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  1. Idea for new/modified rebel commander

    You should already scared of Bs under AFFM =D
  2. Yet Another Imperial March - Steel Command

    I've got a snow day and it's gonna be a while before I get Legion on the table. More Armada is a comin'
  3. Idea for new/modified rebel commander

    Updated wording: When a friendly squadron with the bomber keyword is attacking a ship, it may rotate one die to any facing with a hit icon. The squadron must have moved at least distance one during its activation prior to making its attack. This removes the commander entirely from the squadron game and focuses the commander more narrowly on just bombing. I started thinking through some of the things it would affect otherwise, such as counter and Z-95s (holy crap would that have been nuts). By limiting it to the bomber keyword and make it just attacking ships, it tones down the ability to a fair degree. Thoughts on the update?
  4. Best Aftermarket Ruler Set?

    I'll second the recreator studios set. I had Litko, but they were badly off from the cardboard standard. Recreator is spot on and great quality.
  5. Idea for new/modified rebel commander

    Math time! Assuming clear bombing runs with everything, that's 17 average damage, which is certainly nasty, especially when you consider that ball's average damage is 10 before re-rolls. However, my Biggs Yavaris ball (Biggs, Jan, Wedge, YT, Dutch, B-Wing, Dagger, Ten), with a token, would average 17 before re-rolls. Add BCC in that, and that's likely to go up. With this commander, that damage remains 17. In the squadron fight with Yavaris, the Biggs Ball averages 21.5 damage. In a squadron fight, that becomes 22.75 with this commander before re-rolls. So in reality, this commander is basically a wash with Yavaris/BCC. Still, considering you don't need BCC and it's perfect consistency, it probably needs some toning down.
  6. Something Super-Duper Big Is Comin'...

    I'd rather not have this. I play Armada and not X-Wing because of the distinctly more deliberate gameplay. There are more decisions to be made, which I like. I'm also not keen on the rage monsters that inhabit the X-Wing community in greater frequency than here. I'm getting a taste of that with the emerging Legion community and it's dampening my enthusiasm before the game is even out. I'm not too concerned with market share. Yes, Armada sales dipped last year, but FFG also only had one release in that time where they have previously had two. Meanwhile, the size of Regionals attendence grew significantly this season by significant margins.
  7. Idea for new/modified rebel commander

    Because you could do Biggs, Jan, and 7 X-Wings instead In seriousness, it would be all about finding that balance between the Intel dependency and the raw power. Look at it this way, though: is it really that much better than what Yavaris currently does with double dice bombers? It typically means 6 more damage in a turn with a token. It can be as high as 9 with B-Wings.
  8. Idea for new/modified rebel commander

    I was thinking of something like this: "When a friendly squadron is performing an attack after moving at least distance one during its activation, you may rotate one die to any facing with a hit icon." Powerful, yes (especially with X-Wings), but dependent on Intel and doesn't work with Yavaris. If testing proved to it to be too powerful, it could be adjusted to be either like IF (limited to a facing with a single hit) and/or limited to attacks against ships. Perhaps limited even further to just bomber attacks. There's a lot of flexibility there, with the goal of giving Rebs the ability to go without BCC or Yavaris.
  9. Idea for new/modified rebel commander

    Rebs could use a squad commander, but one that's anti-synergetic with Yavaris. Rebs could use a different squadron flavor.
  10. Idea for new/modified rebel commander

    Sorry, not meant to be hate. Just pure data analytics.
  11. Idea for new/modified rebel commander

    Uhhh what? Have a look at the Regional data. Small ship MSU is on life support. Few people are taking 3+ small non-flotilla ships anymore and almost nobody is cracking the top 4 with it.
  12. Regionals data, March 3, 2018

    Good catch. I'll fix it in a moment.