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  1. Wave 2 just flipped over the board. Ask us again a few months after wave 2 has officially dropped. There's a lot in there that's going to change the meta.
  2. It's an auto-include on Salvation for me. Reroute circuits are tempting, but I'm not a big fan of giving up the neb-b's evade token. Giving me an extra die on that front arc with no downside is great to me.
  3. Heavy and the 2 anti-squadron armament would keep me using B-Wings even were monetary cost not an issue. I can't tell you how many times I've had TIE bombers and Y-Wings tied up with B-Wings, allowing me to engage capital ships but stopping them from doing so. I've learned to compensate for the B-Wing's speed. They're a full blown gunship, which makes them dangerous regardless of what they're fighting. As soon as you realize they're just as valuable in a dogfight as against a ship they really come into their own. Give me Jan and I've got everything I need to make massed B-Wings awesome.
  4. I was pondering this before the reveal. The only question was points. The points cost is just about right, so I expect Salvation with Slaved Turrets will be a regular feature of my lists.
  5. I'm pretty disappointed with Defiance Independence. You would only really use that in the early turns to get B-Wings a little further out. However, I usually use that time to stock up on some tokens. I can't see paying 8 points for it. Boosted Coms, however, is a great upgrade for a good cost. *Fixed*
  6. Just had a good trade with Dur. +1
  7. I think I can make out Dash: "While attacking, you may reroll 1 die for each enemy squadron or enemy ship at distance 1."
  8. Good lord, IG-88 looks downright broken.
  9. I might be misunderstanding your point, but HHTs will have no impact on the Neb-B or the Raider. Both do not have a re-direct, so HHTs don't force a choice. Thanks for the correction Lyraeus! To present your analysis of XI7s in a different format: No Re-direct (and therefore useless) Raider Nebulon-B Re-direct+Defensive slot (and therefore limited) ISD 2 MC80 AFII MC30 Re-direct (and therefore awesome) Victory ISD 1 Gladiator Corvette So you've nail it perfectly. XI7s are best if you expect to face a lot of imperials, especially those running Gladiator swarms. Against Rebels, they're less useful. Personally, I'd inclined to just save the points or use the slot to get more dice. Those always do something =) I'm dying to see what Slaved Turrets do and cost. I'm hoping they synergize well into an Ackbar build.
  10. It's going to be harder to get there to deliver those APTs than it currently is. I think an Ackbar gunline is going to be a hard counter to any attempt to run massed APTs. An AFII will have no problem pumping out 6 reds. The MC80 assault can have 7. Now add gunnery teams to those AFIIs and have them concentrate fire. Yikes. As for the XI7s, I have a feeling XI7s and HTT will be situational. They will both shine against certain targets, but be useless against others. That means they'll likely not make the cut in tournament lists.
  11. Have: XX-9 Turbolasers Enhanced Armament Engineering Team Sensor Team Electronic Countermeasures H9 Turbolasers Weapons Liason Defense Liason Ion Cannon Batteries Point Defense Reroute Nav Team Veteran Captain Gunnery Team Garm Bel Iblis Adar Tallon Director Isard Want: Mon Mothma XI7 Turbolasers Raymus Antilles
  12. The only addition I've ever felt helped Yavaris was Raymus Antilles. You're effectively taking expanded hangars, but with a little extra utility. Otherwise, Yavaris is awesome as is.
  13. This is generally why I like B-Wings and X-Wings together. X-Wings, since they have bomber, are still useful against ships while being excellent for clearing out enemy squadrons. B-Wings, while slow, are the ultimate gunship. Yes, they want to be attacking ships with that amazing anti-ship armament. However, they're no slouch in a dogfight. In fact, when you look at it, once engaged they're identical to the Advanced. Same anti-squadron, same hull points. If I face someone with light squadrons, I can still deal lots of ship damage. If my opponent is squadron heavy, I can almost always win the dogfight. I find the best way to fly these guys is to go where I want and force the enemy to deal with me. Adding Jan to this mix is going to be amazing. The weakness of this ball is fast interceptors pinning things down early. Jan is going to flip the bird to that interceptor while the B-Wings keep on chugging along. On the flip side, I'm terrified of the Rhymer ball and whatever Intel ship the Imps get.
  14. I'm in. GMT+7 (Arizona, so no daylight savings). Weekdays I can manage 1830-2200 local. Weekends I can be available anytime until 2200. My list will be as follows: Assault Frigate Mark IIb (72) -Advanced Projectors (6) -Expanded Hangars (5) -Adar Tallon (10) -General Dodonna (20) Assault Frigate Mark IIb (72) -Advanced Projectors (6) -Enhanced Armaments (10) -Paragon (5) Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) -Yavaris (5) -Raymus Antilles (7) B-Wing (14) B-Wing (14) B-Wing (14) X-Wing (13) X-Wing (13) Keyan (20) Luke (20) Tycho (16) 399 points
  15. Might I suggest as part of the sign up process, we have players post their general availability hours in GMT. Sometimes time zones won't tell the whole story. For example, I'm in Arizona, but as a dad and an Army officer, I can't really do after 2200 local. However, that works out well with someone who stays up later on the east coast.
  16. I already have my list worked out. Nuts to your all-ship builds! Squadrons forever! Assault Frigate Mark IIB (72) -Advanced Projectors (6) -Expanded Hangar Bay (5) -Enchanced Armaments (10) -General Dodonna (20) Assault Frigate Mark IIB (72) -Advanced Projectors (6) -Paragon (5) -Enchanced Armaments (10) Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) -Yavaris (5) -Raymus Antilles (7) 3x B-Wings (42) 2x X-Wings (26) Luke (20) Keyan (20) Tycho (16) 399 points
  17. I'd certainly be in. I agree we shouldn't use spoiled cards though.
  18. There is no way I'm not taking Home One in an Ackbar's gunnery list. It's amazing, especially with that many dice flying around.
  19. I can see 2 MC80s for a carrier build, but that's about it. The MC80 wants to be a buff ship and a tank. You don't need or really want more than two of those. It will be very durable and greatly increase the potential of ships around it. I think the primary use is going to be Home One with Ackbar supported by as many AF2s as possible. The AF2 puts out almost just as much firepower for a significant discount. Once you have Home One, it will be far more points efficient to grab AF2s. The MC30, by contrast, I firmly expect to work and work well in large numbers.
  20. Oh please, mighty Brian, giveth on to us the righteous Rebel Command preview. Praise be thine name.
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