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  1. I'm telling you, Rhymer ball and Boosted Comms. Get the ball out there fast and start lobbing punches early and often. You can out range Ackbar before gunning in for the kill. Maybe try this out as a counter: ISD II -Motti -Boosted Comm -Gunnery Team -ECMs -SW-7 Ions Glad I -Demolisher -Ordnance Experts -APTs -Engine Techs Glad I -Ordnance Experts -APTs -Engine Techs Rhymer 3x Bombers Jumpmaster 2x Interceptors
  2. He won that tournament, so it's three examples, not one. Yavaris is a good ship, especially if you cover it well. I've used Rebel squadrons to good effect in this wave, and Boosted Comms is only going to make it significantly better. Let's avoid trying to fix something that isn't broken come wave 2.
  3. Please bring zero squadron lists in this wave. Please. It makes life so easy.
  4. I've been looking at it from the Yavaris angle. You can get those B-Wings in medium range double tapping, but keeping yourself at long range from the enemy ship. Even with just average rolls, I'm killing ISDs in a single round of attacks on turn 2. This is under admittedly ideal and controlled conditions (first player, minimal enemy fighter support and/or easily neutralized with Intel, ISD gunning straight for my fleet), but it's still impressive to watch.
  5. This is almost identical to my planned build. I sub ECMs in place of the APs on the AFIIs, use Redundant Shields in place of APs on the MC80, and use an Intel Officer on the MC80 in place of Raymus and XI7s. Let me know how you do. I'm most worried about opponent squadrons and the slow speed of the MC80. That Intel Officer could easily become Engine Techs.
  6. Love the pick, but wow the tempo really drags in that version. Here's a version at the tempo at which it was meant to be played =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGyPuey-1Jw
  7. I once thought this way. I'm starting to see the potential of Independence with Boosted Comms now. The B-Wing is the most dangerous bomber in the game. Period. End of story. Yeah, you have the silly bomber, but that costs extra. Point for point, the B-Wing is the best damage dealer. There's thread buried here somewhere that proves it. When you add in the cost of the Independence title spread across the 4 B-Wings you'll activate, they cost the same as the H-6. The B-Wings will have the same average speed, don't have heavy, and are better against other squadrons. H-6s will have grit and the higher in combat threat radius (by which I mean the amount of space they can cover and still shoot). At that point it's about preference. I dismissed Independence initially as well. I've done a complete 180 and I'm now openly advocating for it.
  8. So you admit that you are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor. Take him away! I'm not quite sure why these bombers are called 'silly', but you are a Rebel and your thinking about this sort of subject is bound to be heretical to begin with. From the perspective of a Rhymerballer, it seems that I should have simply faced the Ackbar threat as I had been facing the way I had been destroying rebels and disloyal Imperial factions all along - send in the bombers! It was my desire to play with my new toys that got me in trouble. I'd have to see exactly how the battle went down, but based on the fact that you had FOUR SHIPS IN RANGE TO SHOOT YOU, I'm going to guess that you probably got a little charge happy. Silly Imperial.
  9. I've started to contemplate Independence as well. That's pretty funny considering I was one of those that dismissed it outright with the initial reveal. I've been wargaming with it and the speed 4 B-Wings are a serious and legitimate threat, especially when you can then keep them moving and shooting after that first move using Boosted Comms. You aren't going to shoot in the first turn, so you're not losing anything by moving them and not shooting except maybe a command token (pair with Garm and this is no longer an issue). Boosted Comms more than anything is the squadron game changer for this wave. The threat radius for squadrons just got enormous. I'm terrified of Rhymer balls now, especially if those bastards have Intel floating nearby.
  10. I do find it hilarious that the Neb-B suddenly looks a bit better. I was already planning on an MC80 and two Neb-Bs for my squadron list, but this makes me feel a bit better. Things are going to die FAST in this wave.
  11. I've got something similar, but I use AFIIBs. You are going to get mauled without a fighter screen. Boosted Comms is going to mean fighters can out range you. A Rhymer ball is going to be especially dangerous. Get yourself a couple YT-2400s at least.
  12. Well this just changed dramatically for me. The new ruling on AP and XI7 interaction makes the XI7 more appealing than slaved turrets.
  13. Alright, well that settles whether or not I take ECMs or Advanced Projectors on my MC80s.
  14. So I might as well put this out there now. Consider this "pre-trading." Once I have my rogues and villians, I will be looking to trade. Lock in now to guarantee your trade! Offering: Firespray-31, YV-666, Aggressor Assault Fighter Want: HWK-290
  15. Phantom nailed it for the case by case basis. As far as the meta, I fully expect to see a good number of Firespray builds. They are going to be very dangerous and easy to use. That will in turn help the squadron meta over all. After all, the best way to deal with bombers is fighters. I think the days of no squadron builds are over. It will be far too dangerous to not have at least some fighter cover.
  16. Clontrper5 has taken to running all bombers and 3 Victories in the latest Vassal tourney. He put flight controllers on one of the ships. It is surprisingly effective even against other fighters. One black and one blue add up quickly when there are five bombers hitting one squadron.
  17. Definitely made for the Neb-B's front arc. I would never, however, use it on a Neb-B with Ackbar. Why in hell would you use the Neb's side arc when you have 1 shield on the side and no re-direct?
  18. As was already mentioned, using a Rhymer ball along with Boosted Comms is the way to go here.
  19. If you're worried about upgrade cards, I recommend you check out the trade thread in this very forum as well. I've gotten a few cards myself that way.
  20. I don't know about that. The Rieekan Neb-B kamikaze jousting list sounds hilariously promising. It's not for me, but still something that could be fun. I'm looking for that non-Ackbar list as well. For rebels, I think that's going to be a squadron centric Dodonna list. I expect to see a major squadron comeback in this wave, and Dodonna is the best commander for them. Precision Strikes just begs to be used.
  21. This is exactly why I brought this up. Perfect anecdote.
  22. This my thinking on the Command Cruiser. It's slower and it has 3 blue dice, meaning it is likely to be up closer. I think I'll be sticking with Projectors on the AFIIs though.
  23. MC80 has 2 defensive retrofit slots, so just equip both? The Command Cruiser does not
  24. Electronic Countermeasures or Advanced Projectors? I've been contemplating long and hard over this. I've been using APs on my AFM2s for wave 1 and I've never had cause to regret it. However, I'm looking at the sheer volume of dice and all the inevitable accuracy results that are coming in wave 2. I can't help but wonder if ECMs might be the better way to go to guarantee that brace token, especially on something as slow as the MC80 Command Cruiser. What are everyone else's thoughts?
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