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  1. AFIIs are now terrifying with Ackbar in the mix. Wave 2 has in no way made wave 1 obsolete. If anything it has made previous choices better. I foresee squadrons making aa big comeback. Mass firesprays moving independently are going to be a huge problem. The best counter? Lots of cheap fighters and the squadron command.
  2. I could do without the Pelta, but I can get down with the Arquitens. I imagine we might have to wait a little bit. I fully expect wave 3 to be Force Awakens stuff, possibly not even teased until around the release of the movie.
  3. Not counting them out by any means. I'm just saying that we have a very narrow scope of things right now.
  4. It really hasn't gotten that deep yet. Very few of the original trilogy have even made it into the new fiction. Even then, it's limited screen time and it's characters like Rieekan, Mon Mothma, Akbar, Vader, and Wedge. I think these books are, for now, singularly focused on providing new perspectives and building to the movie. They have to provide the bare bones background before the movie, after all. However, I think in time some of the authors will be able to insert old favorites into the new cannon. James Luceno, for example, did the first official book and he canonized a large number of ships.
  5. I see it as the executioner of the Rebel fleet. You know that guy that swoops in with a shotgun and takes your kill in FPS games? That's the MC30c.
  6. Lyraeus and Clone: I'm open all day tomorrow. Just send me PM when/if you're ready. I'll even interrupt football for you =)
  7. Nah, the Neb-B is still the black sheep. The MC30 is closer ranged, but it's preferred arc meshes just fine with the rest of the rebels. I see it as a good deterent ship. You keep it close to one of your other ships that are vulnerable to Gladiators and the like. The MC30 makes them pay for closing. I prefer the scout variant since it can hold back, but still contribute at long range. I'm more inclined to prefer ACMs over the APTs. The reason being I really don't want to be in range to use black dice if a ship's shields are still up. Otherwise there's a very good chance I'm getting shot back at close range. That's not something a ship with no brace token wants. Give me the extra points of straight damage to make sure that bastard is dead.
  8. Except the re-route circuits and the enhanced armaments are both turbolaser upgrades.
  9. Like I said, I'm pretty free this weekend. I've got the kid from 1300-1700 tomorrow and that's it. Even most of that is nap time. Just send me a PM if/when you're free. I'm Army/kid trained, so I'm also up pretty early even on off days.
  10. Yup. I'm pretty free this weekend, to include Monday. I'm playing Clone tomorrow during the day some time.
  11. Interesting build there Lyraeus. I think it will match up well against Imperials and probably a lot of Rebels because of the speed available. I worry about an Ackbar gunline, but I have a feeling he's going to be this wave's Screed (ie powerful and everyone and their mother is using him).
  12. GAH! How the hell did I miss that. Back to the drawing board...
  13. Rieekan I actually feel lends himself well to a squadron build. Unlike with ships, you can expect to lose a few squadrons and still win. Getting that extra punch in before they are done could be all the difference. He also covers Yavaris' main weakness: getting one shot by the Demolisher without being able to respond. Yes, losing Yavaris is not what you want, but you have to plan for the eventuality, especially with the Demolisher. Now that Demolisher has to think twice if he really wants to put himself in range of 2 double tapping B-Wings and a double tapping Keyan. He may get the kill, but he probably isn't getting out alive. I'm going to try Rieekan in a swarm of bees list. I'm forgoing escorts and grabbing 5x B-Wings, Keyan, and 2x HWK-290s. Why bother with an escort when you're going to get to shoot back and move off (yay intel!) regardless of what the enemy squadrons do for at least the first exchange? Might as well get more beautiful B-Wing firepower.
  14. I have something very similar. I went with the redundant shields in place of ECMs (which is an experiment, ECMs might be the smarter choice with all the dice getting thrown around this wave) and engine techs in place of H9s. I didn't go with the tractor beams just because I didn't want to go quite that light on fighter support. I grabbed Hand and Tycho instead of Dash.
  15. My non-Paragon AFII is always the Colberica. I'm gonna need another name now that I will be unlikely to use the Paragon with Ackbar.
  16. Here are my wave 2 builds this far: http://warhammertruthiness.blogspot.com/2015/10/wave-2-tidal-wave.html?m=1 http://warhammertruthiness.blogspot.com/2015/10/swarm-of-beeeeees.html?m=1
  17. Could work. However, I think your hard counter would be a fellow Ackbar list that utilizes Home One. Vettes are going to have a hard time surviving that many dice with guaranteed accuracies.
  18. All of my lists with the MC80 are three ship lists thus far. This includes both squadron heavy builds and minimal squadrons. My "Ackbar Slash" list is an MC80 Assault, two AFIIs with gunnery teams, Han and Tycho. My squadron lists all feature an MC80 Command and two Neb-Bs (Yavaris and Salvation unsurprisingly). I'm not worried about it in the slightest.
  19. TLR comes at another cost though. I see TLR as perfect for the shrimp frigate, the vette, and maybe even the space whale. All of those ships have redirects, allowing them to stop damage to a specific hull zone in other ways. I think most of us looking at Slaved Turrets are looking to put it on Neb-Bs. I'm not terribly comfortable spending the evade token on a Neb-B, even for guaranteed damage. It's the only way for the Neb to stop damage going into a specific hull zone. An extra red die, especially on Salvation, might well be worth the 6 points. It's not like you're giving up on a double arc shot with a support refit anyway (if you are, you're doing something very wrong).
  20. Clone, Lyraeus, if either want to get a game in, I'll be around in about 3 hours.
  21. I had a buddy back east who has an Armada fleet, but because of life had yet to play any actual games. He asked my advise, I put together a double Vic I, Demolisher, Screed list for him, and he went and played it today. He came away with second place out of 14 and took Home One as his prize. Talk about a good first three games. Admittedly, he was a phenomenal BFG player back in the day.
  22. I think it's kind of a wash for Imp vs Imp. Fleet Ambush forces your opponent to split up. Hyperspace Assault helps you get great positioning. I would take Fleet Ambush overall in case you run into a Rebel. Rebels don't want to play Fleet Ambush on either side of the scenario. JJ Juggernaut forced me into that one in our last game. I pretty much setup my ships to run away as fast as possible. It still left me in a very bad position. I'm not terribly scared of an Imperial ship jumping in. I usually have the speed and flexibility to react well to a Hyperspace Assault as a Rebel.
  23. Under no circumstances should you select Fleet Ambush as a rebel. You're giving any Imperial player a huge gap closer that quickly becomes an advantage for them. Hyperspace Assault is your best bet. Fire Lanes can also work well if you've got lots of long range firepower.
  24. It's fine if a rogue can be activated by the command. If someone habitually does that, they're wasting points. After all, you're now paying for an ability you're not using. Rogue will be there to have strong squadrons in something like a swarm build. A Glad/Raider swam with a handful of firesprays comes to mind.
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