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  1. 8 hours ago, Triangular said:

    I don't like it. It doesn't matter. End.

    We've tried to kill this thread with that exact sentiment more times than I care to count. Odds are our local troll will post something useless (again) and continue to call us sheeple because reasons.

  2. 1 hour ago, Garrett17 said:

    See my last post.

    All reaction. No responsibility. 100% predictable. 0% class.

    Seriously, what is it with some people that makes them so afraid to walk back a simple mistake?


    You could try "Sorry, maybe that was a bit harsh."

    Sass aside, honestly I AM actually trying to do you a favour here.

    Don't mind him. He's already been banned once. His advice is also useless, so there's really no reason to read anything he writes. Just do yourself a favor and put him on ignore.

  3. 10 minutes ago, geek19 said:

    Sheep! He called us sheep! We got a Bingo! Baaaaaa baaaa baaaaaa!

    Baaaaa baaaaaaa!

    I'll take the word over people that actually work in the industry over some random person on the internet who is way too in love with the word "sheep." Going from three card sizes to one saves them money. But hey, what do FFG employees know about their own products? I'm sure they just want to randomly antagonize their own fans for no reason instead.

    Do I like the change? Nope, I've said so in plenty of places? Do I care to say anything more about this? Nope. It's a waste of my time to even talk about it for this long. Now please go get yourself banned again @Revan Reborn

  4. This thread is STILL GOING?! Goodness people, it's a simple cost saving measure. Oh no, cards are bigger! The world is ending! Seriously, find something actually useful to care about. Seeing as most game companies not named Games Workshop routinely struggle, I think saving some production cost is forgivable. I for one would rather have games than, you know...not. I'll never have sympathy for customers of luxury game. It is the whitest of entitlement. I will care about their employees being abused all day long, which I very much hold against Asmodee after the lay offs. Where was this outrage over the lay offs? But card size? Really? Get over it.

  5. 3 hours ago, RapidReload said:

    This is a rational train of thought that I appreciate and many others have also stated in the previous thread.

    "New threat: pass tokens." is a simplification that, at the very least, aimed at being sarcastic - this I do not much appreciate.

    I love children (...no, not like that -.-), but they can be quite mean.

    His point is really just that you should wait and see the whole rule. This raid thread is an example of just how silly it is to make any kind of conclusions from partially revealed rules. In this thread, people predicted the raid mechanic would ruin the game. Instead, it turned out FFG was very reluctant to make such a mechanic very powerful, and we ended up with something that was just fine. Hardly the game killer predicted here. 

    In the other thread, you said: 


    I think Bail/SA/Pryce and my assumed pass token mechanic are drastic changes that allowed and potentially will allow for more problems to sprout up than they solved.

    While you are hardly being the hyperbolic alarmist seen in this thread, you are making large conclusions based on very little overall information. It's not hard to see the similarities.

  6. After having so much fun with the GENCON live show, we at Steel Strategy thought up a new idea to try out. Here's our first video of what will hopefully become recurring content. Introducing Mystery Fleet Theater! The goal is rather than make you sit through 2+ hours for a battle report video, we speed up the game video and provide quick commentary. Our hope is that it provides more quickly and easily digestible battle reports you can enjoy on your lunch break. The first video clocks in at only 20 minutes Enjoy!


  7. A few of us have contacted FFG directly about this very story. We were told they were aware of the story and had passed it up the corporate chain. Unfortunately, the folks available to take these types of questions are not the people who can answer them. My understanding is there have been more than a few people asking, so I hope we'll get an answer.

  8. On 7/22/2020 at 4:07 PM, bkcammack said:

    Has there ever been a wave that didn’t have some rules changes? 

    Wave 2-Contain, Rogue

    Wave 3-Fleet support and flotillas

    Wave 4- experimental retrofits

    Wave 5-Relay, Cloak, Fleet Commands

    Wave 6- Boarding Parties

    Wave 7- Assault

    SSD- Too much to discuss here

    Wave 8- “Extreme Range” and ignition attacks. 

    I don’t know if the new rules will be minor things like above or if they will be a major overhaul. I think it will probably mostly be a few new mechanics, and not affect existing ships too much 

    While true, what's interesting is that the Legion and X-Wing steams do not mention rules despite the fact they follow kind of the same pattern of "new wave, new rules."

  9. On 7/15/2020 at 11:04 AM, Space_Cowboy17 said:

    Biggs why cant these events be done in a more reasonable pace?  Forcing people to play online for 12 hours on a weekend day and basically ignoring their family seams very extreme. 

    Why not do events that are spread out across a week or 2 weeks? 

    These frantic events offer people with ANY OBLIGATIONS AT ALL during the time you are holding it, no way to participate. 

    It seams much more reasonable to extend the event in a way similar to the VWC, but when every vassel event is one of these mad dashes, many people simply can not play. 

    I understand that you want the IRL tournament effect, but that is a novelty and not needed in a digital format.

    The first 24 hour tourney was quite popular. The format is back by popular demand.

  10. 45 minutes ago, Cpt ObVus said:

    I mean, FO has the extra-large (Resurgent-class?) Star Destroyer, the Dreadnaught, and... whatever they call Snoke’s ship, which (given its dimensions) would probably not fit standard Armada geometry, and require something like two large bases flown sideways. That’s three large to huge ships, without much smaller support. I suppose they could bring Raiders or Arquitens forward... yeah, maybe they have enough. But lists would be pretty limited.

    Comics are good enough of a source for me, which is what expands the First Order into a viable faction:

    https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Maxima-A_class_heavy_cruiser (Mel's as a fantastic mock of up of this ship: https://www.shapeways.com/product/JUMKF6WLH/armada-maxima-a-heavy-cruiser?optionId=165067910&li=shops)


    I wouldn't expect the model for the Resurgent to be really that much bigger than an ISD. Add like 10% length and call it done.  I don't really care about the art books that give them ridiculous length. On screen they look to be about the same size as the Sith Fleet ISDs (again, I don't really care that the art book made these randomly bigger for...reasons?). We have a sliding scale anyway. So that said, in my mind we have a large in the Resurgent, a medium in the Maxima (which Mel's Miniatures has done an excellent model for) and a small in the light cruiser. If we really wanna get froggy, you can add the Xyston Star Destroyer from the Final Order. That's enough to flesh out a pretty good faction on its own before getting into repeats.

    The Resistance has enough from just TLJ alone. The MC85 (again, sliding scale, screw the random numbers in an art book), the Ninka, and the new-style Nebs is enough to make them unique before repeats. I'm sure there are others from the comics as well.

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