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  1. Truthiness

    OP Play Kits For 2018 / 2019

    I'm confused, what kits are you ordering? Quarterly kits?
  2. Truthiness

    New season of The Clone Wars

    You and I have had this discussion before and we'll always disagree. Separate factions are easier to balance and open up new design space. Resistance bomber and Yavaris? No thanks. I'd rather pack as many dice into that flying fortress as I can without worry about Jan throwing braces or Yavaris double tapping with them. The Victory has a nice niche as an artillery piece. Thanks but no thanks on yet another expansion to "fix" content that doesn't need it. THAT would be content nobody wants. Clone Wars and TFA/TLJ are perfectly acceptable eras to branch into. There's isn't much left canonically for the GCW anyway. There's the SSD, that Rebel gunship I can't spell without looking up, and....yeah that's about it.
  3. Truthiness

    Hello Boys! I'm Back!!!

    Hey! I've not written a single Legion article thank you Oh, and @clontroper5, myself, Shmitty and Biggs all merged into one blog.
  4. Truthiness

    Lets Analyse Threat Range

  5. Truthiness

    What is this game missing?

    I could get down with that for either faction. Perhaps the dreadnought, since it appears just as frequently for both sides in the new can on, could be a dual faction ship with that niche for both. Regardless, I wholeheartedly agree about a blue dice heavy, double ion ship.
  6. That was unnecessary. Dras was already self-depreciating. Was the insult with added elitism really necessary? We got it Gink, you're good at this game. Good for you. Appreciated brother! Thanks again for all the lessons learned from bloody Brunson.
  7. Yes, we still play Armada. Well...at least two of us. And we've clearly lost our minds. http://www.steelstrategy.com/2018/07/the-world-is-officially-ending-sato-is.html
  8. Truthiness


    God that game was fun. "Edit* Ah, ****, sorry! I followed the notification and responded without noticing it was a game proper.
  9. Truthiness

    [Fan project] Road to Jakku Campaign - Voting!

    Gladiator: DVictory Star Destroyer: CNebulon-B: BAssault Frigate: CAssault Objective: BNavigation Objective: DDefensive Objective: ASpecial Objective: G I'll update with some comments later on.
  10. Truthiness

    Guys, will Armada cause you to give up X-Wing?

  11. Unfortunately I think this is what we're going to have to expect. I've become mildly content without anything new...for now. The game is in a healthy place. Depsite Rieekan Aces still being at the top at both Worlds and Euros, I still feel like I can take anything and win. ****, Gink killed two Rieekan lists in the swiss rounds. By most accounts, a single mistake in the elimination round cost him the game to the eventual winner. Or, ya know, keep saying Raddus and Rieekan are OP and force the contrarian in me to take Sato to Nationals... (**** it, I wanted to actually try and win...) To bring it all back around, I agree we shouldn't be in panic mode quite yet. The developers made some excellent moves for the long term health of the game in the last errata. We'll be fine even if we don't have anything else until the end of this year or the beginning of next. Now if we get snubbed at GENCON again, then it's time to sound the alarm bells.
  12. So we're about to have a super awesome adventure and become a Jedi?! SWEEEEEEEETT!
  13. Truthiness

    Guys, will Armada cause you to give up X-Wing?

    Fixed that for you. #ShmittyIsGonnaWin
  14. Truthiness

    Pls nerf ECM finally FFG

    What in the world? This is a thing? There are so many things that make ECM pointless. HIE and ACM proc significant damage that brace can't touch. Intel Officer just flips you the bird. Squadrons (haven't I been hearing nonstop that they're still OP?) certainly don't care. TRC90s are another thing that really doesn't care. I could keep going, but what's the point? ECM is for big ships fighting big ships. In literally any other situation, other defensive retrofits are worth considering. EWS is a legitimate consideration in the same slot, and I've seen others argue that it's the better all around choice.
  15. I should also add that getting Hammerheads and the MC75 Ordnance were also pivotal for Sato. One offers a very cheap Ordnance slot and Weapons Team slot with long range capability. Those HHs might look pricey, but they pack a huge punch. The MC75 provides the heavy anchor for Sato that the Lib and H1 just don't.