (7-3 tournament, 59 MoV). Truthiness was first player with precision shots as the objective.
  7. I have a couple lists in mind involving the ISDs. I'm going to call this first one "No Escape": ISD-2 -Vader -Tractor Beam -Advanced Projectors ISD-2 -Tractor Beam -Advanced Projectors GSD-1 -Demolisher -ACMs 2x TIE interceptors The second list is similar to the Rhymer ball discussed above. ISD-1 -Screed -Expanded Hangars -Tractor Beam -Heavy Turbolasers -Relentless GSD-1 -Demolisher -ACMs GSD-1 -ACMs 2x TIE Advanced 2x TIE Interceptors 3x TIE Bombers Rhymer Whatever the Intel ship is I only feel the need to be able to activate the Intel ship and the 4 Bombers to maintain the pressure. Chiraneau only allows movement, not necessarily firing, so I think the Intel ship is needed. If I need both, the Heavy Turbolasers and Relentless can easily be swapped out. I also think we'll see far more fighters out there because of Intel. You aren't going to be able to throw out a couple fighters and lock down bomber wings anymore. You have to be able to destroy them. On the flip side, that means bringing escorts for the bombers and bringing fighters that can win the dogfight.
  8. Is that from a source or just speculation? I'm inclined to think it would be more like 105 and 95 based on what we've seen this far. Then again, I think we'll see the Mon cals as speed 2. That would make a large difference in point values.
  9. The idea of 2x ISDs, Vader, a Demolisher, and some TIE Interceptors sounds awesome to me. Bring on the hulking behemoth. Also... FOR THE LOVE GOD GIVE US SOME REBEL LOVE!!!
  10. Another thing to consider is how the Mon Cal by itself is going to be able to change how a rebel fleet operates. Right now, we have to be very careful with distance. The toughest ship we have, the AFII, does not want to be closer than long range. We have little that can make an Imperial admiral think twice about getting close. The Mon Cal and those loads of blue dice can change that. It's is exactly as dangerous as the Victory II's front arc, but with a wider area of threat. It's also tough enough to slug it out with that same Victory II because of its superior shields. Yes, the Gladiator will still hurt at close range, but it's not going to survive trading blows. The Mon Cal is too tough with 15 shields (!!!), Advanced Projectors, and 8 hull points. Just one of these babies screening those fragile Neb-Bs could make all the difference. Take a minute to think about this fleet: 3 Mon Cals with Akbar. That's a very different rebel fleet than what we have now.
  11. I think the large ships, upgrades, and new fighters are going to shake things up too much to say, so much so that I disagree with the notion that you need X number of ships. I think fighters have a shot at a comeback. I'm actually terrified of the Rhymer Ball with the ISD and the intel ability going forward. Right now it's easily countered with TIE interceptors or A-Wings. What happens when you can't stop them from shooting? That's a lot of black dice moving speed 4 and shooting at medium range. Rebels are going to be a little trickier, but I am going to continue to work hard to get the squadron heavy approach to work. It looks like some of the Mon Cal's upgrades could do some interesting things for squadrons. I'm going to have to speculate here, but there are two things that look like they could massively change the squadron game (in addition to intel, which will be huge as well). First, that "Boosted..." card for the offensive retrofit I think is going to allow squadron command at long range. That's a huge expansion of threat range for squadrons. Second, I think the Independence title will increase the speed of squadrons activated by the command by 1. Well hello speed 3 B-Wings. Suddenly the hardest hitting bomber in the game can keep up with all those speed 3 ships. Sorry to interject squadrons into the discussion so early. I just think wave 2 is going to be that much of a shock to the meta. I'm going to try a Mon Cal, 2 Neb-Bs (Yavaris and Salvation), Keyan, Luke, Wedge, Jan, an X-Wing, and 3 B-Wings. Obviously that would need to be tweaked based on points for upgrades (ie dropping Wedge or Luke for regular X-Wings), but that gives you an idea of where my head is.
  12. That's in the official FAQ now too. Advanced Projectors are a good counter to XI7s. My general rule as been Enhanced Armaments with the Frigates because they primarily want to shoot from their sides and XI7 on the Neb-Bs because they like to shoot from the front. I imagine I'll want Enhanced Armaments on the Mon Cals under similar reasoning.
  13. I absolutely agree. The only reason I went with dodonna is cost. It was 5 points for Paragon or 5 point to Garm. I think Garm will really come into his own at 400 points with all the ships on the board.Honestly, I'm not high on any of the current rebel commanders for how I like to play (squadron heavy). I'm really looking forward to Reikan since I would then be very comfortable being second player, maximizing points, and forcing objectives. I think I'll be doing a Mon cal and 2 nebs for my squadron heavy list going forward into wave 2 with Reikan. The Assault Frigates just need to put the pedal on the gas from the get go and not get tethered down by squadrons. The Nebs, despite the smaller squadron value, I'm finding work better since they prefer going slow and steady before surging past danger. I expect the Mon cal to be a slower, heavy hitter who will synergize well with that by covering the more fragile Nebs. My AFIIs I think are going to get relegated to a gunnery list with Ackbar.
  14. JJs Juggernaut defeats Truthiness 207-27 180 MOV. Should have been 42-27, but my dumb ass flew my Paragon off the table. Truthiness was first player with Advanced Gunnery as the objective. Log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5iARuQWZKwxb1YtRTF1OTVSSHM/view?usp=sharing
  15. I'm already drooling over a possible 1x Mon Cal, 2x AFIIb, 2x MC30 list led by Ackbar. Fear the broadsides!
  16. The technology is supposed to be better, so I can understand the speed increase. My worry was that they would be pointed in such a way that it would make the Victory obsolete. That is clearly not the case. While that forward arc is nasty as all hell, it's only 2 more dice for 35 points compared to the Victory II. I think the Victory will still have a good role as a "lock down the flank" ship for a significant discount. And for the love of God fantasy flight, GIVE ME SOME REBEL SPOILERS TOO!!!
  17. That creates it's own set of issues. Since the game ends as soon as the last ship on one side is killed, then those fighters can become lost points. I don't think its fair to penalize players for wiping out all the enemy ships. I agree with the sentiment, but I'm not sure what the solution is. I maintain that wave 2 is going to solve some of the problems. The problem isn't so much squadrons as it is bombers. If you fix bombers, TIE interceptors, TIE fighters, and A-Wings have a job again. The Rhymer ball is pretty good when used properly right now. The extra range really helps with that. Add Intel into that equation, and you've effectively eliminated the hard counter. Take Rhymer, 3 bombers, a TIE advanced, and whatever the Imperial Intel squadron is going to be and you've got 4 black dice firing at medium range that can't be stopped without getting through the TIE advanced and the Intel ship. Assuming it's somewhere around Jan Ors in points, this whole ball would cost around 74 points. That's worth it to me. The Rebels are where the problem is. Even when you throw Jan Ors into the equation, Y-Wings and B-Wings can be easily out-maneuvered because they have nothing like Rhymer that can reach out and touch things. I'm still holding out hope that there is something other than Jan in Wave 2 that will help us out. The MC80 Independence looks like it might have something from the little text we've seen. However, I think the best solution is a commander card for the rebels that grants Rogue to all the squadrons in the fleet. It fits with the extensive Rebel use of squadrons, who are far more independent than their Imperial counterparts. How many stories are there in the expanded universe of rebel squadrons being asked to hit an Imperial capital ship without any support? It would be powerful, so it would have to be in the 30-40 point range. Such a fleet would still be at risk of tabling as well, off setting what could be a very big advantage in the squadron phase.
  18. Yeah, randomly choosing objectives really screws the second player.
  19. I've come to prefer the Advanced Projectors as well. Against the Victory, it's fairly easy to stay out of medium range, where most of your accuracy results will happen thanks to blue dice. This means that you really don't have to worry all that much about accuracy. The real threats are those damned Gladiators. They're hard to get away from and they pack one hell of a punch. However, because the bulk of their damage comes from black dice (has anyone ever actually seen a Gladiator II used?), their access to accuracy results is limited. If they get in range, not only are the projectors better, but they're critical to your survival.
  20. I can't help but notice no one has brought up Intel, the ability I think will up end the squadron meta in wave 2. The ability to ignore engagement is going to be huge for bomber builds. Currently, a Rhymer ball gets tied up by a lone A-Wing or interceptor. With Intel, though, you will no longer be able to simply stall with small numbers of fast fighters with counter. You're going to have to kill the ball in order to stop it. The same can be said for the rebels. I for one am very much looking forward to X-Wings, B-Wings, and Jan. Her sharable defense token will be nice, but free moving B-Wings (and Y-Wings for that matter) are going to be life changing.
  21. Truthiness vs Trikkstar ended 128-65 in my favor. 7-3 result for the tourney and a 63 MOV. We played Advanced Gunnery with Trikkstar as first player. I've also linked the log file in my google drive below. **EDIT** I've now realized that I didn't start the log file early enough to actually have anything on the board. Sorry about that. I'll get the next one right. Feel free to read the dialogue =) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5iARuQWZKwxWXlnOG54ZU5rclE/view?usp=sharing
  22. Ironically I wrote that comment before our game
  23. Ah yes, Gabriel's groundbreaking theorem from the earlier days of the interwebs. Not a day goes by when the internet does not prove this to be true.
  24. Alright, well I'm in. Here's my horrible squadron centric list: Assault Frigate Mark IIB (108 points) -General Dodonna -Enhanced Armaments -Advanced Projectors Assault Frigate Mark IIB (93 points) -Advanced Projectors -Enhanced Armaments -Paragon 1x A-Wing (11 points) 3x B-Wings (42 points) 2x X-Wings (26 points) Luke Skywalker (20 points) 300 points total
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