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  1. Bahahahahaha. Of course Nazis would hate a movie where space Nazis are the bad guys. Oh alt-right and 4chan, you never cease to amuse me.
  2. I could not disagree more. I commend Johnson for having the guts to kill Ackbar in such a sudden, violent, and painful fashion. Soliders die deaths like that in war all the time. War sucks. You lose people that you don't want to lose and it happens in an instant. Audiences coming to see a movie with "war" in the title need to be reminded of that. If I sound like I'm being hostile, I sincerely apologise. You've just kind of hit a personal pet peeve. I completely understand the desire for a more meaningful or epic death for such a beloved character. Those moments are so rare in real life, though. It physically hurts when someone says dying suddenly in war is forgettable. In my head that translates to "all those Soldiers that died in Iraq and Afghanistan are forgettable." I recognize that's an extreme over reaction, but that's where my mind goes nonetheless. And now that I've put a bummer on the whole thread, let's talk about how awesome Mark Hamill was.
  3. This wait is gonna kill me. I can't go until the 21st.
  4. thread...
  5. This. It's amazing how little attention we give the Raider II. That should change...
  6. While I'm very tempted to revive my Highlander feud with Madaghmire, work just does not permit the time. Sorry! Please send me a observer's lounge link when you get started.
  7. That happened last wave too. The French page had the updates earlier and turned out to be right. Might be a post-merger thing since Asmodee I believe is a French company. However, it's strange that they still haven't updated the American page if it's true.
  8. SHHHHHHHHHH! You're spoiling my Regionals strategy!
  9. I take the opposite review of Rogue One's ending. Vader's dismissal of Leia's claims of being on a diplomatic mission have more weight. He's like 'I JUST SAW YOU.' Also, I like what it does for Leia. How audacious do you have to be to try and CLAIM that?! Rogue One definitely has its flaws, but it appeals to me as a Soldier in ways that no other Star Wars does. It's the only Star Wars movie to make you feel the emotional impact of war. Sorry, but the characters is where the movie shines for me. Finn's story is a bit rushed, but I felt progressed in a logical fashion. Still, I can where you're coming from. Rushed circumstances is hardly new to Star Wars (Luke's Dagobah training, Luke hoping in a military fighter with no training, the millennium falcon traveling to another star system without a hyperdrive), so I didn't even think about it while watching. This is where I completely agree. TFA has not aged as well as I would have liked because it is so structurally similar to ANH. I think Honest Trailers nailed it when they dubbed it "A Familiar Hope." As for size, if you watch just the movie, there is no real escalation in size for the ships (Starkiller Base being he major exception). On screen, you get no concept that the Resurgent is supposed to be so much bigger than an ISD. That's the companion visual guides that I frankly just don't care about. This is where I just can't help you. Kasdan's influence is very keenly felt. It is easily the best dialogue since ESB. And how DARE you besmirch Williams (I'm being cheeky here, just in case that isn't reflecting well in text). I can think of 3 major themes that stick in my head. I honestly think it's his best complete score of the franchise. That's not to say anything of the other scores aren't amazing. Williams is just that good. Well that's easy: it's not rated better than any other Star Wars. It's #4 for me, and I rarely hear it ranked higher. ESB is still the crown Jewel of the franchise. Rogue One is my personal favorite, but I always acknowledge ESB is the better overall movie. There's also no way you can rank TFA higher than ANH. I agree with you on the Abrams Star Trek. It loved having Trek back initially, but it didn't age well. In closing, relax. Johnson is NOT Abrams and the reviews indicate that TLJ is not ESB 2.0. I'm a little nervous about that myself, so we'll see.
  10. It was not expressly limited to the second player, but they were effectively the only ones that got it. They were able to delay any activation, not just the last one. It was Triple ISDs against a 5 activation Rebel squadron list.
  11. It was effectively an equalizing mechanic, where the player with less activations was able to delay until the number of remaining activations were equal.
  12. There is no "down" facing to the turn tokens. Both sides have a number. A discard version where you could choose the round in the moment would be game breaking. If you thought Demolisher with Engine Tech radius was bad, BT Avenger with Pryce is far far worse while being utterly brainless to use.
  13. You would be building lists with 3 ships at most. JJ has already articulated why. He and I have played games with a pass mechanic. Small ships would be dead.
  14. Keep in mind, though, you're giving up a very competitive slot. That means no Minister Tua for one. The timing can also be tricky if your opponent can adapt quickly enough.
  15. Without the telegraph, a Pryce BT Avenger breaks the game.