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  1. Sure I will be happy to participate in that type of conversation, say around mid-February or so when I continue work on my campaign development. I am currently focusing on finishing a January only online university class, to that has priority right now.
  2. What do you have in mind? A general overview of my work-in-progress campaign setting, or a detailed breakdown of the "why" of the decisions I have made as a GM in creating the campaign in a certain way (add this, subtract this, ignore this, change this...), for a certain play style and for a certain player audience?
  3. FFG Star Wars EoTE Under the "support" tab are additional resources and a follow up adventure to the EOTE beginner box set adventure. There are also some free adventures in the AOR and F&D support sections, so you might also want to pick those up. All of the GMs screen kits (to my knowledge) also have additional adventures included. Many of them can be combined with the beginner box set and online support adventures to make a three part mini-campaign. I would start with these types of adventures first, before trying out the "big" adventures like The Jewel Of Javin and Mask of the Pirate Queen.
  4. Learn the rules from the beginner games sets first, and if reading is not your strong suite, take advantage of all the online videos, Let's Play, audio podcasts and similar resources. Once you got the basics down, read any section of a specific book you need for your next adventure, and slowly work you way up as the needed arises. The rules make sense over time as you play the game, there is no need to rush and read the core rulebook cover to cover as a starting GM.
  5. @andynorton, Let us know if any of the advice above helped. I have none to offer as it has been about a decade since I ran a group that size. I find that a player group of 4-6 is my comfort zone as a GM.
  6. Image from a recent FB post from the FFG account, comparison of the size of a AT-ST between the Imperial Assault board game and the Legion Miniature game. I will edit this post later with their prices (need to research it first).
  7. I hope the new Dawn of Rebellion sourcebook helps clarify what starships/vehicles where in use during that time frame, it will be a big help for many GMs I am sure.
  8. With the new images posted it looks like many of the SDs are a total lost, and the Supremacy has a "clean" break that shears into a 2/3 and 1/3 sections. Given Star Wars Physics and what we know of the First Order, I would not be surprised if their mobile capital/HQ/shipyard/drydock/warship/commandship/carrier can be repaired.
  9. Never heard of this ship, you have a link I can read for more info?
  10. I don't know the measurements of the Legion minis compared to the WOTC minis. Since I don't own a single WOTC SW mini (and refuse to pay outrageous prices for them) it didn't occur to me to check. I am not to worried about the sizes matching exactly, I am probably going to be mixing all four beginner box set tokens, Lego, Imperial Assault and Legion miniatures anyway. Now that I think about it, there is a strong chance I will also add in my Flat Plastic Miniatures, Heroforge Miniatures, and Pathfinder/D&D plastic AND token minis to the mix, cause its Space Opera so why the **** not?
  11. After reading all the pages in this thread, I am very curious as to what are the "highly anticipated" ships that a lot of GMs would like to build with the new starship construction rules we will soon have access to. There is already a well developed index list of FFG SW RPG ships that are already stated out, I look forward to what designs that are "missing" will soon have numbers attached to images for everyone to share and enjoy.
  12. Star Wars: Legion "General! Prepare your troops for a surface attack.” –Darth Vader, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF/WHEN I get a steady job, I am buying the whole **** line of minis just so I can use them in my future FFG SW RPG games. I am already saving my SW Armada miniatures for the space battles I plan to run, so might as well get the new lines of minis for the ground combat as it fits the 19-09 BBY timeline I plan to run my Giorgioverse games in.
  13. Yes, Yes... just make it available for purchase already!
  14. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is 2017's Highest-Grossing Movie in North America - IGN Latest Star Wars movie becomes the top domestic earner of 2017 and crosses a global box office milestone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So even if the movie has been highly controversial to its fans, the House of Mouse must be very pleased indeed.
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