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    Unfilled Rebel/Imperial Niches

    This is about as hypocritical as it comes. Blail, you have done more to coarsen the discourse on this forum than anyone I can pinpoint. You shouted down anyone that dared disagree with you for ages. You shouted down people that agreed with you but dared to see some nuance or moderate ground in the great squadron debate before the flotilla nerf. You drove a lot of people away from staying active on these forums. I know I for one do not venture here nearly as often because of the toxicity you propagated. That, in turn, means that the voices that remained have in many cases become toxic along with you. You caused this. You don't get to turn around and complain about it. As for the topic at hand, I'd love to see a blue ranged brawler. I don't really care which faction gets it, but a double ion upgrade medium would be awesome. I think the Dreanought (or whatever they're calling it now) makes a lot of sense for that role, so Imps it is!
  2. Truthiness

    Regionals Dates and Locations

    Out of curiosity, it that more, less, or about the same for the UK? With Legion and X-Wing tournament structure getting more Regionals than the old model, I'm curious if Armada is getting the same treatment.
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    You're looking at it.
  5. Truthiness

    What about Christian ...

    Not really. It has more to do with two major projects and limited resources. FFG just isn't big enough to develop a new game in Legion AND another X-Wing edition AND another project. We weren't the only game put on the back burner during Legion and 2.0' launches. Plus, that SSD looks like a production line nightmare
  6. Truthiness

    Regionals kit speculation

    I think what they mean by "playmat" is the card trays we got at Nationals.
  7. Hiatus over http://www.steelstrategy.com/2018/10/the-nova-open-format.html
  8. ****, we're still writing articles?! Ummm.... Oops?
  9. Truthiness

    Pro-Imperial Anthology Film?

    Sorry, I should stipulate that I'm not talking about something that's "pro-Imperial" as the OP suggests. I'm just talking about good story telling. Take the Joker in Dark Knight. Nobody in their right mind would call that a positive image of a character. But it certainly is damned fine storytelling.
  10. Truthiness

    Pro-Imperial Anthology Film?

    There's plenty of room for more. They explored the honor side of sticking with the Empire with Cienna in Lost Stars. I thought it was quite compelling to watch her mounting disgust with the Empire, but feeling death was the only honorable way to end that service. Something that could be explored is the other side of that coin: cowardice. There is plenty of inspiration in history of someone who sees the evil, recognizes it for what it is, but cannot bring themselves to act out of fear for themselves or family. It's definitely not an uplifting theme, and IMO is better suited to a novel, but it is certainly a valid and deep topic that could be explored.
  11. Sounds like you need an OP commander like Leia to give you that edge.
  12. Truthiness

    The Overnight Report - NOVA

    Long. Definitely long. I'm still in an Armada coma.
  13. Truthiness

    Liberty or Home One?

    For an actual answer instead of my shenanigans, this is about it. Home One is the well rounded and more solid of the two ships. It's a great ship that is pretty forgiving to use. The Assault variant is the toughest ship the Rebs have. God I love the Lib, but is the opposite of forgiving. Despite the double braces, it is easily the most fragile large ship out there. It's probably more fragile than the Interdictor. If you can make it sing though, it is a nasty dagger in the side.
  14. Truthiness

    Liberty or Home One?

    I hear MI5 is Russkie hunting again. I'll be sure to give them your number ;D